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Everything we do ties to our mission of

  Reinventing Leadership and the Meaning of Work .TM

       We know how to im...
Section 1: About BlessingWhite

Section 2: Leadership Development
      Executive Coaching
Section 1:
About Us

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  1. 1. Everything we do ties to our mission of Reinventing Leadership and the Meaning of Work .TM We know how to impact your bottom line by engaging and developing your leaders and employees.
  2. 2. Contents Section 1: About BlessingWhite Section 2: Leadership Development Executive Coaching High-Performance Culture Scan™ High-Performance Leadership Assessment™ Influencing Across the Matrix Leading in a Virtual Environment™ Leading Out Loud™ Leading Technical Professionals™ The Kai Method Senior Team Consulting Why Should Anyone Be Led by you? ™ Section 3: Employee Engagement ADUKG’s Employee Engagement Model Employee Engagement Suite EE Toolkit The Engagement Equation (from Managers) Driving Engagement Helping Others Succeed ® Taking Control of Your Engagement Career Suite It’s Your Career Career Coaching for Managers The Career Portal Fast Start® MPG®: The Success Connection Putting Values into Action™
  3. 3. Section 1: About Us
  4. 4. Who We Are BlessingWhite is a global consulting firm dedicated to creating sustainable high-performance organizations. We provide consulting, processes, tools and training to: • Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom- line results and reinforce your organization’s mission and values. • Develop leaders at all levels who can manage the business and inspire your employees. • Align employee self-interest, energy and talents with your organization’s strategy. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  5. 5. We Led the Way That Others Now Follow While everyone else was talking about managing down, managing up, managing performance, managing talent and managing change, we’ve been helping organizations create successful employee/ leader partnerships focused on what matters most. BlessingWhite was founded on the premise that individuals and organizations can achieve extraordinary results when both are clear on what they want, talk about it and take action together.
  6. 6. What Makes Us Different Founded in 1973, employee-owned since 2001... We have a proven track record, a committed workforce of employee-owners and the freedom to provide cutting-edge solutions. Starting with two men (Blessing and White) who had a revolutionary idea… We have made a difference for thousands of clients and more than 3 million individuals worldwide. Expanding capabilities with continued focus on what we do best... We are the experts in helping you execute your business strategies through your people. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  7. 7. We’re Not All Things to All People Our clients know that when they need more than buzzwords, we offer expertise. When they call, we have the answers for: • Organizational Culture • Leadership Development • Coaching • Team Dynamics • Leveraging Technical Talent • Career Development • Performance Management • Employee Engagement
  8. 8. We Know What Works We provide the following to support our expertise: Organizational Diagnostics to take a reality check, identify critical leverage points for superior performance and measure the impact of training and OD initiatives. Consulting with Senior Teams to ensure collaboration and clarity about what your organization stands for, where your organization wants to be and how it needs to move forward. Executive Coaching and Assessments to help individual leaders manage the business and inspire employees. Development Processes to equip leaders at all levels to execute strategy, build commitment, leverage their team’s expertise and coach for superior performance. Alignment and Engagement Processes to focus individual talents and interests in a way that delivers the results you need and shapes the work employees love. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  9. 9. But Wait, There’s More... Thought Leadership Our regular workplace studies build on the ground- breaking work of our founders. We share our insights with the business community and weave our research findings into all that we do. The Right Solutions Our consultants are experienced in shaping and implementing effective workforce initiatives to address the most daunting business challenges and reach peak business performance. Versatility We have more than 30 years of experience working with clients to provide unique solutions that drive your business and complement your existing initiatives. We will meet your needs for quality, budget and timing. Smooth Implementations We don’t sell and walk away. We’re small enough for personal attention, large enough to support organization-wide implementations. Where You Need Us to Be We’re global, with a worldwide network of professional consultants and trainers. Here Because of You BlessingWhite’s legacy of service excellence and workforce of tenured employee-owners mean unparalleled commitment to your success.
  10. 10. Known by the Companies We Keep We’ve worked with thousands of organizations across a wide range of industries, government agencies and not-for-profits. We’ve partnered with a long list of Fortune 500 companies. We are honored to have worked with household names, innovators, movers and shakers. New clients join us each year, often at a major crossroads, to build high- performance cultures, create leadership breadth and depth and achieve employee engagement. Give us a call. We’ll happily name some names or tell some tales. Better still, let’s talk about how we can help you make a difference. We’ve made a difference with clients across six continents.
  11. 11. Some of our clients...
