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Music metadata: Lessons from the book publishing industry

From NARM2013: You Are Not Alone: Metadata Lessons from the Book Publishing Industry
As book sales move overwhelmingly online, it becomes increasingly important that the information we share about each product needs to be robust and accurate. This metadata is more than just name, title and price … it means telling a story about the work, its creators and the audience. Hear the metadata lessons this author and publishing vet learned in the book industry and how they apply to the music industry.

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Music metadata: Lessons from the book publishing industry

  1. 1. You Are Not AloneMetadata Lessons from the BookPublishing IndustryThad McIlroythefutureofpublishing.comPresentation to
  2. 2. My Background20% of me...
  3. 3. My Background20% of 100% nerd
  4. 4. My Background• 25 years in the U.S. and Canadastudying the intersection of technology& print publishing• 10 years running The Future• Co-author The Metadata Handbook
  5. 5. The Metadata Handbook:A Book Publisher’s Guide toCreating & Distributing Metadatafor Print and EbooksThad McIlroyRenee Register, DataCurate$95 for ebook (in 3 digital formats)$125 for printPublished late 201250% off for NARMCode: NARM-META
  6. 6. Software is NOT the Problem Metadata is just a big database Existing systems can cope (Although it’s a very industry- specificdatabase.) (And it’s so jargon-filled and multi-purpose as to be inscrutable.)
  7. 7. The supplychain makesthe problemworse, notbetter:Each playerin thesupply chainwants to“fix”the data.
  8. 8. It’s all in Supply Chain
  9. 9. Complexity is the problem Understanding what to actually DO withthe data Three uses: Findability Discoverability Sales & marketing Admin (rights & royalties) is a given
  10. 10. Metadata Beyond Metadata The most powerful metadata is the actualcontent The text The song The film, frame-by-frame The second most powerful metadata isall of the reviews, blogs, mixes and loveletters to the artist Recommender Systems are the killer app
  11. 11. Understanding Content TypesWhat makes Books different from music? Video different from ebooks
  12. 12. Search-enabled Metadata
  13. 13. StaffingThe Most Important Short-TermChallenge
  14. 14. Creative Industries =Bad Technologists We need more technologists on staff We need better training for existing staff (Some) senior managers should be hiredfrom technology companies thatunderstand content, not the other wayaround.
  15. 15. If we say... The song is no longer the product The data is the product Then the required staff must have apriority in data (Obviously they need to have somecultural appreciation of music, bookpublishing, etc.)
  16. 16. Thank