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IEC eBrochure

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eBrochure describing our company and services.

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IEC eBrochure

  1. 1. Specialists in the Human Side of Business
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Discover Your Greatest Asset Your employees are at the heart of your business. You have chosen them to jointly pursue a vital vision, one of far-reaching corporate success. But certain issues can affect their ability to perform. From resistance to change and attrition to employee displacement and hesitation in learning new technology, workforce issues affect every company. Since its founding in 2001, San Jose, California-based management consulting firm IEC has become a trusted business advisor, driving individual performance to support organizational growth and profitability – no matter your size or industry. IEC specializes in Employee Development, Workforce Performance, and Change Management services. We champion a “human approach to consulting,” and have provided strategic results-oriented services to many companies. Our unique approach to unlocking workforce potential and accelerating employee development have benefited numerous clients including Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Harrah’s Entertainment, Xilinx and more. “Why do I choose IEC first? Because they deliver results that consistently go above and beyond my expectations, making significant impact to the success of our organization. Honestly, I trust them with almost anything I have and will encounter in running my organization.” - Senior Manager, Programmable Logic, Semiconductor Company
  3. 3. EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT PRACTICE Build Your Workforce Employees thrive when they are given the opportunity to grow and succeed. Investing in your employees’ education and long term career goals is critical to your success in today’s competitive environment. At IEC, we specialize in developing customized courses and educational programs to help employees learn, grow, and flourish. From our creative e-learning solutions to our interactive instructor-led training, our offerings are customized to each business, its employees, and its learning and development strategy. Our primary Employee Development services include: • Training Needs Analysis • Curriculum Design • Content Development • Training Delivery • Assessment Strategy and Development “I’ve worked with IEC on many e-learning courses over the years, and am always delighted with their new ideas and creative ways to leverage the latest technology. When I need additional information, they always have the answers at their fingertips, thoroughly documented. This type of response has created an incredible trust that I have in IEC. They are unmatched!” - Marketing Programs Manager, Internet Networking Company
  4. 4. WORKFORCE PERFORMANCE PRACTICE Maximize Their Talent You want your employees to perform their best. But sometimes obstacles can get in their way. Whether it’s insufficient knowledge or skills, work overload, limited career coaching or guidance, or simply a case of having the right people in the wrong roles, many organizations can use a hand in designing an overall career development strategy that grows their talent - and improves the bottom line. This is where IEC’s performance consultants come in. Our Workforce Performance practice helps improve a company’s ability to select the right people, maximize their performance, and develop them to their full potential. By clearly defining job roles, determining existing skill gaps, and facilitating processes for open discussions between managers and employees, we help clients create engaged, productive work environments. Our primary Workforce Performance services include: • Competency Identification and Development • Talent Acquisition • Performance Planning and Management • Succession Planning “We engaged IEC to define a complete competency development program for our global team. The final result was a first of its kind competency model now being emulated by other groups. IEC has proven to be customer focused, creative, flexible and results driven - they are a solid partner for our team’s skill development needs.” - Program Manager, Internet Networking Company
  5. 5. CHANGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE Enhance Your Evolution Change impacts every business. It can cause disruption and frustration or it can elevate companies to new levels of growth and prosperity. Whether you’re rolling out a new major product or undergoing a company-wide reorganization, we’ll make sure you seize the opportunity to positively transform your business. IEC’s Change Management practice assesses an organization’s readiness for change, identifies any potential resistance, and develops plans and processes to ensure a successful transition. Our primary Change Management services include: • Stakeholder Analysis • Change Readiness Assessment • Campaign Management “IEC’s in-depth understanding of human nature helped us drive our change management strategy successfully up and down the chains of command. Our firm emerged with a deeper understanding of the importance of stakeholder engagement when introducing new technology.” - IS Director, Non Profit Organization
  6. 6. Our mission: By taking a personalized and human approach to consulting, we cultivate an open environment of learning, collaboration, and change. For a no-obligation one hour consultation to discuss best ways to unlock your workforce potential and accelerate employee development, contact us at: or (877) 298-6601