  12. 12. Section 2: Leadership
  13. 13. Executive Coaching Providing the Customized Impact Executives Need Executives face tremendous pressure and visibility inside and outside the company. To be successful, they must inspire vision, demonstrate extreme competence and sustain commitment amidst intense competitive and rapidly-changing conditions. To keep pace with the demands and complexity, they need specialized support. Training isn’t enough. Executive coaches bring candor, objectivity, confidentiality, fresh perspectives, expertise and a breadth of experience in different organizational cultures, industries and business environments. Executive Coaching Gets Results Executive Coaching outcomes include… • Increased effectiveness and retention of key leaders • Improved business results • Increased employee engagement - Retention of leaders’ direct reports and colleagues • Increased senior team effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration and credibility © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  14. 14. High-Performance Culture Scan™ In any organization, senior executive teams make constant A COMPREHENSIVE AND CUSTOMIZABLE choices about the array of possible strategies and change PROCESS initiatives available. Having the right kind of data available The High-Performance Culture Scan uses three methods for is crucial for choosing wisely. The High-Performance gathering data about your organization: Culture Scan™ equips senior leaders with powerful insights • On-line employee surveys to collect a broad range of into their organization… and themselves. perspectives VALUABLE INFORMATION TO CONFRONT KEY • Focus groups to gather stories and examples CHALLENGES • One-on-one interviews to gather the most specific and High-performance culture initiatives need a baseline to candid information define progress. Through examination of current behavior The High-Performance Culture Scan begins when the senior and leadership practices, the High-Performance Culture leader invites employees to complete a 10- to 15- minute Scan provides a sanity check about current alignment with on-line survey. Survey items measure: espoused mission and helps executives prioritize gaps and • Overall employee commitment opportunities. • How well leaders and employees “walk the talk” of the Efforts to drive strategic direction depend on organization understanding varying perspectives about the organization’s mission and direction. The High-Performance Culture Scan • Which business practices align with the organization’s gathers meaningful examples of current practices that core drivers (mission, values) illustrate core organizational drivers and hindrances to the success of new strategies or direction. Assessments of overall organizational success are both richer and more nuanced when the organization’s top leaders can take an objective perspective. Examining both the organization’s focus on results and its focus on culture, the High-Performance Culture Scan identifies critical gaps and issues. Improving senior team effectiveness can be a complex undertaking. The High-Performance Culture Scan improves clarity by illustrating the impact of senior team behavior on the larger organization, illuminating points of disunity or suboptimal senior team function and inspiring top leaders to focus on their individual and team effectiveness. A UNIQUELY COMPELLING POINT OF VIEW The 4th Quadrant integrates an organization’s focus on performance and results with a purposeful focus on its culture. We developed the High-Performance Culture Scan to yield a deep, multi-perspective organizational assessment and to provide senior executives and HR sponsors with actionable ways to become a 4th Quadrant organization. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  15. 15. High-Performance Leadership Assessment™ Leaders are often viewed as either “results” or “people” THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP oriented. While traditional management skills and business ASSESSMENT REPORT competence get leaders promoted, our research — Each leader receives a confidential feedback report that comprising a data set of nearly 1,400 leaders and 8,000 shows the leader’s own ratings and the ratings of the feedback providers — indicates that being trustworthy, feedback-givers. The report includes three sections: showing empathy and creating meaning are the • Category Summary. Numerical scores with a bar chart characteristics that differentiate truly exceptional leaders. visual compare the leader’s self-assessment with average Clearly, leadership isn’t an either-or proposition. High- ratings by others on how strongly the leader demonstrates performing leaders we’ve studied integrate several each of the eight categories. The category summary also seemingly contradictory leadership characteristics. Our includes the numerical difference between the leader’s High-Performance Leadership Assessment measures a rating and the average of others’ ratings. leader’s ability to demonstrate – and effectively integrate – the paradoxical leadership characteristics of competence • Ratings by Item. Each of the categories includes 5 to 8 and connection. questions, or items. Numerical scores and a bar chart visual show the leader’s self-assessment and average COMPETING DYNAMICS ratings by others on how strongly the leader demonstrates Competence is the ability to drive results using business each of the specific behaviors. The report also shows the acumen, job-related expertise, sound reasoning, clear numerical difference between the leader’s rating and the communication and accountability to deliver on promises. average of others’ ratings. Connection is the ability to create trusting, inspiring relationships with followers by demonstrating • Range of Responses by Item. While averages of others’ commitment and passion, linking personal convictions feedback give the leader a snapshot of how his or her to the organization’s mission and values and behaving self-perceptions match those of others, averages are consistently with one’s own stated values. not sufficient to convey how similarly each feedback giver High-performance leaders bring together both competence experiences the leader. The Range of Response by Item and connection. This competing dynamic is essential for section of the report graphically depicts the spread of inspiring followers, creating an environment that encourages numerical ratings received from each anonymous innovation and delivering sustainable business results. feedback provider. This visual allows the leader to spot patterns in others’ perceptions. Competence Connection Business Trustworthiness Aptitude Internal External Attunement Attunement Clarity Depth Responsibility Empathy © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  16. 16. Influencing Across the Matrix Outcome: Attendees will walk away being better equipped to navigate a matrix environment, where they may have little positional power. They will be able to form stronger networks across the organization and more effectively build sponsorship for their ideas, gain stakeholders’ buy-in and support, solicit the cooperation of others and drive their priorities. They will do so through building trust and credibility, thoroughly assessing the style and needs of those being influenced and skillfully applying core communication techniques Audience: professionals, individual contributors, team leaders Length: 2 days OVERVIEW OF THE WORKSHOP FEATURES AND OUTCOMES Working in a matrix environment, where reporting On-line Prework structures are blurry, where one is often responsible for • Influencing Skills Self-Assessment engaging others in tasks and processes with little formal authority or power, where teams are ever-shifting and • Solicited feedback from up to 5 colleagues changing, has become a challenging, daunting reality for • Identification of real-world situations to be leveraged many of today’s professionals. throughout the workshop Influencing Across the Matrix will help individuals Highly interactive, practice-based modules tasked with navigating this environment to gain a better Focus on applying skills and strategy to real-world understanding of the matrix structure and its subsequent situations, for immediate transfer of learning benefits and challenges, while building skills to help them move through it more effectively. Participants will Commitment to taking concrete actions post-session explore and develop skills and strategies of persuasive communication, understanding of the individual and the situation, networking and influencing that have become increasingly important and critical to both individual and organizational success. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  17. 