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  1. 1. Exactly two years ago, at a similar colorful evening in Ambedkar Bhavan, sitting somewhere in acorner watching some powerful speakers delivering amazing speeches and an audience celebrating likenever seen before. On that day I decided I was going to be a part of this tribe and my journey withChrysalis began and here I am speaking in front of you wonderful people. My life 2 years ago was nothing short of a nightmare. I was without a job, I was having number ofproblems in college as well as at home and I was not doing what I wanted to do. Then I did the LLP course and my way of looking at these problems changed. I decided to look foran opportunity in every problem I faced. In last 2 years every activity I do reflects my confidence,enthusiasm and commitment –to give more than 100%. Earlier whenever things would go wrong my diologue would be “Sala apna to Bad Luck hi kharabhai”. But now due to my positive attitude I try to look for something good even when things go wrong. Earlier I used to search for happiness and I could count the number of days when I was happy onmy finger tips. But during the course I realized that happiness is not an outside-in, but an inside-outphenomenon. Now I can work for any number of hours and still enjoy my work. I have learnt to balancemy personal and professional life. My physical and mental fitness has improved considerably in last twoyears. I have understood my responsibility towards the society and I contributed as much as I couldtowards the Paraplegic Event and the Sassoon Hospital child orphanage. My 2 years association with Chrysalis has been filled with loads of success. And this success hascome because of CCD- not Café Coffee Day but Confidence, Commitment and Dedication. In my finalyear I was appointed the secretary of the annual college magazine and I worked successfully to print awonderful magazine. My final year project won awards and accolades. I got a job with HSBC Software andwithin just 8 months of my job, my managers realized my potential and sent me to work onsite on animportant assignment to the USA for a period of 3 months. This was both a big achievement and a bigchallenge for me, especially since this was the first time I was going to be away form my family.Nevertheless I took up the challenge and worked hard to win the confidence of people there and I wasextremely successful in doing so. Last 2 years are the most happening years of my life. I have got wonderful memories of the HappyMinds, speeches, picnics, outbound programs, parties, graduation ceremonies and so many things. I havefound some very good friends who I know would be staying with me till the end of my life.