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I was asked "how are experiences evaluated?" and started researching. It turned out to be a very broad question. I narrowed it down to individual perception of the experience determines if the experience is good or bad; valuable or not. This is the presentation I made to help tie experience & perception together with branding, customer experience, and expectations.

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  1. Perception
  2. Meet Jordan Hi
  3. Jordan interprets sensory information to perceive the world. Sight, sound, scent, taste Touch
  4. Jordan has 5 psychological tools he uses to perceive the world.
  5. Emotion
  6. Experience Emotion
  7. Knowledge Experience Emotion
  8. Knowledge Personality Experience Emotion
  9. Reason Knowledge Personality Experience Emotion
  10. Lets try communicating with Jordan and see what happens...
  11. “That’s a nice shirt Jordan”
  12. *This slide has notes
  13. Jordan appeared to be happy with that message; but why?
  14. Emotion - Happy Experience - Jordan trusts that we have good taste in clothes Reason Knowledge - Jordan believes he has a nice shirt on Knowledge Personality Reason - Jordan appreciates the compliment Personality - Jordan thinks we’re Experience Emotion friendly Result - Jordan smiles, appreciates the compliment, believes we’re friendly, and will wear his shirt more often in the hopes of getting more compliments. *This slide has notes
  15. The goal of communication is usually to have an audience perceive a message in a specific way.
  16. Jordan would like to know how can you ensure everyone perceives a message the same way?
  17. You can’t *This slide has notes
  18. But you can take steps to help prevent misperception. Clarity Ambiguity Alignment Confusion Information Observations Examples Anecdotes Logic Emotion
  19. Lets take Jordan and a group of his friends and try to get them to perceive a message in the same way
  20. Jordan Elena Yulia Stas Jason Jackie
  21. How will they perceive this Google ad: Dove shampoo will make your hair smell good. Get some today
  22. Perception: Dove cares how I smell; if I click the link I’ll start Jordan smelling even better. Perception: Dove shampoo must smell good, next time I’m in Elena the drug store I’ll smell it. Perception: If it’s full of perfume it’s going to give me a rash, I Yulia need to stay away from Dove. Perception: Only girls care how their hair smells. I better not Stas buy Dove. Perception: Good smelling hair is important; if it’s on sale next Jason time I need shampoo I’ll consider it. Perception: I bet that lady in my office with the overpowering Jackie hair-smell uses Dove. Why don’t they make scentless shampoo.
  23. 3 of them succeeded in perceiving the ad in a satisfactory way. *This slide has notes
  24. Examining the ad next to our checklist, where did we make mistakes? Clarity Ambiguity Alignment Confusion Information Observations Examples Anecdotes Logic Emotion
  25. How can we help align perceptions? *This slide has notes
  26. This should work better. Dove shampoo will make your hair smell clean without the use of harsh chemicals or perfumes. Click for some stories & Save!
  27. You can avoid confusing Jordan (and everyone else) by using standards and finite instructions. *This slide has notes
  28. Figuring out how a particular person, or group of people will perceive a message is a tricky task.
  29. The trick is to figure out key perception indicators *This slide has notes
  30. Group A Group B Wants lots of Wants lots of information interactivity Group C Group D Wants a quick Wants to feel explanation secure *This slide has notes
  31. Online, architecting an optimal user experience to achieve a desired brand perception takes a well tuned team.
  32. Extending that across all media, and incorporating that desired perception into core values across a corporation takes strong leadership.
  33. But if you do it, you’ll create a performance brand that’ll live up to expectations. *This slide has notes