17. Leading in a Virtual Environment Building Effective Working Relationships Across Distance In today’s large, global organizations, the sun never sets. WORKSHOP OUTCOMES Increased globalization leads to an increase in the number After the workshop, participants will be better able to: of employees who work in locations that differ from their • Increase the environment of trust and productivity with leaders. As a result, virtual leadership has become the virtual team members norm in many organizations. • Use four Critical Communication Skills essential to virtual There are many advantages to virtual leadership, but leadership also many challenges for both the virtual leader and the associate. Research tells us that a virtual leader needs to • Apply feedback from virtual associates and be equipped have stronger management skills and strategies that are to lead productive Virtual Partnership Discussions different from a leader who has employees in the same • Develop best practices for virtual team meetings and location. Virtual leaders need to place greater emphasis on conference calls trust and communication in order to successfully lead a • Lead virtually with more effectiveness as Coach, virtual team. Connector and Campaigner As a COACH, a virtual leader: • Develop strategies and carry out action plans for • Reinforces a foundation of trust enhancing their own virtual leadership style and practices • Leverages strong communication • Maximizes a virtual employee’s contribution and satisfaction As a CONNECTOR, a virtual leader: • Connects team members to one another • Connects team members to pertinent information that will increase their contribution or satisfaction • Connects team member to cross-functional groups and other leaders within the organization As a CAMPAIGNER, a virtual leader: • Increases visibility of his/her team to the larger organization to enhance the team’s influence and foster recognition and career opportunities for the team members • Communicates the needs of the team and influences decision-makers to obtain necessary resources the team’s success © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  18. 18. Leading Out Loud™ SUCCESSFUL CHANGE REQUIRES WORKFORCE After the Leading Out Loud intensive, in-person workshop, COMMITMENT your organization’s leaders will be better able to: Today’s business executives need to be masters of change • Integrate their personal convictions with business in new ways. Rather than issue orders, they must first priorities determine what is needed in their organization to serve the marketplace and then adeptly drive change by encouraging • Inspire others to action and ownership in creating vision and innovation within their teams. What’s the positive change difference between change that delivers bottom-line results • Create an environment of openness and candor, and initiatives that fall short? The genuine commitment unleashing more ideas and breakthrough innovation of those charged with implementation. And winning that • Motivate others in team meetings, coaching situations, commitment is by no means a given in an increasingly presentations and one-on-one conversations uncertain and cynical business environment. • Earn deeper trust and commitment from employees, LEADERS GO FIRST colleagues and customers Cynicism and uncertainty aren’t the only things standing in the way of workforce commitment. People are looking for • Lead change effectively with or without position power. meaning at work beyond the traditional definitions of job satisfaction, compensation and benefits. How does a leader OUTCOMES obtain committed action in this environment? It takes a lot To move your organization forward, your top leaders more than merely communicating strategic objectives. It and executives need to be leaders who can gain true takes personal connection — continuous and consistent commitment versus mere compliance. Leading Out Loud™ personal connection. will help them focus energy and sustain morale through Inspiring leaders look inward and connect their business volatile business cycles and achieve lasting results. messages with what they deeply believe in and care about. Participants in the workshop leave with: They create shared purpose by engaging the hearts and • A clearer leadership point of view minds of others. This kind of leadership earns commitment and provides the meaning that fuels maximum contribution. • A pragmatic communication framework for inspiring committed action YOUR PARTNER IN DEVELOPING LEADERS WHO CAN DRIVE CHANGE • A new standard of leadership integrity and constructive BlessingWhite’s leader development program, Leading dialogue with senior executives, colleagues, direct Out Loud, is based on the book by veteran communication reports and even customers and shareholders consultant Terry Pearce. It is designed to develop leaders • Real progress on a current business challenge or who can drive business results through authentic opportunity to move the organization forward. communication. “Communication is the primary tool that leaders have to bridge vision and strategy to others’ actions,” asserts Pearce. “Learning how to craft, clarify and hone leadership messages is a discipline that enables leaders to analyze and act on all situations more effectively.” “It’s about more than skill... it’s about character. Because leadership today starts with a decision, not a promotion.” Terry Pearce Leading Out Loud © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  19. 19. Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?™ Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers. AN ENGAGING DEVELOPMENT APPROACH It, like all relationships, is a somewhat fragile condition and Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? is grounded in the needs to be carefully, constantly cultivated. Yet too many research and thought leadership of professors Rob Goffee leaders hone prescriptive behaviors outside the context of and Gareth Jones, authors of the best-selling Harvard their followers, emulating celebrity CEOs and bosses they Business Review article and book of the same name. admire. They try to be people they aren’t and as a result, BlessingWhite’s 38-plus years of experience with thousands they often fail. If they fail, your organization will, too. of clients worldwide ensures that this blended learning experience is engaging, relevant, sustainable, flexible To silence a room of executives ask them, “Why would and effective. anyone want to be led by you?” We will work with you to create a mix of consulting, content London Business School professor Rob Goffee and and tools to reflect your organization’s most pressing Centre for Management Development fellow Gareth Jones have studied this leadership question for the business priorities, culture and workforce. better part of a decade, writing a Harvard Business Review article and best-seller of the same name. Key Concepts Now BlessingWhite can help your leaders put Goffee The CASE Framework… A practical way for leaders to and Jones’ findings into practice. understand the needs of their followers (community, authenticity, significance and excitement) and re-evaluate their approach to leadership GREAT LEADERSHIP EXCITES PEOPLE TO Be Yourself – More – With Skill… Three authentic EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE leadership practices: Successful leaders modify their behavior to respond to • Become a Situational Sensor the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who • Know and Show Yourself Enough they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on • Communicate with Care their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers: Core Methodology Community. Followers long for a sense of belonging, to • An online learning component to make the most of feel part of something bigger. Leaders must help them leaders’ face-to-face action learning experience connect to others (not just to the leaders themselves) • An intensive working session in which short bursts of as well as to the overarching purpose of the organization. learning alternate with in-depth business issue analysis Authenticity. Followers choose to be led by humans, not and concept application titles or credentials. Leaders must be able to identify and • A simple online feedback process that offers a reality deploy their personal differences, foibles and strengths check on the needs of leaders’ followers and focuses to inspire employees to apply their energy and talents. leaders’ personal development strategies Significance. Followers want to believe their efforts • Peer coaching and community building matter. Leaders need to recognize contributions in a meaningful way, with highly personalized feedback. What Leaders Say About Their Experience Excitement: Followers need a spark to trigger their “Fantastic experience, compelling content.” exceptional performance. Leaders who articulate their “I will return to the office and begin leveraging what own passion, values and vision provide the energy and I have learned immediately because we used a live enthusiasm employees hunger for. project in the learning process.” Successful leaders can answer the question “Why should “The model is easy to understand, implement and exercise. The CASE framework put much needed anyone be led by you?” with confidence. structure around the concept of leadership.” © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  20. 