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Talent Management: Framework for design, implementation and improvement

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Here's a one page template for designing, implementing and improving talent management in large corporate organisations

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Talent Management: Framework for design, implementation and improvement

  1. 1. TA L E N T M A N A G E M E N T ON ONE PAGE
  2. 2. TA L E N T M A N A G E M E N T FRAMEWORK – TEMPLATE – ARCHITECTURE FOR DIAGNOSIS, IMPROVEMENT AND STANDARDISATION TALENT MANAGEMENT ON ONE PAGE: GUIDANCE This is an idealised Talent Management Framework for large corporate organisations. Once adapted and customized, it works as a template for prioritising, planning and implementing continuous improvement against the TM Executive Data Dashboard. PURPOSE PROVIDE THE HUMAN CAPABILITY REQUIRED TO SUCCESSFULLY EXECUTE THE ORGANISATION’S STRATEGY PRINCIPLES Business-led Global Standardised Scalable Automated Measured DEFINE SEARCH SELECT ENGAGE DEVELOP MOVE Define What You Need Search and Attract Identify and Select Engage and Retain Learn and Develop Appoint and Promote External employer branding/EVP Sources of talent Candidate awareness Employer attractiveness Targeted search for key talent Numbers of applications Handling applications Short lists Interview process Assessment & testing Decisions and offers Appointments and contracting Internal employer branding/EVP All inclusive TM Selective talent pools Nomination & selection. Entry & exit Visibility & exposure Incremental development Selective mentoring Leadership model Functional expertise Role profiles Learning pathways Individualized plans 70/20/10 principles Stretch assignments Feedback & coaching Manager-led learning Corporate programs Performance support Performance review Potential rating 9 box grid Calibration process Succession plans HR talent forum Executive decisions Managed job moves for performance and development TALENT GAP NEXT 3 YEARS EMPLOYER ATTRACTIVENESS COST & TIME TO CLOSE PIPELINE HEALTH: ENGAGEMENT PIPELINE HEALTH: CAPABILITY PIPELINE HEALTH: PRODUCTIVITY TALENT GAP EVP STRENGTH EXTERNAL COST INTENT TO STAY READINESS RATING % INT : EXT APPTS PROCESS STANDARDISED TOOLS, TEMPLATES AND ACTIVITIES DATA & ANALYTICS Strategy implications Critical roles for TM Generic role profiles Leadership model Functional expertise No.s required: • By business • By level • By region & location 3 year talent ‘gap’ TM EXECUTIVE DATA DASHBOARD TM REVIEWS TECHNOLOGIES Copyright © Tim Coburn 2013 TM Executive Data Dashboard shows impact on business performance and engages leadership support Integrated PM, TM and LM systems - Social media - Mobile learning - Performance support tools Talent Management Framework, Tim Coburn, October 2013