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  1. 1. Leaf Medium builds tool to empower people to build spectacular websites and generate money. We make it easy to open an online store.Our clients have one of the best-looking and most optimal websites.Our Root Platform makes it possible to expand more functionalities to our clients. Our long term vision is to become the authority of web by categorizing the websites around the world and adding social to it.
  2. 2. The Problem - Its Hard to Build a WebsiteIts hard to get started. In fact, its so hard that our competitors even get it wrong.You need a lot of knowledge to build a successful website. You can hire a developer, designer, and social media manager but its expensive. There are so many obsolete and not complete tools that doesnt fulfill clients needs.
  3. 3. Our CompetitorsWeb publishing EcommerceSquarespace Series A $38.5M VolusionGood product but hard to use. Customers Lots of cool things. Complex. Toohave to memorize 4 different modes to much overload. Server slow.edit. Shopify Series B $22MWix Series D $58.5M Great product but is outdated. LackFlash product. things to put on page.Jimdo IntuitHas become the spam of websites. No longer updated. Broken. DoesntHorrible signup process and cant login. work.Webs Sold to Vistaprint $118.5M Yahoo StoresBad interface. Not easy. No more new Out of it time. A piece that shoulddevelopment. belong in a museum.
  4. 4. Our Competitors are Obsolete and BrokenIm sorry. Its not the 1990s anymore. Why dont they fix it?Some of our competitors are so bad that you have to hire a developer in order to get anything started. On top of that you end up paying $50/month. Some ofour competitors dont state that you have to go get your own merchant account which can cost you another $30/month.
  5. 5. The Fix - Keep It Simple StupidWe made it easy that even a 6 year-old can build a store and sell things. Our interface is straightforward, sexy, and clean. We try to not put too many buttons in front of you. Even our metrics look pretty. Through our platform, it is easy to update content and manage. Our ecommerce is the easiest to use.
  6. 6. Dont let our simplicity fool you. We pack a powerful punch. Underneath this simplicity areuseful blocks that make you feel like James Bond.
  7. 7. Our Secret SauceIts not a secret really. We have a great product. People like it. They pay us.But if you insist, our technology is second to none. We utilize Node.js, built servers that auto-replicate todemand, cache, and tweak some database shardings meaning our stuff scales! Our sales and support team are really, really good at what they do.
  8. 8. The RosterWill TranInventor. Worked at Twilio and Rootmusic. Stunt at IBM, IKEA, and Microsoftduring college. CTO at Yootee and Qikcom. Sold weCluck.Ben LewSocial Community OutreachAaron WhiteBiz DevVP at Jobspring PartnersVivian ChienFinancial DirectorPreviously at KPMPChristy LeungSupport DirectorSenior at Bloomingdale, Macy, and West America
  9. 9. Marketing Game PlanSocial media integration in product making it easier toshare page changes to friends.Have delegates go to every major conferences of anyindustries starting with web, restaurants, and hotels.Tour group that travels to all the small towns andeducate people how to build with our product.Month design contests.Web series called Website Nightmares.
  10. 10. FundraisingCurrent bootstrapping and have some revenue coming inSeeking $300K - $1M Seed FundingUse of Proceeds$200K-$500K - Hire 2 engineer. Need equipment. Supportstaff and office.$100K-$500K - Marketing campaigns. Conferences.Hackathons.GoalsEnter globally by end of 201225K clients by end of 2012