20. The Out-thinker Process A Strategic and Innovative Thinking Workshop Out-think the Competition® Innovation rarely happens by accident, especially once an It packages a set of simple strategizing tools that help a organization or team is executing. We tend to think that it’s team collaboratively define a creative growth strategy by a magical property that leaders and teams either have or facilitating a five-stage process: will always lack. But as Kaihan Krippendorff’s work shows, 1 Reach discontent: how efficiently bring a team the traits and behaviors for innovation can be cultivated to through a purposeful process using proven principles and accept that change is necessary and agree on a key stratagems. The Out-thinker Process equips leaders and strategic growth question their teams with a practical, repeatable method to develop and adjust an innovative strategy that helps them outthink 2 Explore options: seven key strategic questions to ask to and outperform their competition. inspire others to see creative strategic possibilities Times of major change, like the one we are experiencing 3 Achieve strategic clarity: rapidly isolate options with today, disturb the order of power. They divide leaders into the greatest growth potential then set strategic those flexible enough to embrace new perspectives (“out- priorities thinkers”) and those who work within old points of view 4 Achieve break-out: enroll key take-holders to build (“thinkers”). The success of organizations and careers support for innovation depends to a great extent on the ability to shift a paradigm 5 Consolidation: establish three fundamental sources of and inspire others to do the same. long-term competitive advantage This session draws on the study of hundreds of history’s most competitive companies from Wal-Mart and GE to Google and Baidu. It shows that businesses unlock breakthrough growth when a team of leaders collaborates to shift their perspectives and thereby see strategic options that their competitors overlook. “ All innovations start when someone experiences a Shift by naming something, categorizing it, or seeing a use for it in a novel way and then convinces others to experience the same Shift. It is the aim of this book to help you understand how to cause the Shift in yourself, your organization and your environment . . . to become a more effective innovator, better skilled at changing the world.” © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  21. 21. Helping Others Succeed® A PROCESS THAT WORKS Their employees will: Helping Others Succeed is a systematic, ongoing • Be more productive and produce higher-quality work process of feedback, analysis, planning and action that enables managers to establish and strengthen coaching • Attain greater satisfaction relationships. It takes the guesswork out of determining • Develop and grow professionally individual coaching preferences by engaging employees in • Be able to achieve their personal goals while delivering the coaching relationship. It demystifies the coaching on the organization’s process and provides a framework that mirrors what the best coaches do intuitively. As a result, managers are • Experience an increased sense of ownership to more confident, comfortable and competent in doing what • Multiply their reasons to stay — and stay engaged they know they should be doing more of — coaching, not directing, their people. OUTCOMES Clarity, relationships, dialogue and action drive business results. Without these elements, the best business strategies will falter. It’s up to managers to put the pieces together. They can’t do it if they can’t — or won’t — coach. Helping Others Succeed can make the difference with managers at all levels, regardless of their skill, tenure and confidence. Organizations use Helping Others Succeed to: Managers will be able to: • Build a high-performance organization • Create an environment where ideas, feedback and • Create a coaching culture concerns are freely discussed • Align and engage their workforce • Increase their personal satisfaction and success • Maximize their performance management system • Deliver on the needs of their organization and keep • Focus employee contributions on what matters most individual team members energized • Become more flexible and adaptable • Make the most of their team members’ unique talents • Encourage innovation and risk taking • Build their teams’ “bench strength” • Retain top talent • Retain top talent What Leaders Have to Say About Their Experience “I valued the shift from ‘problem solving’ mode to ‘coaching mode’ — a fundamentally different way of being.” “The real examples and peer coaching were great. The assessment was valuable and I’ll use it with my other team members.” “This was an awesome class. It gave me a clear, defined process that’s very do-able.” BlessingWhite workplace surveys confirm that people want work to be challenging, interesting and meaningful. Helping Others Succeed can help your workforce achieve that goal — while helping you deliver on your top business priorities. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  22. 22. Leading Technical Professionals™ UNIQUE CHALLENGES COMPETING PRIORITIES Leadership is not easy. Most managers feel the squeeze As experts themselves, leaders of professionals often of being on the front line. They must execute ambitious maintain project responsibilities. While they guide the daily business strategies with fewer resources, connect with work and development of their team members, they must customers and keep their teams motivated and productive also complete their own assignments and keep up-to-date — while simultaneously extinguishing the “fires” that crop with industry advances. up each day. UNIQUE TEAM MEMBERS BlessingWhite’s recent study of nearly 900 leaders of Our two decades of research and experience confirm that technical professionals indicates that the challenges faced technical professionals bring unique capabilities, values by individuals leading technical professionals are even more and expectations to the workplace. Leading these smart, complex. highly skilled team members requires adept leadership MISSION CRITICAL PROJECTS maneuvers. This is no small feat for managers who are often promoted because of their exceptional technical More than ever, the expert team members whom they lead — such as programmers, engineers, scientists and financial capabilities, not people skills. analysts — are relied on to innovate, keep every part of A UNIQUE PROCESS the business running and rapidly transform new ideas into Leading Technical Professionals™ equips managers with faster, better, cheaper, smaller or easier products skills and strategies for making the most of the expertise, and processes. independence and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  23. 23. Section 3: Engagement
  24. 24. BlessingWhite’s Employee Engagement Model Organizations are keen to maximize the contribution of each individual Full Engagement toward corporate imperatives and metrics. Individual employees, occurs at the alignment of maximum job satisfaction and job contribution meanwhile, need to find purpose and satisfaction in their work. Consequently, BlessingWhite’s engagement model focuses on an individual’s: • contribution to the company’s success • personal satisfaction in the role. We believe that aligning employees’ values, goals and aspirations with those of the organization is the best method for achieving the sustainable employee engagement required for an organization to reach its goals. Full engagement represents an alignment of maximum job satisfac- tion (“I like my work and do it well”) with maximum job contribution (“I help achieve the goals of my organization”). The index we use to determine engagement levels contains items that reflect the two axes of contribution and satisfaction. By plotting a given population against the two axes, we identify 5 distinct employee segments. Level Description A The Engaged: These employees are at “the apex” where personal and organizational interests align. They contribute fully to the High contribution success of the organization and find great satisfaction in