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Big Data application - OSS / BSS

  2. BIG DATA FRAMEWORK Reasoned Insights 2
  3. Big Data Management •Big Data is the term applied to data sets whose size, structure or complexity challenges conventional software tools to capture, process and present data within a tolerable period of time, cost effectively. Big Data Data Volume Data Structure Data Source •Petabytes / Exabyte of data •Billions of customer records •Billions / Trillions of records •Loosely structured and/or distributed data •Flat schema with complex inter-relationships •Varying formats and often incomplete data •Transactional •Social media applications •Analytics
  4. Hadoop Framework Hadoop is a “framework” for running applications on large clusters built of commodity hardware. Hadoop is an open source project sponsored by the Apache foundation. What is Hadoop? A reliable, massively scalable, framework for distributed processing of large, complex or unstructured data. Eliminate/Reduce costs for traditional RDBMS license and high speed SAN. Ecosystem supporting the Hadoop framework e.g. Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, VMWare, MapR Technologies, et. al. Major database software vendors (IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata, et. al.) have completed plans to integrate with Hadoop. Why use Hadoop? Corporations such as Skype, EBay, Google, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Rackspace, et. al. are some of the high profile Hadoop users. The technology adoption is now past the “early adopters”. Who uses Hadoop?
  5. OSS/BSS - BIG DATA SOLUTION Reasoned Insights 5
  6. Provisioning Legacy and Next Generation Network Billing Mediation application Big Data Solution Billing Domain Rating, Charging, Billing Customer Management Wholesale Billing application Provisioning application Retail Billing Comprehensive Solution OSS / Mediation Collect network events including CDR, IPDR, SNMP traps, NetFlow, etc. Distribute formatted records to wholesale system Upload wholesale charging records Upload customer profile, billing information, etc. Initiate customer provisioning queries (lines, features, etc.) Upload provisioning information Query NEs for Provisioning details Wholesale Billing Exploiting strategic OSS / BSS portfolio to offer data analytics.
  7. Solution Components Usage, Provisioning, Retail & Wholesale Billing, Network data Data Ingestion Data Management Reporting Big Data Management (BDM) Functions Oracle Hadoop cluster Incremental updates Business Objects Optional data flow Primary data flow
  8. Big Data Solution Architecture Big Data Management through the Hadoop framework.
  9. USE CASE APPLICATION Reasoned Insights 9
  10. Solution Scope Data Warehousing •A reliable, massively scalable, low cost data warehousing solution through Hadoop. Reporting •Operations dashboard •Enhanced audit of workflow and records / transactions processed •Offer granular insight into the product through subsystem level monitoring •Capacity utilization of platform resources •SLA Management Flume Scribe FTP HDFS Oozie Map Reduce Hive Pig Commodity Servers Hadoop Framework
  11. Solution Scope Revenue Assurance - Usage •Reconciling Usage to Network event records •CDR to Diameter records •CDR to RADIUS records •CDR to SS7 records •Reconciling Usage to Trunk records •Reconciling AMA to EMI records •Error Record Management Revenue Assurance – Service •Order accuracy / order management •Inventory analysis •Fulfillment analysis Revenue Assurance – Billing •Reconciling CDR to Billing Records •Rating and Billing Verification •Retail Billing plan analysis
  12. Solution Scope •Monitoring network elements to acquire a detailed, time based view of application usage to: Gauge service acceptance, and Measure allocation / availability of appropriate resources •Mining of service / feature monitoring data to launch proactive marketing and customer service initiatives. e.g. Roaming Content download Geographic correlation
  13. Big Data Management OSS / BSS Application Reasoned Insights 13