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What is social crm improving customer engagement

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What is social crm improving customer engagement

  1. 1. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105Social CRM:Nurturing Your Past Customers IntoBrand EvangelistsSV Mobile Teleshoppe Private LimitedRT-401, Third floor, Rajendra Mahaveera TowerOpp. Aurobindo College, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017+91 . 11 . 26692261 / 62 / 63 / 64 | | SMS “MT” to 53456
  2. 2. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105Much has been written about social media and its rising importance in engaging customers. Aconsumer‟s engagement with a brand can be measured along a continuum – from no awareness,through to early engagement and maybe, if you‟re lucky (and clever), onto advocacy.We know that consumers are much more trusting of friends and colleagues than they are of TVadvertising or corporate communications. We also know consumers talk to each other like neverbefore through a multitude of social channels.Social „media‟ contains „conversations‟. Like any conversation, in a cafe or bar for instance, thecontent varies. Some conversations are serious and some fun, some are short and some long, somehappy and some angry and intense. Thoughts, opinions, ideas, jokes, confidences, experiences,photos and videos are shared by individuals to small networks and can be rapidly amplified intolarger networks of people, within a location, nationally or globally.
  3. 3. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105As social media is all about customers, here’s our definition put in customerterms. SCRM is how we…■ Listen to what you and others have to say about our brands and service■ Help you engage with us, whenever you need to, wherever you are, in ways that are convenient to you – Toll Free? E-Mail? Web enquiry form? SMS? Phone us ? Sure !!!■ Provide you with the personal experience you need to keep you engaged – informed, interested and maybe even entertained!■ Transact with each other, or through third parties, in ways that are mutually valuable■ Get to know each other over time so that we can tailor what we do (and how we do it) with you in mind.Consumers‟ „experiences‟ are part of this conversation and brand and service experiences arediscussed openly and frankly whether organisations are involved in the conversation or not. Asconsumers become more powerful, opinions can be amplified very quickly and brand performancewill be impacted.Clearly monitoring the buzz and intervening, when appropriate, has advantages to brandmanagers. This monitoring can lead to a better understanding of consumer behaviour and feelings –the mood in the market. It can lead to changes in strategy, services, products, promotions, pricingchannels and so on.If the brand engages the consumer, the consumer may do nothing, buy the product directly orinteract in some way. The interaction may be via a comment on Facebook which may not require aresponse or it may lead to a 1:1 exchange with the organisation, through whatever channels areright for the exchange. Traditional advertising combined with social media content and otherresponse vehicles (e.g. on pack) will generate interactions which can be managed through acombination of SM (social media) and, for some consumers at some times, communications throughmore traditional CRM channels. Early pioneers have called this combination of Social Media andCRM, Social CRM or SCRM. Social CRM is a way of engaging customers as a part of the overallmarketing mix
  4. 4. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105About Teleshoppe:Teleshoppe runs Contact Centres for Indias best companies. A Contact Centre (CC) increases salesby 35%-50% by efficiently responding to ALL your customer queries on:1. Toll free numbers2. SMS Short code3. Email – inbound mails4. Your website – enquiry form5. Broker‟s mobile numbers6. Events and exhibitions: walk-in visitors7. Project specific enquiriesAll infrastructure, CMS software, communication, database and telecalling team is provided by us.Your customer gets a reply within 24 hours GUARANTEED and your sales get completed. In NCRDelhi, this model has worked successfully at Jaypee Greens, NOIDA and Emaar MGF, Gurgaon.Our partial client list:Baksons VLCC Healthcare Asia Cryo-Cell Career LauncherWestern Union Women‟s Era LifeCell India PeopleHealth.inDHL India Limited Competition Success Jaypee Group Amrapali DevelopersP T Education Agrawal Packers Bethel Church Mangal KeshavAHA FairDeal Packers Delhi Public School Bharti CellularXerox India Goel Packers Central Cargo Vodafone EssarPentair Water Hero MindMine Anupam Sinks Gr8savers IndiaTelebrands Clinic Dermatech M-Tech Developers Brand One GlobalHelpAge India Ricoh India Limited The Mobile Store