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Legacy, the IMEX 2018 Talking Point

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In this space, tCd was invited to speak about legacy in a where we touched key points such as What’s your personal legacy to this industry? What exactly you leave unique to next generations? Are you building a social media legacy?
A fluent conversation that allowed us to define the keys to build the personal brand that different event professionals want to leave in this sector.

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Legacy, the IMEX 2018 Talking Point

  1. 1. HOW TO LEAVE A Personal Legacy IN THE Meetings & Events Industry? by
  2. 2. Would you like the industry to know that you were here? #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  3. 3. #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  4. 4. THE 5 STEPS TO GENERATE YOUR Personal Branding DEFINE YOUR Goals FIND YOUR Target BUILD YOUR Elevetor Pitch ANALYZE YOUR Resources Announce You TO THE WORLD #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  5. 5. Have you ever reflected on the knowledge & experience you possess and what you'd like to pass on to the next generation? #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  6. 6. #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots WHO ARE YOU Today AND WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE Tomorrow?
  7. 7. What have you created so far that is unique, personal and special to your talent and creativity? #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  8. 8. #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots BE Unique BE Personal BE Special
  9. 9. Look around you, and specially on this days, you will agree that a vast majority of us spend a significant amount of our time on social media. Would it not be relevant to plan to leave your very own social media legacy? #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  10. 10. THE 5 Keys OF THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR Personal Brand IN Social Networks KNOWLEDGE CONNECT TALK SHARE CONTROL #IMEX18 - @tCreativedots
  11. 11. leaders in innovation Meetings & Events Industry Angeles Moreno