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Corson's oct 2013 newsletter

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Publicado en: Meditación, Salud y medicina
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Corson's oct 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. VOLUME 7 ISSUE Insight News 10 October 2013 Corson’s Concepts Northern Niassa Province & Lichinga Tete Selva Nampula Manica Gurúè Mussacumbira Nhamazara Chimoio Nhamazara 90 km Selva 40 km Manica 80 km GMM farm 60 km Lichinga 1500 km Villages by Lake Niassa 1800 km Nampula 1100 km Mailing Address Change: PO Box 2937, Mills, WY 82644 Insight Resources International, Inc. Copyright © 2013 Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time It is always a privilege to share with our supporter / partners each month. This month is no exception. 2013 has been a year of development and growth in the Lord and in his work for the Staff of IRI. With that growth we have added new faces from around the world. I want to take this time to introduce you to our newest board member, Kitty Ho of Hong Kong. Kitty attended our seminar and coaching workshop in Batangas, Philippines. Her background is in education so she immediately saw a purpose in the insight material. She also saw the need for the principles and concepts in her own cultural environment. Her insight into these newly developed principles and insights is unique to say the least. So I have asked her to share with you so you might get to know this distinguished woman of God and understand how ABC thinking styles have effect her walk with Christ. Al. “Emotional reactions are powerful – and dangerous.” (Cook, 2008). Recently, we have witnessed heightened social tensions in Hong Kong owing to the use of more “radical means” by some protesters to show their discontent with the government. A peaceful march may sometimes result in violent incidents. It’s easy to identify emotional-driven behaviours but more difficult to be aware of B-focus behaviours i.e. thinking in concrete particulars. While some political parties and pressure groups are fighting hard for “genuine” universal suffrage for the Hong Kong Chief Executive election of 2017, I personally believe that learning & keeping a democratic ethos should be far more important in our democratic development. Democracy and universal suffrage are interesting issues in Hong Kong because the territory has never truly been an independent state. Perhaps some may disagree but I always have these questions - Are we truly ready for universal suffrage? How do we understand the real meaning of democracy? Though democracy has gradually become one of the core values of most developed countries, is it a solution for all political & social problems? A critical mind is vital for knowing what is right or wrong so that we can make the right choice and do the right thing. Towards this end, it would be necessary for us to go through a transformation of mind first. Insight Seminar is one possible and effective way to help people make deep-level changes in their beliefs, values, attitudes and ways of reasoning. When looking back at me, it seems everything is relational! Being one of the part-time trainers in an educational organization, I have the ability to obtain some training opportunities for introducing the ABC concepts whenever appropriate. To start with, a taster program was provided to middle management staff in three of the schools that I’ve been providing support this summer. A 4-day follow-up training will be provided to some teachers in the coming months. Initially, we’re planning to offer a 2-day pilot workshop for member schools next year and, hopefully, more follow-up programs thereafter. Also, we have contacted two nongovernmental organizations earlier to pave way for future training so that similar program activities can be extended to social welfare sector at a later stage. Now my friend Dorothy and I are translating Dr. Stuart Cook’s book ‘The Thought That Counts’ into Chinese. She sometimes doubts if there are any people who are interested in reading the book. To me, we are only small pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle and who knows how God will make use of us in His Great Plan! Turning into the new millennium, the world has been changing fast and, with
  2. 2. Corson’s Concepts cont. Mission Activities Fall Semester at Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln Illinois—Jason teaching as Missionary in Residence the powerful effects of globalization, new ideas and values can spread from one country to another more easily. I believe we have a part to play regardless how small it is. Previously, we brought people back to churches for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, we may have to bring Christian influence into areas that we cannot normally reach with conventional churches through some other options. Having said that, I have to admit this is tough and never ending work but the following description has always encouraged me: During World War II, a very determined-looking lady was seen marching down the street with a fireplace poker in her hand. When asked what she had in mind, she said that she was “going to the front!” Did she think that she could accomplish very much, just one woman with a poker? “Maybe not,” was her reply, “but at least they’ll know which side I’m on!” (Cook, 2011) November- ICOM in Kansas City, MO booth 1526 We are now scheduling for speaking engagements starting in January. Please contact us for Dates and times. We would love to speak with you and/ or your missions committees. Kitty Ho, IRI Board Member from Hong Kong Our PayPal button on our website is now working