their work. They are known for their discretionary effort & high satisfaction and commitment. When recruiters call, they cordially cut the conversation short. Organizations need to keep them engaged, because they can transition over time to any of the three adjacent segments, a move that would likely impact workforce morale and the bottom line. B Almost Engaged: A critical group, these employees are among the high performers and are reasonably satisfied with their job. They Medium to high may not have consistent “great days at work,” but they know what those days look like. Organizations should contribution & invest in them for two reasons: They are highly employable and more likely to be lured away; they have the satisfaction shortest distance to travel to reach full engagement, promising the biggest payoff. C Honeymooners & Honeymooners are new to the organization or their role — and happy to be there. They have yet to find their Hamsters: stride and clearly understand how they can best contribute. It should be a priority to move them out of this Medium to high temporary holding area to full alignment and productivity. Hamsters may be working hard, but are in effect satisfaction but “spinning their wheels,” working on non-essential tasks, contributing little to the success of the organization. low contribution Some may even be hiding out, curled up in their cedar shavings, content with their position (“retired in place”). If organizations don’t deal with them, other employees may grow resentful or have to pick up the slack. D Crash & Burners: Disillusioned and potentially exhausted, these employees are top producers who aren’t achieving their personal Medium to high definition of success and satisfaction. They can be bitterly vocal that senior leaders are making bad decisions or contribution but that colleagues are not pulling their weight. They may leave, but they are more likely to take a breather and work low satisfaction less hard, slipping down the contribution scale to become Disengaged. When they do, they often bring down those around them. E The Disengaged: Most Disengaged employees didn’t start out as bad apples. They still may not be. They are the most disconnected Low to medium from organizational priorities, often feel underutilized and are clearly not getting what they need from work. contribution & They’re likely to be skeptical and can indulge in contagious negativity. If left alone, the Disengaged are likely to satisfaction collect a paycheck while complaining or looking for their next job. If they can’t be coached or aligned to higher levels of engagement, their exit benefits everyone, including them. To learn more about BlessingWhite’s engagement model and best practices, download recent research from our Web site: © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  25. 25. BlessingWhite’s Suite of Engagement Solutions Population Capability Features Employee Engagement Diagnostic, a short online survey, with analysis • Always custom and reporting, to provide a snapshot of who’s engaged, who’s not, and why. Recommendations and consulting focus on identifying immediate Chief Engagement actions, not just cascading communications of results. Officers & Executive Sponsors Engagement Audit to review existing survey data and related workforce • Custom analysis metrics, run focus groups/interviews, and recommend a comprehensive approach for increasing engagement. Includes a facilitated action-planning session with key influencers or executive team. The Leader’s Role in Engagement, an interactive session that helps leaders: • Highlights research • Buy in to the business case for engagement • Virtual or in-person • Understand what engagement is – and isn’t delivery (2 hrs – ½ day) • Become familiar with common engagement drivers • Customized to link to • Clarify the role leaders at all levels need to play in building a culture business issues that fuels engagement. Executives Leading Out Loud, an intensive working session equipping leaders with • 2- to 3-day workshop a practical communications approach that ensures employees understand what to do and care enough to take action. Optional leadership assessment available. Executive Coaching, personalized 1-on-1 development for leaders who • Always custom need to increase their effectiveness as individuals and/or part of a team. • Individualized plans Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?, a leadership workout experience • Blended learning that equips leaders to create meaning for employees, build community, • 1- to 2-day “workout” and excite the workforce to exceptional performance. Executives, Senior & Mid-Level Leaders Business Unit Action Planning, a facilitated session to equip leaders • Always custom (Managers of with a framework to communicate engagement data and to craft • ½ day meeting Managers) strategies and next steps based on their area’s data. Can be run with • Follows Engagement The Leader’s Role and other engagement solutions. Diagnostic Driving Engagement, an experience that helps leaders understand the • Blended learning factors that influence engagement, create individualized engagement • 1- to 2-day workshop partnerships, and apply engagement essentials in their daily leadership. Leaders conduct engagement partnership discussions based on non-anonymous feedback after the session. The Engagement Equation for Managers, a workshop that helps • Blended learning Front-Line Leaders leaders understand the factors that influence engagement, increase • 1-day workshop their own satisfaction/contribution, create targeted engagement • Tailored to reflect strategies, conduct engagement reviews, and create a team environment engagement data that fuels engagement. Career Coaching, a learning experience that equips leaders with a • Blended learning greater understanding of today’s career landscape and tools for • Virtual or in-person supporting individuals’ aspirations and growth – even when few delivery (2 hrs – ½ “traditional” career opportunities exist. day)
  26. 26. Population Capability Features Helping Others Succeed, a systematic, ongoing process of feedback, • Blended learning analysis, planning and action that enables managers to establish and/or • 1- to 1½-day workshop strengthen coaching relationships. It takes the guesswork out by determining individual coaching preferences. HOS “demystifies” the coaching process and provides structure and a framework that mirrors Front-Line Leaders what the best coaches do intuitively. Preparing to Engage, a workshop that equips managers with a toolkit for • 2 to 4 hour workshop driving engagement among their team. An introduction to engagement, why it is important, and the manager’s role in driving engagement are all explored. Taking Control of Your Engagement, a learning experience designed • Blended learning to help employees understand the factors that influence engagement, • Virtual or in-person clarify the personal values that shape their satisfaction at work, consider delivery (2 hrs – ½ the information and support they need to perform at their best, and day) identify actions to become more engaged. It’s Your Career, a learning experience that provides employees with • Always custom insights and tools for successful career management. Three core • Individualized plans Individuals concepts: Know yourself, know your options, take action. Can be combined with a self-directed online portal of resources and activities. MPG: The Success Connection, a development process that features • Blended learning detailed manager feedback, online activities, a workshop, and a • 1- to 2-day workshop structured employee-manager discussion to align employee interests and actions with organizational goals. Engagement model, BlessingWhite’s proprietary “X” model that • Licensing illustrates how engagement results from the intersection of employee • Certification and organizational interests and the achievement of maximum satisfaction and maximum contribution. Career portal, with self-directed online tools to support a comprehensive • Always custom HR Leaders career development initiative. • Not sold alone Engagement Champions, certification process that enables members • Certification of an organization to become experts in Employee Engagement using • Licensing of products BlessingWhite’s proprietary methods, models, and resources. and processes © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  27. 