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Embedding Ethnography and UX at the University of York

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A talk at UXLibs IV from me and Michelle Blake about how we've truly embedded ethnography and design into our way of working.

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Embedding Ethnography and UX at the University of York

  1. 1. Embedding UX and Ethnography @michelle_blake @ned_potter
  2. 2. UX is moving to maturity No longer misinterpreted as a fad, UX is becoming part of a Business As Usual culture at Libraries across the world.
  3. 3. Major UX Projects at York: 2015 - 2018 UXLibs I Summer UX PGRUX Understanding Academics UX Space First UX project Coming up next… Understanding Faculties At York we do at least one major UX-led project each year, as well as using ethnographic and design techniques in other projects
  4. 4. So how do you embed UX? Steering & Strategy Training & Support Proliferate UX techniques Dissemination
  5. 5. Steering and Strategy We’ve created a UX Steering Group (which includes a UX Book Club) to help guide our activities, and aimed to embed UX techniques not just in to our way of working, but into the Library Strategy.
  6. 6. Generic and specialist sessions, inside and outside the Library We’ve created a UX Toolkit that can be used by any interested staff. It contains guidance, examples, consent forms, presentations, reports etc We’re training other Departments across the University in the use of the techniques
  7. 7. Proliferate UX techniques (feeding into wider projects) YorSearch Use of Space Site Planning Academic Achievement Inclusivity Policy Where appropriate we’ve used particular UX methodologies as a small part of wider projects
  8. 8. We’ve taken a strategic approach to dissemination, trying to reach specialist and non-specialist, as well as library and non-library, audiences [internal] [library industry] [Lib UX Community] [Specialists] [Outside HE] [Anyone]
  9. 9. A strategic approach to dissemination [internal] [library industry] [Lib UX Community] [Specialists] [Outside HE] [Anyone]
  10. 10. A path toward embedding UX 5 top tips
  11. 11. UX isn’t a silo. Link it to the aims of your existing strategy.
  12. 12. Repeat after me: UX is not cool The sooner everyone stops framing UX as a hip new thing, the better. UX is a suite of useful tools that enable us to better know our users and improve our services for them. Nothing about that is faddish.
  13. 13. The more you tell the world about your UX activities, the greater the appreciation inside your own organisation. Get out there and shout about your successes and failures!
  14. 14. Time is so important for UX Investing time in staff Time for training Time to keep up to date Time for each project Time to analyse results Time to act on the data
  15. 15. You get more impact from quality than you do from quantity
  16. 16. You get more impact from quality than you do from quantity UX truly takes root not because you do it all the time, but because when you do it you make a genuine impact, you truly learn, and things change as a result.
  17. 17. @michelle_blake @ned_potter Lots more on our UX at CC0 images, sourced from Pexels, Pixabay and Gratisography