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Leadership & Collaboration - Thriving in a VUCA World

VUCA Stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and often used to describe the new normal of today's business environment. The CPA Vision Project in 1998 identified many of these changes - this presentation talks about "now what"?

What changes to leadership and strategy have come from this VUCA world and what are accounting and finance leaders supposed to do. Collaboration combined with new skills is the answer.

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Leadership & Collaboration - Thriving in a VUCA World

  1. Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA CEO Leadership & Collaboration Thriving in a VUCA World
  2. If Content is King, Context is the Kingdom!
  3. We  are  in  a  race…
  4. Gradual then Sudden! Exponential growth fueled by Technology (Moore’s Law)!
  5. 92% of CPAs are! NOT Future Ready!! Future Ready is the capacity to be aware, predictive, and adaptive of emerging challenges, tech innovations, and trends and changes in business, population, and social environment.! Source: CPA.COM 2014 CPA of the Future Study!
  6. The Shift Change 1. Leadership! 2. Learning! 3. Technology! 4. Generations! 5. Workplace!
  7. The challenge & opportunity is to make the shift from the first curve to the second curve at the right time and with the right strategy
  8. When millennials take over… •  Digital •  Clear •  Fluid •  Fast
  9. • Anticipating and reacting to the nature and speed of change. • Acting decisively without always having clear direction and certainty. • Navigating through complexity, chaos, and confusion. • Maintaining effectiveness despite constant surprises and a lack of predictability. Leading in aVUCA world
  10. ANTICIPATION   Strategic  Thinking   External  Awareness   Vision   Con9nuous  Learning   Innova9on   Crea9vity   Problem  Solving   Priori9za9on   Business  Acumen   Decisiveness   Influencing/Persuading   Emo9onal  Intelligence   Consensus  Building   Collabora9on   Inspira9on   Risk  Management   An9cipatory  Organiza9on:   Finance  /  Accoun9ng  Edi9on   CGMA Competency Framework
  11. CO-P
  12. The solution? Management by Sticky Notes #MBSN
  13. “In order to buy-in, people have to weigh-in.” - Pat Lencioni
  14. “None of us us as smart as all of us.” -Dr. Ken Blanchard
  15. The  collaboration curve  is  replacing   the  experience  curve   “The organizations that will become the household names of this century will be renowned for sustained, large-scale, efficient innovation. The key to that capability is neither company loyalty nor free- agent autonomy but, rather, a strong collaborative community.” HBR, July-August 2011
  16. Why? “We are moving from organizations well managed to networks well led.” - Jim Collins
  17. What is MBSN? Management by Sticky Notes
  18. How have we used it?
  19. MBSN Principles •  Wisdom of the crowd •  Participation and engagement •  Ideas are portable (sticky notes) •  Making your thinking visible to others •  Buy-in from co-creation
  20. Listen, Listen, Listen Participation, Participation, Participation •  Only one idea per stickie note •  Write big and neat with markers •  Ideal group size 6 – 8 people •  Pods of 30 – 40 people •  Process •  IndividualThinking and Writing (3 – 5 minutes) •  Small Group discussion and consensus (write top 3-5 best ideas on stickies per table) •  Big Group Synthesis and Agreement Facilitation Wikipedia - is any activity that makes tasks for others easy
  21. •  Participation rule – Be absent or present but not both! •  Share the air with each other •  Give the ideas time to live (they are fragile) •  Link and build •  Ground rules for consensus building •  Love it •  Like it •  Live with it (must have this or keep discussing or move on) Facilitation
  22. What about your introverts?
  23. What about these guys? Colleagues Against Virtually Everything!
  24. What we believe…