27. Employee Engagement Toolkit for Managers The Manager Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that helps The Manager toolkit is organized in 3 major components: leaders present the context of the initiative and prepare Preparing for Your Results Meeting managers to discuss employee engagement with their During this facilitated session, managers will gain an teams, contemplate their own engagement levels and to understanding of their role in the whole process of develop strategies to drive their team’s engagement through driving engagement. As a group, they will work with an 1-on-1 discussions. experienced facilitator to prepare for a successful session It provides guidance and resources for them to work with with their team. their groups in reviewing data, identify areas for action Conducting the Results Meeting with their team: planning and ultimately increase engagement in their Managers can prepare to run either short sessions with teams. their teams or, where appropriate run extended sessions Involving the team members in the process of driving Specifically they will review: higher engagement is key to this process, both in terms of - How to share and explore the results with their team individual commitment/involvement and in ensuring the - How to discuss actions that arise from these results individual manager does not shoulder the responsibility for - How to agree upon and obtaining clear commitments single-handedly ratcheting up the engagement in the team. to action. The Toolkit explores: For each aspect of these meetings, the toolkits provides The X model of Engagement sample language, gives suggestions for exercises that Understand the X model and the Levels of Engagement can be conducted with the team and incorporates other Common Engagement Drivers: optional models to facilitate the session such as RACI chart, Fishbone Diagram, and SWOT Analysis. - Organizational findings from recent diagnostic or engagement survey Following up on Engagement Results Meeting - Drivers of satisfaction Managers need to ensure that agreed upon actions are occurring and that the team has the opportunity to continue - Drivers of contribution to discuss and move forward in their engagement. The The Managers Role: toolkit includes processes and suggestions on how to keep Taking Control of Your Own Engagement the engagement initiative alive over time. Coaching Your Team The toolkit includes an Appendix with additional tools, insights and suggestions for the leader to effectively create an action plan which engages their team. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  28. 28. THE ENGAGEMENT EQUATION™ A BlessingWhite Fact Sheet A WINNING FORMULA OUTCOMES “It’s hard to argue with the accepted The Engagement Equation™ is a four- Managers will be better able to: wisdom — backed by empirical hour interactive workshop that equips • Take accountability for their team’s evidence — that a motivated managers to enhance and sustain their engagement levels workforce means better corporate team’s engagement levels — maximizing performance.” both performance and satisfaction — so • Take control of their own engagement that their organization can build a vibrant “Employee Motivation: A Powerful New Model,” Harvard Business workforce, reach its business goals, and • Create a team environment that fosters Review article by Nohria, achieve sustainable long-term success. the trust that feeds engagement Groysberg, and Lee During the session, managers learn how • Align the personal goals of their team engagement drives business success. members with the organization’s priorities Engagement is a personal equation They explore the five levels of employee shaped by individual employees’ unique engagement and their associated core • Build individualized strategies for helping values, interests, talents, and aspirations. drivers. each team member increase both job Full engagement depends on employees satisfaction and job contribution. having a thriving personal connection with Managers then work individually and in their work and a belief that they have a small groups to: promising future in their organization. • Assess their own level of engagement and Engaged employees are not just Managers are uniquely positioned to identify actions they can take to improve it committed. They are not just help their team members achieve full passionate or proud. They have • Consider their team members’ engagement — and those who do so a line-of-sight on their own future engagement levels consistently deliver results and retain and on the organization’s mission talent. The keys to their success? Strong, and goals. They are “enthused” • Plan for an in-depth Engagement trusting relationships with team members and “in gear,” using their talents Discussion with at least one team and an intentional focus on increasing job and discretionary effort to make a member contribution and job satisfaction. difference in their employer’s quest • Develop a strategy and action steps for sustainable business success. for achieving and sustaining high BlessingWhite, Inc. engagement among all team members State of Employee Engagement 2008 • Learn and practice Engaging Essentials — tools for aligning and building the commitment of their team. This workshop can be tailored to incorporate specific data from BlessingWhite’s Employee Engagement Survey or other external or internal employee survey tools.
  29. 29. DRIVING ENGAGEMENT A BlessingWhite Fact Sheet WHY ENGAGEMENT MATTERS ENGAGEMENT PARTNERSHIPS ARE • Non-anonymous feedback from one or The more engaged the workforce, the CUSTOM BUILT two employees to provide each more capacity it has to deliver on “Off-the-shelf,” one-size-fits-all leadership manager with insights into employees’ understanding of organizational organizational imperatives. High formulas won’t deliver. Neither will priorities, personal coaching needs and employee engagement drives discre- techniques borrowed out of a great coach’s the manager’s coaching effectiveness tionary effort, innovation, customer closet of success stories. The best manag- loyalty, quality, productivity, profitability ers understand that what works great for • A group learning experience, which and retention of top talent. Yet in most one person can derail another. They coach builds on the prework and feedback regions of the world, only one in three everyone differently because everyone has insights, focused on three core employees is fully engaged. unique personal motivators and needs. concepts: Engage Yourself, Engage Individuals and Create an Environment They establish excellent working relation- that Fuels Engagement ships with every person on their team. Engaged employees are not just • Execution of personal action plans and Individualized engagement partnerships Engagement Partnership Discussions committed. They are not just help managers avoid dangerous assump- after the workshop passionate or proud. They have tions of who’s engaged and why. They a line-of-sight on their own future provide a foundation of open dialogue that • Online tools to enable managers to and on the organization’s mission equips managers to successfully match gather feedback and conduct Engage and goals. They are “enthused” individuals’ passions and proficiencies with ment Partnership Discussions with organizational priorities and projects – to every member of their team and “in gear,” using their talents and discretionary effort to make a drive engagement. difference in their employer’s quest OUTCOMES for sustainable business success. A FLEXIBLE, SUSTAINABLE Individuals will: BlessingWhite, Inc. APPROACH State of Employee Engagement • Understand what engagement is and Driving Engagement is a process that 2011 why it matters includes reflection, feedback, analysis, planning, practice and action. The core • Learn the factors that impact engage learning experience is an interactive ment and clarify their role THE MANAGER’S ROLE workshop or combination of virtual and Since engagement is a personal in-person modules. Online activities and • Identify actions for taking control of equation shaped by individuals’ unique their own engagement tools help ensure relevant, effective group values, interests, talents and aspirations, learning and enable managers to apply • Prepare for an engagement partner managers cannot make people more concepts back on the job with every person ship discussion with at least one engaged. They can, however, align and on their team. employee coach individuals to higher levels engagement. They can also fuel their • Identify actions they can take to A typical implementation features: team’s engagement through their daily establish trust, build confidence and unleash the potential of their team leadership actions. And they must • Online preparation and self-assessment manage their own engagement. A dead activities as prework • Be prepared to establish individualized battery cannot jump start another. engagement partnerships with every person on their team This learning experience can be tailored to incorporate data from BlessingWhite’s Employee Engagement Diagnostic or other employee survey tools.
