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One Stop Solution For International Mobile Games

Mobile Game Asia 2015 Ho Chi Minh City

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One Stop Solution For International Mobile Games

  1. 1. HALO DIGITAL The Gateway of Exporting Mobile Content to Reach Everyone Around the Globe
  2. 2. HALO DIGITAL B.SHARK No.1 PSMS billing brand in China HALO GAMES 5 Mobile Games R&D Teams $3M+/Month Transaction HALO BILLING One of the biggest game billing Platform in China $20M+/Month Transaction 80M+ online Users 116 countries PSMS covered 200+ Games published
  3. 3. HALO BRANCH Headquarter in Shenzhen China
  4. 4. The fastest income increasing country in the world At the end of 2013 ~ 2014, Malaysia become the first one of heavy mobile game market of 121% increase points. Thailand ranked second, in addition, the top ten countries in Southeast Asia have four.
  5. 5. 23% 60% 15% 87% 49% 20% 0% 50% 100% Indoneisa Malaysia Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam Smartphone Feature phone Southeast smartphone market has huge development space Smart Phone coverage rate
  6. 6. 5.4 30 67.1 99.6 89.7 0 50 100 150 Population (million) 54.8 10.5 8.7 2.8 1.9 0 20 40 60 GDP 1,000 per person 96.4 41.9 59.3 15 17.1 0 50 100 150 3G/4G mobile terminal… Population and economic development in Southeast Asia
  7. 7. 72% 66% 27% 21% 20% 98% 16% 12% 3% 1% 1% 37% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% bank card credit card Southeast Bank Card Coverage
  8. 8. Our product--- HALOPAY Android SDK H5 Support Android, iOS, H5 Automatically locate the target, such as user’s language, the payment method, and a common currency One integration
  9. 9. •Use API interface, reduce payment pages forwarding •Establish in-depth cooperation with overseas banks; Acquire payment methods of large amount •Covering various payment methods; One- stop integration, include PSMS, e- wallet, prepaid card, etc •Computer room located in many countries, and automatically assigned to the nearest one for service based on the user’s location Bad network No familiar payment methods Network costs Large amount&unpayable HALO provides more payment methods to users and gives a better payment experienc
  10. 10. HALOPAY---global payment channels Main payment channel Payment methods Coverage Paypal E-wallet; credit card More than 200 countries Boku PSMS 53 countries Cashu E-wallet Middle East Skrill E-wallet; credit card 89 countries Adyen Bank card Global MOLPAY Bank card; credit card Most Asia countries/global Yandexmoney E-wallet; online banking Russia
  11. 11. ABOUT COOPERATION WITH HALO - 1 If you have any mobile payment channel, including PSMS, Scratch Card, Mobile banking… - We currently have a good traffic. We might switch to your payment channel. - We always look for better mobile payment provider.
  12. 12. ABOUT COOPERATION WITH HALO - 2 If you have resource to publish game, including your app store, operator push,affiliate … - we can provide over 200 mobile games whose capability of monetization are proved in other markets.
  13. 13. Payment type of game Game Type Payment Method Hard core game Mainly Bank card payment Middle core game Game point card and PSMS Casual game Mainly PSMS
  14. 14. Payment characters of area Area game markets payment type America and European developed Mainly Bank card Southeast Asia fast-growing game point card and PSMS South America growing PSMS and game point card The Middle East fast-growing PSMS and bank Africa growing PSMS Russia developed PSMS- 30%; Point card - 30% e-wallet - 19%; bank card- 18%
  15. 15. ABOUT COOPERATION WITH HALO - 3 - We can develop the mobile application or games for you. - We can publish and monetize your mobile application or games in many markets. - You don’t have to invest on mobile R&D, just provide your existing content and share the income. If you have local contents, including PC games, video, music, books, news …
  16. 16. Partners Over 100 partners in China
  17. 17. THANK YOU! Contact us : Homepage: