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Design and Emotion presentation

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Presentation that I gave at the Design and Emotion 2008 conference in Hong Kong. May be hard to understand from the slides alone... I'll try to add speech when I can. Content was from my thesis paper that I wrote for my Master of Interaction Design degree at Carnegie Mellon University. More info can be found on my website at

Design and Emotion presentation

  1. from stravinsky to starbucks carrie chan, bruce hanington and shelley evenson carnegie mellon university design and emotion 2008
  2. think of the last time you had a bad service experience.
  3. services are both intangible and tangible. © Flickr Thomås Lu ~ 5th & 6th in Milan
  4. they rely on co-creation.
  5. design + services?
  6. services are like performances...
  7. similar to a ballet... © Flickr Julian-Martin
  8. or a choreographed event... ©
  9. or an orchestra concert. © Flickr
  10. 1: services as performance
  11. music exists as a complete system. © Flickr
  12. first impressions count. © Flickr
  13. styles matter. © Flickr
  14. styles matter. © Flickr
  15. 2: music and service roles
  16. the composer
  17. = service designer?
  18. the composer
  19. gives shape to ideas the composer
  20. gives shape to ideas master of elements the composer
  21. the performer
  22. = frontline employee
  23. the performer
  24. gives movement to static ideas the performer
  25. gives movement to static ideas executes & interprets the performer
  26. the listener
  27. = customer
  28. the listener
  29. four stages of listening the listener
  30. four stages of listening hearing the listener
  31. four stages of listening hearing enjoying the listener
  32. four stages of listening hearing enjoying understanding the listener
  33. four stages of listening hearing enjoying understanding discriminating the listener
  34. 3: music and service tools
  35. PHYSICAL bedside hub nurse’s bedside hub hallwa EVIDENCE nurse’s station station palm pilot display displays dooside display stockroom display PATIENT request leg sees that request request acknowledgement is shown ACTIONS service blueprinting exerciser on hub has been broadcast wait on bedside hub wait line of interaction ONSTAGE CONTACT PERSON line of visibility BACKSTAGE nurse sees nurse CONTACT request on storag PERSON nurse’s station display, presses request on screen line of internal interaction SUPPORT request is request is request status PROCESS displayed in all put onto the is changed on displays on the nurse’s palm all displays to ward’s floor pilot (by elec. indicate nurse’s ID tag) acknowledgem’t
  36. how can we come up with a new service design language?
  37. can we learn from the way music creates emotion?
  38. what can we learn from other fields?
  39. services will always exist as a major part of our economy.
  40. it is up to us to create service experiences that exceed customer expectations.
  41. imagine if every service experience you had was a great one!
  42. thanks.
  43. thanks. carrie chan / design and emotion 2008