  30. 30. Taking Control of Your Engagement A BUSINESS CHALLENGE In most regions of the world, only one in three employees is “It’s hard to argue with the accepted wisdom — fully engaged. backed by empirical evidence — that a motivated workforce means better corporate performance.” A PERSONAL QUEST Ask a dozen people why they do the work they do and you “Employee Motivation: A Powerful New Model,” will get a dozen different answers. Yes, most people will Harvard Business Review say they work for the paycheck. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find other, more personal reasons for getting up CONTENT in the morning and going to a job. • What Is Engagement & Why Is It Important? Engagement is a personal equation shaped by an • Your Starting Point. Where Are You? individual’s unique values, interests, talents and aspirations. • Taking Control of Your Satisfaction Full engagement depends on individuals having a thriving • Taking Control of Your Contribution personal connection with their work and a belief that they have a promising future in their organization. • Your Strategy Although leaders and organizational practices can OUTCOMES significantly influence employee engagement levels, every Individuals will: person, ultimately, has responsibility for his or her own • Understand what engagement is — and isn’t engagement. Employees must be clear on what matters to • Consider their own engagement level them before they can take control of their job satisfaction • Clarify the personal values and job conditions that and career success. They also need to take initiative in influence their satisfaction at work building and applying their unique knowledge and skills to • Align their interests and talents with the goals of contribute fully toward the organization’s goals. the organization A WINNING FORMULA • Identify actions they can take to increase their Taking Control of Your Engagement is a blended learning satisfaction and contribution — to become experience that equips individuals to assess, increase more engaged and sustain their engagement levels — maximizing both performance and satisfaction — so that their organization can build a vibrant workforce and reach its business goals. Engaged employees are not just committed. They are not just passionate or proud. They have a The core of the learning experience is an interactive line-of-sight on their own future and on the workshop or web class. To make the most of face-to-face organization’s mission and goals. They are time, individuals complete online reflection and assessment “enthused” and “in gear,” using their talents and activities as prework. During the interactive session, they discretionary effort to make a difference in their see those insights to shape their learning and create a employer’s quest for sustainable business success. personal engagement strategy. Afterwards they take action on their own, and if appropriate, enlist the support of their BlessingWhite’s manager or colleagues. Employee Engagement Report 2011 This learning experience can be tailored to incorporate data from BlessingWhite’s Employee Engagement Diagnostic or other employee survey tools. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  31. 31. A COM NSIVE CAREER DE MPREHEN EVELOPMENT SOL LUTION ALIGNIN EMPLO NG OYEE & OR ONAL PRIO RGANIZATIO ORITIES Your organization ha ambitious strategies a a lot of w as s and work to get d done. Meanwwhile your workforce contains in e ndividuals w unique va with alues, aspiraations and ta alents. They want a future y with your organizatio yet many don’t have clear person goals. A if they do know wh r on, y nal And on’t hat they’re lo ooking for, th hey’re unlike to find fulf ely filling work o your payr on roll. The business implica ations? Dise ctivity. Costly turnover.∗ engagement. Low produc . NAVIGA ATING TODA ’S CARE AY EER LANDS SCAPE Today’s Care Landscape eer e The old- -fashioned “career” is dead, replac by a “ ced progresssion of projec job oppo cts, ortunities tha didn’t at ears ago and no obvious career path. exist 5 ye d s Employe shouldn be left on their own. They are ees n’t n ultimately responsible for their ca y areer succes but often ss are parallyzed by their choices. A you don’t want free And agents fo ocused solel on person goals. ly nal So BlesssingWhite off fers a comp prehensive s solution – a foundaational progra that equi employe to take am ips ees control of their caree a coaching program that ers, prepares managers to support and align employee goals with your o s t s organization’s priorities, and an online career port to ensure easy self-directed acce to career resources and tools. e tal e ess IT’S YOUR CAREE ER Blended learning with a 2-hour web class or half-day workshop d w s y p The founndation for em mployees’ fuuture career success is a understanding of their engageme an ent drivers and the capabilities they have to mov the organ ve nization’s stra ategy forwar It continu rd. ues with a pla to explore and take a an e action on bot the obviou – and not so obvious – opportuni th us t ities for development or challenging w c work. In toda ay’s world of work, some f etimes the be career m est move is a subtl change in the current job. le n C Know yourself w Tak action ke O • YYour values and interests a s • Manage cur rrent satisfac ction & perfo ormance N • YYour strength and differ hs rentiators • Talk about y your career T • YYour ideal job conditions b s • Develop for today & tommorrow E Know your options w • Evaluate op pportunities N • WWhat informa ation do you need? T • WWhere can yo find it? ou ∗ Blessing gWhite’s State of Employee Engagemen 2011 repor revealed tha lack of care developm e e nt rt at eer ment opportunit ties is the top reason employees consid leaving. p der
  32. 32. CAREER COACHIN R NG Blended learning with a 2-hour web class or half-day workshop d w s y p mployees will look for interesting or meaningful work in their next job. N a promotion Half of em Not manager’s jo Not large financial rew or their m ob. wards. They want work that “works” for them. It’ y ” ’s the role o your mana of agers to help employees realistically align their aspirations w the p s y with organization’s goals. Care myths & facts eer Keys to e effective car reer conver rsations C • WWhat is a carreer anyway y? • Decide when to tri e igger a discu ussion O • WWhat do emp ployees wan nt? • Introdu the subject uce N The manager’s role • Prepar and conduct the discu re ussion T • AAligning empployee & organizational i interests • Handle common c e challenges E • WWhat does a great coach look like? h Action pla anning N Coac ching essen ntials • Your ccoaching leggacy T • TTrust, confide ence, potent tial • Lookin ahead: Sh and long term ng hort g CAREER PORTA AL Licens for unlimited use se Ensure learning fle e exibility and s sustainability for y all your employee p r populations with self- directed online tool Skinable, customizab d ls. , ble, secure. CONSULTING A strateg compre gic, ehensive ap pproach “If you bu it they will come” is a myth. uild w To suppo organizat ort tion-wide career initiatives in the context of your b s business goals, BlessingWhite consultants can e s provide implementation consultin ng, communication strate support, and egy executive briefings. e Copyright © 2010 Blessin ngWhite, Inc. A Rights Reser All rved. / Novemb 2010 ber
