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Let’s get social

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A presentation on the rise of social media, it's use in marketing and implications about how brands can benefit from it.

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Let’s get social

  1. Let’s get social...<br />Thomas Miles & Victoria Curro, Planning Directors, Lavender*<br />Feb 2010<br />
  2. The headlines<br />According to Nielsen Australians are the most prolific users of social media in the world<br />In terms of reach, over 9.9 million Australians are engaging in social media each month<br />
  3. Average time spend (h:m:s) on social media each month:<br />Australia – 6:52:28<br />United States -6:09:13<br />United Kingdom – 6:07:54<br />Italy – 6:00:07<br />Spain – 5:30:55<br />Brazil – 4:33:10<br />Germany – 4:11:45<br />France – 4:04:39<br />Switzerland – 3:54:34<br />Japan – 2:50:21<br />
  4. The headlines<br />Globally social media’s usage was up 82% on the same time a year previously, with more than 300m social media users worldwide. <br />Facebook was the biggest driver, followed by Twitter<br />
  5. The headlines<br />Nearly 1/3 of all time spent online by Australians in October last year was on Facebook<br />In October alone, Australians uploaded<br />80 million pictures<br />32 million wall posts<br />45 million status updates<br />
  6. so what?<br />
  7. “A surprising conclusion: ... the most valuable brands in the world are experiencing a direct correlation between top financial performance and deep social media engagement.”<br />“The world’s most valuable brands. Who’s most engaged?”Wetpaint and Altimeter<br />
  8. A brands website has been the single biggest ”online” focus for 99% of businesses over the last 10 years<br />…however some of the biggest brands, websites and portals have been losing unique visitors hand over fist for the last 3 years<br />
  9. how to?<br />
  10. There are services that exist today that can mine data on Facebook to help marketers profile prospects.<br />Source: Brian Solis, Defining the convergence of media and influence<br />
  11. participation planning<br />
  12. LISTENING“monitor customer conversations with each other to seek marketing, product dev insights, consumer insights”<br />
  13. TALKING“talk with the community as commentator or creator via social media channels e.g. Twitter, forums, blogs, podcasts” <br />
  14. ENERGISING“make it possible for customers to customise, share, remix your message” <br />
  15. EMBRACING“help customers work with each other to develop ideas, to improve products etc ”<br />