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How to pass MOS 2013 Word Expert Exams 77-425 & 77-426

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TEST4U Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert 2013 practice test helps you pass the 77-425 & 77-426 exams and prepare yourself for the real working enviroment

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How to pass MOS 2013 Word Expert Exams 77-425 & 77-426

  1. 1. HOW-TO PASS MOS Word 2013 Expert Exam 77-425, 77-426
  2. 2. Exam interface Until MOS 2013 Exam, Microsoft used a basic in-application interface It looked like this one: 1 instructions Word Application
  3. 3. Exam interface In-application (or in-ates or live) means that you will be examined in the real MS-Office application and not in a flash simulation environment. So, your preparation tests need to also work with the real MS-Office application. Don’t use a flash simulation software to prepare yourself. Choose a preparation test that works just like the real examination system does.
  4. 4. 1 instructions 2 Reference Image 3 Resources Word Application V1 interface Microsoft introduced a brand new exam interface for MOS 2013. The V1 interface. It looked like this one:
  5. 5. What’s new? According to Microsoft: “Our new project-based testing for MOS 2013 provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge, giving students and professionals real- world exercises to appraise their understanding of Microsoft Office.” Basically the candidate was given instructions to follow in order to correctly create the document.
  6. 6. New V2 interface And then, back in 2014, Microsoft changed the exam interface to V2. The goal remained the same: “The candidate needs to recreate the document by following instructions.”
  7. 7. V2 interface
  8. 8. V2 interface
  9. 9. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT TEST4U works with the real MS-Office applications
  10. 10. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT TEST4U covers the entire syllabus of the Certiport MOS Word 2013 Expert Exams 77-425, 77-426
  11. 11. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT TEST4U contains questions with the new V2 interface
  12. 12. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT 313 Questions 310 in-application (or live) questions 3 quiz questions
  13. 13. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT We also offer TEST4U DIPLOMA Level Scenario-based questions. What’s the difference between Scenario-based questions and MOS project-based V2 questions? Well, check the next slide :)
  14. 14. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT You are given an image/pdf You have to recreate that document without instructions You are given an image/pdf WITH Instructions which help you recreate that document step by step In a real working environment no one will give you instructions. You must be able to figure out how to recreate the document. DIPLOMA Level Scenario-based questions will help you prepare better for the real exam and the real working environment. DIPLOMA Level Scenario-based questions V2 questions
  15. 15. Rely on TEST4U because it offers: Distinct subcategories
  16. 16. Rely on TEST4U because it offers: Immediate evaluation of answers
  17. 17. Rely on TEST4U because it offers: Incorporated Video-solutions
  18. 18. TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT Visit our official site, download your TEST4U MOS WORD 2013 EXPERT practice test demo and test your skills now like 700 000 satisfied customers did