  33. 33. Fast Start® A PROVEN PROCESS Fast Start is employee-driven, because your managers Managers enjoy: have good intentions but many competing priorities. Here’s how it works: • The comprehensive structure of the Fast Start PHASE 1 | THINK! Discussion The employee and manager independently complete job • The “Click2Copy” feature that saves time with expectations and work style insights online (30 minutes). multiple new hires Managers with multiple new hires can complete this step in as little as 5 minutes per employee. • Fewer course corrections and misunderstandings PHASE 2 | PLAN! down the road. The employee compares perceptions and creates a “road map” for what to talk about with the manager — and how. It takes about 90 minutes for employees to follow KEY BENEFITS the online steps for analyzing and creating their Fast Start • Accelerated productivity — and return on investment Discussion Plan. — of your new recruits PHASE 3 | TALK! • Increased engagement and retention of new hires and The employee conducts a Fast Start Discussion with the the newly promoted manager to obtain clarity on what’s expected, discuss • Employee alignment with your organization’s strategy ideas for achieving success and agree on how they’ll work right from the start together effectively. This meeting lasts about 90 minutes. • Smoother, more successful transitions for employees PHASE 4 | ACT! changing jobs or managers The employee summarizes agreements and implements ideas for rapid results and long-term success. • A strong foundation for effective, long-term employee- manager partnerships Organizations use Fast Start to: • A common language for discussing priorities, performance and working together • Achieve high productivity and retention of new hires • Employee accountability for job satisfaction, • Ensure the immediate and long-term engagement of development and results. the newly promoted Implement Fast Start to ensure that employees in transition at all levels of your organization have the direction, • Refocus talent after an organizational change information, support and confidence they need to produce rapid results — and succeed over the long term. • Maximize job rotation programs • Establish effective new manager-employee relationships. Your organization can’t wait for employees to sort through the rules of the road. © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  34. 34. MPG® The Success Connection THE ELUSIVE GOAL OUTCOMES Business strategies may be well thought out. Performance For your organization, MPG builds a bridge from strategy to management systems may be state of the art. Rewards and execution that only gets stronger over time. accountability checks may be in place. Yet one of the most For employees, MPG delivers: persistent challenges organizations face is getting • Clarity about expectations and priorities top productivity and commitment from the people who do the work. • Improved satisfaction, performance and engagement It’s a common theme. “If only everyone who came to work • Stronger employee/manager partnerships did their very best — every day on every job.” Just wishful • Increased alignment with their organization’s strategy thinking? We know better. • Opportunity for personal growth THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS For nearly 40 years, MPG has helped organizations and • Renewed energy and motivation. individuals achieve their visions of success. Our activities For managers, MPG delivers: and materials have changed over time to meet changing • Increased “bench strength” needs. But our commitment to helping employees improve • Regular coaching opportunities their satisfaction, individual performance and contribution to your bottom line has remained the same. MPG gives people • Continuing dialogue and a common language for the power and practical process for taking actions that can discussing career, performance and mutual success reshape their job and transform their performance. • Shared responsibility with their employees for A PROVEN PROCESS development MPG is a systematic, ongoing process of feedback, analysis, • Maximization of existing performance and talent planning and action that enables employees to increase management systems satisfaction in their current job and align their efforts with • More relevant, focused development plans. your organization’s strategy. Key Results Alignment: Laser-like focus on what matters most to the employee and the organization to achieve mutual success. Engagement: Employees bringing more of their unique interests and talents to the work that needs to get done. Accountability: Employee responsibility for job satisfaction, career development, and business results. Dialogue: A common language for staying on the same page about priorities, abilities and interests. New Ideas: Actions that can have a profound impact on employee commitment and organizational success. Partnership: Employee-driven but not employee-exclusive; manager-supported but not a manager burden. ® MPG ... Nearly 40 years... Across 6 continents... More than 2 million participants © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  35. 35. Putting Values Into ActionTM PUTTING VALUES INTO ACTION PVIA — EMPLOYEE OWNERSHIP As the global leader in values-driven business performance, This process helps employees understand how the BlessingWhite offers three processes to help organizations organization’s values and guiding principles affect them successfully put their values into action: and how they can put these values into practice on the job. It clarifies how their personal values and goals align with 1 Organizational Values ClarificationTM the organization’s, answering the question: “Why should I 2 Putting Values Into Action — Executive Sponsorship commit to these values?” 3 Putting Values Into Action — Employee Ownership. Following a combination of self-assessment, manager THE CRUCIAL LINK feedback and a one- to two-day working session, employees We all work with two sets of values: our own and our initiate a meaningful, results-oriented discussion company’s. A common mistake is to look at corporate values with their manager to create a partnership for strengthening as isolated from individual values. Companies that their motivation and establishing a mutual commitment get the most benefit from values invest the time and effort to achieving both their own and the organization’s goals. The to help employees identify the common ground. In today’s final outcome is a values development plan with specific talent market, people are more discerning about which actions to improve alignment in order to increase job organizations they want to work for. They are no longer contribution and improve overall satisfaction. willing to put aside their personal goals for the good of Organizations Use PVIA — Employee Ownership to: the company, or compromise their own values for the • Retain key talent organization’s goals. When people understand how they can satisfy their own values in the context of their • Gain commitment to their vision, values and principles company’s, they are far more committed to supporting • Enhance morale and motivation the culture and making decisions that drive business results. • Improve decision making PVIA — EXECUTIVE SPONSORSHIP This half- to full-day session will help coalesce your • Solidify employee-manager partnerships. organization’s executive team on the values, get them to commit to what they will do as sponsors of the values and help them make the behavioral connections that are critical to embedding the values into the corporate culture. Other session outcomes include: • Ensuring delivery of a consistent values message (“walking the talk”) • Translating how the values impact their own departments • Identifying their personal values/motivators and linking these to the organization’s “Values, applied correctly, act like DNA, through which each cell — regardless of its own specialized • Enumerating leadership behaviors and actions to support job — knows the master plan for the whole the values (practicing what they preach) body. They are critical for the individual and the • Identifying barriers and challenges they will face as key organization.” sponsors of the values Terry Pearce & David S. Pottruck • Creating group action plans to support the values and Clicks and Mortar: Passion Driven Growth in achieve organizational goals. an Internet Driven World © BlessingWhite 2011 Fast Start
  36. 36. ©copyright BlessingWhite 2011 | All rights reserved