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Advocating for Lean Practices

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Slides Nis Frome recently used in his discussion w/ mentees of The Product Mentor.

Synopsis: How to align lean methodologies with various (and often competing) stakeholder objectives.

The Product Mentor is a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the World, across all industries, from start-up to enterprise, guided by the fundamental goals…Better Decisions. Better Products. Better Product People.

Throughout the program, each mentor leads a conversation in an area of their expertise that is live streamed and available to both mentee and the broader product community.

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Advocating for Lean Practices

  1. 1. Be a lean advocate so that your org ships better products faster. by nis frome
  2. 2. Nis Frome Enabling product teams to test and learn what users want. Co-founder & Content Lead at Alpha // @nisfrome product content 2 This Is Product Management about me
  3. 3. objective The goal is to move further along the spectrum. 3 It’s a revolution of baby steps.
  4. 4. challenge 4 The status quo can feel unbreakable when colleagues are incentivized not to take their lean medicine.
  5. 5. solution 5 Find the right situations to take initiatives and get easy wins.
  6. 6. assessment 6 When it comes to lean, where is there room to improve? Education Capabilities Examples
  7. 7. education: messaging 7 First, focus on messaging. Aspirations Adaptations Product Experiment Customer Target demographic Guarantee Likelihood Continuous Here and there
  8. 8. education: alignment 8 Then, focus on alignment. A handy guide: make-your-team-love-experimenting/
  9. 9. capabilities 9 Pick a tool, any tool! Design sprints Happy hours Surveys Interviews Prototypes Analytics
  10. 10. examples 1 Get your Double Stuf Oreo stories lined up.
  11. 11. advocate 1 Make lean sexy. Sizzle reel ROI Socialize
  12. 12. case studies 1 “Bring the customer to life.”
  13. 13. your turn 1 Identify opportunities to apply lean methodologies within your company, and champion the successes to advocate for wider adoption.