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Moderated Remote User Testing

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How we do: setup, recruiting, recording, documentation

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Moderated Remote User Testing

  2. 2. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX ABOUT MYSELF ▸ Co-Founder of 2 startups ( and ▸ Co-Initiator of UXcamp Europe ▸ Teaching UX at Miami AD School, Berlin ▸ Currently, working in product innovation at HRS Innovation Hub in Berlin
  3. 3. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX OUR GOALS ▸ Understand the needs of frequent business travellers ▸ Evaluate our concept for a smartphone app ▸ Not to influence participants by existing brand image ▸ Not to get slowed down by corporate craziness
  4. 4. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX THE TESTS THAT WE DID ▸ Unstructured user interviews at a conference / at an airport ▸ Remote user interviews ▸ Remote user tests with InVision prototype ▸ Remote user tests with Typeform prototype ▸ Usually with 5 people a 45 minutes
  5. 5. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX THE PROTOTYPES ▸ Sketch + InVision ▸ Typeform + additional website ▸ Anything that can easily be viewed in a browser ▸ Share the link during the test session
  6. 6. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX OUR TEST SETUP ▸ 45 minutes per session ▸ 5 sessions in one iteration (on one day) ▸ Skype screen sharing ▸ Silverback for recording (free of charge, if their logo is ok on the videos) ▸ Laptop mirrored on TV-Screen for observing
  7. 7. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX NOTE-TAKING ▸ 1-2 note-taker from my team per session ▸ Color-coded (Super Sticky) Post-its for each observation ▸ Pentel Sign Pens: don’t smear + readable on photos ▸ Number of test session written on Post-its to identify duplicates ▸ Big wall space for gathering and clustering observations ▸ With whole team: story telling and reviewing of clusters
  8. 8. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX RECRUITING PARTICIPANTS ▸ Do you already have customers / website visitors? ➡ Intercept your customers and ask to participate, e.g. ▸ Otherwise ➡ Recruit via agency, e.g.
  9. 9. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX RECRUITING VIA TESTINGTIME.COM ▸ Get candidates within 48h ▸ Order candidates completely online ▸ Costs: 300-400 € for 5 remote candidates for 45 minute sessions ▸ Have awesome customer service available if necessary
  10. 10. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX INTERCEPT VIA ETHN.IO ▸ After users booked a hotel, we show them this: ▸ People answer screener questions and can arrange a time slot for the phone call ▸ We have to segment our users and show the screener, everything else is managed by
  11. 11. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX DOCUMENTATION ▸ One Wiki page per test day with ▸ Interview questions ▸ Screenshots / screenvideo of the prototype that was tested ▸ Candidate details from TestingTime dashboard ▸ Photos of clustered Post-its ▸ List of key findings as they were gathered with the team
  12. 12. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS ▸ Mark highlight sections in Silverback ▸ Export highlights to .mp4 ▸ Import each highlight video in iMovie ▸ Cut and append highlight videos ▸ Export and share single highlight video file
  13. 13. Volker Gersabeck - @thinkingUX ADVANTAGES OF REMOTE TESTING ▸ You can more easily hide, who you really are ▸ You can interview candidates from all over the world
 (if you have a good internet connection)