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Terms & Conditions Generator

If you need a Terms & Conditions agreement for your business, you can use the "Terms & Conditions Generator" from TermsFeed.

The "Terms & Conditions" agreement is the agreement where you can include terms, rules and other guidelines of acceptable behavior to which users must agree in order to use or access your website and mobile app.

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Terms & Conditions Generator

  2. 2. Let’s start with the definition of "Terms & Conditions". ?
  3. 3. TERMS & CONDITIONS AGREE A Terms & Conditions agreement is a set of rules and guidelines that a user must agree with in order to use your website or app.
  4. 4. It’s up to you to set the rules and guidelines.
  5. 5. Here’s why that’s important for your business
  6. 6. WEBSITES
  7. 7. C With Terms & Conditions for your website you can inform users that your logo, contents and other visuals of your website or app are your property.
  9. 9. REFUND POLICY SHIPPING ADDRESS I AGREE PURCHASE ORDER Terms & Conditions for your ecommerce store can protect you from liability and clarify the purchasing process.
  10. 10. With Terms & Conditions for your mobile app you can maintain your right to terminate abusive user accounts anytime. NO AGREE PLAY NICE DON’T SPAM GUIDELINESMOBILE APPS
  11. 11. SAAS APPS
  12. 12. START FREE TRIAL I AGREE With Terms & Conditions for your SaaS app you can terminate user accounts based on the rules and guidelines you created.
  13. 13. Your business needs Terms & Conditions
  14. 14. That's where TermsFeed comes in.
  15. 15. TERMS & CONDITIONS GENERATOR With our Terms & Conditions Generator (1), you can generate your Terms & Conditions in just a few minutes. (1) Link to
  16. 16. Here’s how it works
  17. 17. Visit and start the Terms & Conditions Generator
  18. 18. CREATE my site United States Enter the information about your website and app
  19. 19. CREATE Answer the questions from our wizard so we can create a custom Terms & Conditions agreement.
  20. 20. DOWNLOAD Download your custom Terms & Conditions as both HTML or Text files. HTML TXT
  21. 21. TermsFeed also hosts your Terms and Conditions for free, so you can link to your Terms and Conditions from your website and app directly.
  22. 22. Go to to get started. TERMS& CONDITIONS