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Fishing industry pros and cons

  1. By : Thabet Abdulla Thabet 1
  2. What Is Fishing Industry ? The fishing industry includes any industry or activity concerned with taking, culturing, processing, pres erving, storing, transporting, mark eting or selling fish or fish products. 2
  3. Fishing Industry Beneficial Of Fishing Industry. Negatives Of Fishing Industry. Problems Of Fishing Industry. 3
  4. Beneficial Of Fishing Industry Jobs  Provide Hundred Thousands of jobs for various professions.  Good Salary. 4
  5. Beneficial Of Fishing Industry Food And Health  Feeds the world's demand for rich- protein seafood.  Reduces risk of heart disease. 5
  6. Beneficial Of Fishing Industry Economy  Boost the economy.  Increase the National income. 6
  7. Beneficial Of Fishing Industry Affordable Price  Affordable prices for consumers.  Various types of fishes. 7
  8. Beneficial Of Fishing Industry Food Security  Nutritious, safe, and culturally appropriate foods for all people.  In disasters.  In wars.  …,etc. 8
  9. Negative Of Fishing Industry Coral Reefs  Using dynamite and poisons can have severe impacts on coral reefs.  Then Many species may die or be extinct. 9
  10. Negative Of Fishing Industry Genetic Diversity  Reduce genetic diversity of wild populations.  Extinction of many species. 10
  11. Negative Of Fishing Industry Destroy Habitats  Some fishing techniques may cause habitat destruction. 11
  12. Negative Of Fishing Industry Fisheries  In the future the number of fisheries will collapse.  Their families will suffer. 12
  13. Problems Of Fishing Industry Overfishing  In 1997-1998, 93 million tons.  Reduce the spawning biomass.  Changes in species composition and biodiversity. 13
  14. Problems Of Fishing Industry Habitat Destruction  Decrease Species population.  Fishermen losses their jobs too. 14
  15. Problems Of Fishing Industry Illegal Fishing  Crime against the economy.  Crime against environment.  People suffer too, especially the legal fishermen. 15
  16. Problems Of Fishing Industry Pollution  Make animals sick for years.  Affects on the coral reefs in a negative way.  Affects on the marine population. 16