again. Donations may now be received at: m Page 2 Application is the best way for developing any new knowledge or skills. To share with people how ABC thinking has helped me in my life would be more convincing than simply teacher-based instruction. Honestly, I’m still at the early stages of learning. What I can tell is that I have a much stronger sense of direction and purpose in terms of what I’m trying to achieve in my life. At the time when I resigned from the Education Bureau in 2006, I thought, as a Christian, I should do something ‘good’ for my church but actually I had no idea what it was. The outcome was strong tensions with my church – a lot of conflicts, frustration and misunderstanding, mainly due to lack of communication. Most important of all, I was not yet ready for change! To cut a long story short, I’m able to develop a clear and coherent direction and purpose this time – involving more analysing, observing, questioning and so on. Understanding my limitations is a vital part of developing tools for growth and increased success – for taking more effective control. Such clarity makes it easier for me to set priorities that are associated with that direction. To take one example, building up personal relationships is my strength but also my weakness when conflicts arise. Again, the more questions I raise, the wider gap I may have with my church because we think differently on some specific issues. Being a member of my church, I need to emphasize that it doesn’t mean I don’t love my church. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eyes?” (Matthew 7:3) Self-reflection always comes first or goes with my criticism of church. On the other hand, a healthy church should collect views from people with different perspectives – that’s what my church elder said. Even so, sometimes there is no absolute right or wrong but the relationship can be hampered or damaged if you don’t deal with such negative feelings as soon as possible. This time thank God that I talked to a church elder before things went worse. We had a very sincere conversation about our thoughts and feelings. We still have different views on some issues but at least we understand each other’s concern. Another challenge is to tackle my “unsubstantiated fear” of the dark or ghosts. Some Christian friends queried why I should fear, but why not. I come from a traditional Chinese family. Ancestor I.R.I. Office: important in Chinese culture. It is believed that the deceased ancestors would  worship is very(307)-277-4639 turn into guardian spirits who can bring prosperity, health and good luck to a family. When I was Email: young, a President: Al Corson Email: was kept at home. That’s not funny – incense burning with large Chinese ancestor altar  I.R.I twoI.R.I. Secretary: bulbs shining in (307) 277-4639soul tablets at the altar. It’s much more scary small red light Velma Corson front of some  when you saw them late in the evening! At the age of four or five, I slept with my siblings in a Email: bunk bed. My eldest sister liked hanging her head upside down on the upper deck. Just imagine  Insight Seminars:with the Nichols covering with long hair, swinging to the right and left, sneerJason - (307)269-0145 what I saw – a head face all & Vice-President Email: ing in the darkness! So, up till now, I have the trouble staying alone overnight even at home. Actually,I.R.I. never seen a ghost before but my fear is real. If I can overcome the fear, I would be able I’ve Promotions: Jack Harper - (918)355-5523  to tell my brother who2631 has the same problem – the OK 74012 also E. Albany #A, Broken Arrow, two youngest kids in the family who had Email:  Donate with and
  3. 3. Page 3 Financial Partners been frightened by their eldest sister! May God give me the wisdom and strength for preparing me to face all challenges ahead! Please send your donations to: Kitty from Hong Kong Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644 Vehicle Fund We are working to match the $20,000 donation making it $40,000. Please help us with an extra gift towards the vehicle.   The car fund is growing! We are over 1/2 way to the 60 K. 60 K 50 K 40 K 30 K 20 K 10 K The Truck fund will continue due to Al having to come home early. We will have to wait until he returns to Mozambique to purchase so the fund will remain open for donations. Research has shown us that to obtain a good quality vehicle we will need closer to $60000 Visit us on the web at Insight Resources International PO Box 2937 Mills, WY 82644
  4. 4. Prayer Partners Please pray for Al and Jason as they teach others. Please Pray for these Things: PAGE 4  Please continue to pray for the growth of those in Hong Kong, Philippines, Myanmar, and Mozambique.  Pray for increased funding to continue the work in Mozambique and other countries to which we have been called. The greatest thing that you can do for Insight Resources International is to actively pray. We believe that Prayer is the cornerstone of this ministry and without it we cannot stand against Satan’s attacks.  Pray for Leonard, Jose’, George, and Titu as the Country of Mozambique is in Political Unrest. Get our Newsletter via Email To get our newsletter via email please email with your information. The newsletters is mailed from Please put this in your approved list. Please notify us of any address changes so you do not miss receiving our newsletters. Growing Human Potential One Worldview at a Time    Insight Seminars: Jason Nichols - (307)269-0145 & Vice-President Email: I.R.I President: Al Corson Email: Email: I.R.I. Secretary: Velma Corson (307) 277-4639 Contact Us: I.R.I. Office: (307)-277-4639 PO Box 1030 Torrington, WY 82240 Insight Resources International, Inc. Email: