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Digital Marketing Pitch to Bulb Studios

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Birmingham City University student project. Working with Leicester based agency Bulb Studios on a live brief; We’ve developed a content marketing campaign that jointly meets your objectives and solves your potential clients problems with LEAD CAPTURE at the heart. We will drive visitors to Bulb website, increase convention, and generate solid leads. We propose the strategy focusing on content, digital and search engine optimization with user centric design at the heart of everything we do.

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Digital Marketing Pitch to Bulb Studios

  1. 1. BULB STUDIOS ________ 27.01.2015
  2. 2. Content Marketing Social Media SEO + Analytics POWER OF THREE MARKETING STRATEGY
  3. 3. BULB OBJECTIVES __________ •Develop the company message •Improve understanding of Bulb’s services •Develop new business opportunities DIGITAL MARKETING GOALS - Increase traffic to Bulb Website - Generate leads - Social Media Engagement CONTENT MARKETING - Goals: Quality of engagement, increase traffic, positive branding. - Objective: To deliver insightful / educational content to Bulb’s target audience MESSAGE We work where technology, creativity and strategy converge, creating engaging, smart and measurable digital experiences. And we aim to impress with every project, offering passion in the way we deliver beautiful user experiences, and proof in the form of a tangible return on investment. SECONDARY MESSAGE Bulb offers a digital health check to your website, product or service and provide insight into area’s your business can improve.
  4. 4. OVERVIEW OF BULB AND COMPETITOR - Informative - Lack of its own content -­‐  Inconsistency in branding -­‐  Doesn’t show personality -­‐  Limited  use  of  social  sharing   -­‐  High  number  of  case  studies -­‐  High quality designs and video - Social media updates are infrequent -­‐  Has social media channels but doesn’t update them Staff  blog  entries   -­‐  Buzzing  Social  Media   -­‐  Downloadable  Content   -­‐  Makes their own products - Supports other businesses - Bad at presenting their work (3x examples)  
  5. 5. 0 2.25 4.5 6.75 9 Social Interest* *Nibbler Results x24 x16 x8 Followers** } **Bulb Studios VS Ustwo REVIEW OF COMPETITORS
  6. 6. Tenshi Partners AVEXTechnology Energy MeteringTech PERSONA 1 PERSONA 2 PERSONA 3 Tenshi Partners AVEX Technology Energy Metering Technology What they do: Tenshi Consulting provides advisory and interim management services to the creative industries and specialises in digital media and games. What they do: Technology installation company. What they do: They provide smart energy and water monitoring systems for businesses - Based in Surrey - 11-50 Employees - Active on Social Media - Based in Leicester - Less than 10 Employees - LinkedIn 9 Followers - No other Social channels - Based in Burnham - 11-50 Employees - LinkedIn 41 followers - No other social channel Their Challenge: Their main competitors (Auroch Digital) have launched a YouTube web tv series and have overtaken them as the lead games consultancy in the UK. Tenshi need to react to this Their Challenge: Competition is high. They spent funds on new website but it has had limited effect on sales. Their Challenge: Sales are falling and customer retention is low. They are looking for digital solutions The Reason: The Reason: They are not utilising social media. The UX of their ‘Instant Quote’ page is very poor, and is not optimised for mobile. The Reason: They don’t have a social media profile, no clear branding, weak business message. Solutions: High production videos, highlighting brand, case studies, and engagement with the games design community Solutions: Bulb can offer a strategy targeting potential customers and develop content distributed through social media. Drive traffic to the site through paid search and optimised landing page Solutions: Bulb can deliver a branding and awareness campaign which will help organic search, reinforce the brand message and generate leads
  7. 7. LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube
  8. 8. LINKEDIN LinkedIn as a social sharing tool boost business reputation and 70.6% of LinkedIn users are checking profiles for target leads. The State of the Agency Report 2011
  9. 9. YOUTUBE 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI (eMarketer, 2013) 76% of UK marketers use video as a marketing tool and this number is growing rapidly. 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Content (DMA UK. 2014)
  10. 10. FACEBOOK Facebook usage as a B2B channel has increased by 54% (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs, 2015) 89% of UK marketers use Twitter to distribute content with 75% effectiveness rating (Content Marketing Institute/DMA UK, 2015) TWITTER
  11. 11. Video Web Series Playlist: Digital Innovation Series 1.   The Importance of User Experience in Digital 2.   Using Video and Animation for ROI Success 3.   Web and App Development and How It’s Changing The World Bulb Digital Innovation E-Book for SME’s Blog / Bulb Guide Industry Insights, Hints and Tips, How-to Guide Articles, Video, Infographic, Lists LANDING PAGE - CRM (Enter details for E-Book) - Contact Us for Healthcheck of your Digital Assets - Blog / Guide DELIVERABLESCONCEPT Digital Innovation Guide Infographic List of industry insights, digital innovation guide THE POWER OF THREE - SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Optimised content marketing at the heart of it. The power of 3 guides the experience THOUGHT LEADERSHIP builds customer retention and customer relations presented by the clients as a leader in the digital agency.
  12. 12. ENGAGING CONTENT GUIDELINES _____ The content should bring attention to key areas of Bulb’s brand: - Bulb Studios case studies - Bulb Studios technical skills - Working with high profile brands - Willingness to help SME’s and Start-ups - Desire to give knowledge freely - Professionalism of brand Content must highlight key issues that face businesses, which include (but not limited to): - Conversion - Registrations - Fewer abandon - Decrease training - More traffic - Save development time
  13. 13. VIDEO MOOD BOARD 90% of consumers say that seeing a video about a product/service is helpful in the decision process (Insivia, 2012)
  17. 17. Tech-based SME’s are predominantly on LinkedIn as the biggest industries with the highest concentration worldwide are: High Tech (14.3%), Finance (12.4%) and Manufacturing (10.1%) - (LinkedIn, 2012) 0 4 8 12 16 Finance Manufacturing Technology WHO IS USING LINKEDIN?
  18. 18. HubSpot drove 400% more leads within their target audience than lead generation efforts on other platforms. Bislr drove 3x the click-to-conversion rate seen on other social channels, and lowered cost per lead. 70% of clicks from Sponsored Updates will come from mobile. HootSuite saw 15% conversion rate from click-to- lead and 32% lower cost per form-fill compared to other paid channels. DRIVING LEADS WITH LINKEDIN
  19. 19. LANDING PAGE
  20. 20. BLOG 86% of UK marketers use blog with 63% of effectiveness rate (Content Marketing Institute/DMA UK, 2015)
  21. 21. CRM