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Social commerce slideshare

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Underlined Social Commerce offers social media community solutions with high engagement by leveraging sport & sponsoring possibilities.

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Social commerce slideshare

  1. 1. Short Introduction
  2. 2. Social Media; UnderlinedSocial media arena: Reputation management Community management Loyalty and Commerce
  3. 3. Consumer -> ProsumerOur promise: Activate consumers on Facebook and gain: Being there Get Involved Connect! Actionable insight of your promoters Fanpage Likes Opt-ins Measurable results and tracking for friend network participation and conversion to sales Continuous dialogue with your Facebook Friends
  4. 4. Loyalty and CommerceGet/Engage Capture Activate Convert/Maintain Customer database Your promise to your fans: Fan: - Light content, games and fun - Talks about the brand - Previews, early warnings - Likes, Reacts and shares your - Priority brand message - Exclusive deals - Is known in your database - Participates in your promotions - Buys your products - Provides Social Lift
  5. 5. Integrated multi-channelCustome rdatabase
  6. 6. Whitefire: Create, engage & measure Social Social SocialCampaign Coupon Contest Engine Engine Engine Enterprise Platform: 1 The Whitefire Social platform creates campaigns which can include couponing, contests, content management, social CRM and mobile API’s Platform Agnostic: The Whitefire Social platform is social system agnostic, it can use and 2 measure all media distribution systems to maximize campaign reach Optimize Marketing Reach: 3 While Whitefire Social is maximizing social reach and the marketing impact of our client brands it tracks all of the influencers that interact with the campaign Track Economic Impact: • Track individual Mavens that interact with the campaign 4 • Measure & track social reach • Measure & track actual activity associated with campaign • Provide analytics for future campaign improvement
  7. 7. Whitefire: Active social intelligenceDeep Social Insights on Campaigns• API connects to any social media engine• API augments any passive listening analytics• Monitor social activity & response• Identify channels providing conversion• Access KPIs and real-time analytics to optimize social activity• Determine social brand influencers• Determine best sharing channel• See which campaign has the best opt-in ratesTop Brand Influencers• Determine social brand influencers• Determine the impact of the top influencers• Enable social influencers and their networks• Deepen relationships with existing customers• Reward brand advocates
  8. 8. Underlined Social CommerceWe establish measurable impact on social mediachannels, creating loyalty and new revenue channels.Our concepts are based on simple and proven techniquesin social media and are supported by a state-of-the-artsocial business intelligence platform.Our team consists of: Community Marketers Community Managers Creative design Facebook implementation and support specialistsWe are your partner in sports, entertainment and retail fornew media!
  9. 9. Our PartnersWhitefire Social; European partner and local instance running for all Social EngagementSolutions of Whitefire in EuropeGet Tickets: full ticketing solution for all kind of events, integrated with Whitefire and mobile,including payments.Commercial.TV: full service production company for high-end video production and streamingthroughout Europe.Releaze is a leading global mobile solutions company offering measurable digital impactthrough social media and cross-digital platforms.Xeative Entertainment: gaming solutions for mobile and social mediaViceVerca: High-end digital FAN content and collectables for soccer clubs.
  10. 10. Euro and Olympics promotions
  11. 11. Whitefire Social is e.g. used by:
  12. 12.