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Promoting Health and Well-being for Cancer Prevention | Sylvia Mudie

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Sylvia Mudie's presentation at the SCPN Conference, Wednesday 4th February 2015.

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Promoting Health and Well-being for Cancer Prevention | Sylvia Mudie

  1. 1. NHS Tayside Staff Physical Activity Initiatives Sylvia Mudie, HWL Adviser/ SHPO, NHS Tayside
  2. 2. Annual Challenges
  3. 3. Feedback  “Looking forward to the next one. Can I thank you for running the scheme. It has been an eye opener as to how inactive I’ve been.”  “I’m still wearing my pedometer and gradually and effectively increasing my activity levels. It has been fantastic, thank you.”  “Interestingly I walk a lot more on the days that I’m at work compared with the days I’m at home with the kids so that has been a useful thing to find out. I also feel it is a really good motivator – it is nice to have a target to reach as an incentive.”
  4. 4. Summer Walks and Picnics
  5. 5. Ninewells Arboretum
  6. 6. 2008 2011 2014 16% 28.2% 47.2% Self Reported Activity Levels  “How much time do you spend on moderate physical activity per day” > 30 minutes
  7. 7. This Year’s Programme  Walk the Southern Upland Way Challenge  Travel Survey  Launch of Ramblers Medal Routes  Summer Walks and Picnics  Cycle to Work Salary Sacrifice Scheme  Launch of Pool Bikes  Essential Cycle Skills training  Cycle Maintenance Session  Cycle to Work Day
  8. 8. Thank You Thank You