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Ga tips and tricks London Measurecamp

Google Analytics Tips and Tricks as presented at London Measurecamp September 22nd 2012

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Ga tips and tricks London Measurecamp

  1. 1. GA Tips and TricksLondon MeasureCamp September 2012
  2. 2. Coming up:Quick Tips • profiles & filters • dashboards & reports • various • sharing resourcesCustom Variables • ideasCustom Tracking • ideas • more ideas • extreme custom trackingUsing GA data • API and moreoutside GAContent Experiments • tips
  3. 3. Quick Tips: profiles and filters Custom Tracking Ideas Calibrate GA Capture additional device and browser information in Always have a raw profile GA by adding the user agent string to an event. Filters: group search terms into categories then Record details when a visitor looks at products which populate campaign dimension with category names are out of stock Use data hygiene filters Use server-side tracking to invisibly send sensitive or additional e-commerce transaction data. Consider using a summarised search and navigation profile Track error messages and configure as goals Filter out bots by ISP Use events for tracking on-site promotions and campaignsQuick Tips: dashboards and reports Use Ecommerce Tracking to Qualify Leads (and Use multiple versions of the same widget anything else) Combine dashboards with custom reports Content Reading - track where people have read to Take another look at Reverse Goal Path report Tracking scrolling single page websites using virtual Keep an eye on conversion rates by browser version pageviews on HTML elements Use annotations! Testing tagging changes with greasemonkey Try the latest interface tweaks Extreme custom trackingCustom Variable Ideas Use GA as a central place to store non-website data to allow comparison with website data Logged-in users Now OK to use a visitor ID (Offer incentives to log in) Behavioural targeting and m/v test groups Use custom vars for attribution Use GA date outside of GA (API tips) Shopping basket contents Use the Data Feed Query Explorer to perform a Pareto analysis of product sales by ABC class andContent Experiments look for anomalies. Avoid the bug in Google Content Experiments with Use GA data in MySQL subdomains Use Google Spreadsheets API integration Experiments on sitewide content - testing headers and footers
  4. 4. Quick Tips: profiles and filtersCalibrate GA Running a large scale production site? Need to Doug Hall *KNOW* that your GA data is correct? This technique will enable you to measure and precision and accuracy of GA and confirm your data is solid.Always have a raw profile And always have a spare profile as well! Tim L-B (And make sure you have a spare admin log in too)Filters: group search terms into Using profile filters and regex, organic and paid search Petercategories then populate terms can be grouped into categories. These can be ONeillcampaign dimension with as simple as brand & generic but also more extensivecategory names e.g. product types. The category names are populated into the campaign dimension allowing for easy investigations in GAUse data hygiene filters e.g lowercase URI; use regex search and replace Tim L-B filter not default page to fix canonical home page;Consider using a summarised Use filters to summarise all keywords into Brand and Tim L-Bsearch and navigation profile Generic and all page groups into e.g aCategoryPage, aSubCategoryPage, aProductPage (but now easier and easier to do in standard reporting anyway).
  5. 5. Quick Tips: profiles and filtersFilter out bots by ISP If you dont know the IP numbers, try using "ISP organization" instead. Starting point: ^(global crossing|psinet uk dedicated hosting|cable & wireless uk p.u.c.|compuware corporation)$
  6. 6. Quick Tips: dashboards & reportsUse multiple versions of the Filter them so that each one shows different data for Tim L-Bsame widget visual comparisonCombine dashboards with Create a task-based closed environment with Tim L-Bcustom reports everything each person needs by linking from dashboards to custom reportsTake another look at Reverse Useful exportable table view of most common routes Tim L-BGoal Path report to unpredictable goals (eg errors, but maybe also add to cart)Keep an eye on conversion Auto-updates sometimes introduce problems. Works Tim L-Brates by browser version well if you have micro conversion rates and funnel abandon rates.
  7. 7. Quick Tips: variousUse annotations! Annotations are a great way to add event driven James information to GA reports. For example, you can add Gurd an annotation for an offline marketing campaign, or for a major market event, so you can evaluate the impact of these events on KPIs. This helps with trend analysis and data interpretation.Try the latest interface tweaks Shortcuts; compare to previous year Tim L-B
  8. 8. Quick Tips: sharing resourcesGood online resources for GA You can share dashboards, custom reports and Doug Hallsegments, reports and advanced segments so SHARE THEM!
  9. 9. Custom Variable IdeasLogged-in users If you have a login on your site (or just a purchase Russell funnel where you have a confirmation page) you can McAthy setup a custom segment to look at the behaviour or people who are logged in / previously purchased and @therustybear compare against new visitors - or not logged in users.Now OK to use a visitor ID GA terms changed in some countries. Now OK to store Tim(in some countries) an anonymous ID number, which YOU could link to user off-line, as long as Google (or anyone else) could not use it. But check local ToS for your country.(Offer incentives to log in) Classic ecommerce example: make perpetual carts Tim and wish-lists available on multiple devicesBehavioural targeting and Each time you implement a 3rd party system for e.g Timm/v test groups m/v testing, behavioural targeting, merchandising etc, insist that they send at least some clue to GAGreat big list from Matt Matt ClarkeClarke
  10. 10. Custom Variable IdeasUse custom vars for attribution Not everything in attribution is in the source, Gerry White sometimes its in the page itself - if you want to see if your blog posts are contributing to conversion you can use a custom var to see not only if people have visited in this session, but any session from the same computerShopping basket contents Can track unconsummated interest in your Michael Hayes products! michaelhayes (or consider using Events -- Matt Clarke)
  11. 11. Custom Tracking IdeasCapture additional device and Mattbrowser information in GA by Clarkeadding the user agent string toan event.Record details when a visitor Measure revenue lost to stock outs by firing events Mattlooks at products which are out when customers view products that are sold out. Set Clarkeof stock KPIs on % of customers who encounter stock outs and revenue loss per visit. server-side tracking to You can track profit, margin, discount, checkout Mattinvisibly send sensitive or method, latency, lifetime spend, total purchases and Clarkeadditional e-commerce more...transaction data.Track error messages Powerful way of improving usability and conversion: Tim L-B start by fixing the big pain pointsConfigure error messages as Use Insights Alerts to warn when conversion goes us. Tim L-Bgoals Check Insights detail reporting for clues on where extra errors are coming from
  12. 12. More Custom Tracking IdeasUse events for tracking on-site Mattpromotions and campaigns ClarkeUse Ecommerce Tracking to For any website that doesnt have "real ecommerce tracking" AndrewQualify Leads (and anything think about how best to abuse the ecommerce functionality to Hood capture relevant context (think of it like a supergoal that canelse) contain as many properties as you like). The end goal of a lot of websites is not a transaction, but a lead captured via a form. Often those forms contain various qualification selections (what product are you interested in, which region are you in, what is your companys turnover)... none of which are captured. Hence a big disconnect between lead quality (self evident from the form submissions) and traffic source/prior engagement. Bend the language of Ecommerce tracking, and on submission treat each drop-down option selection as a "product item" and the form completion itself as a "transaction". Then your "product reporting" becomes a lead segmentation/scoring report. No custom variable slots used up, and less messy than event tracking.
  13. 13. More Custom Tracking IdeasContent Reading - track where Using event tracking to monitor where on the page Russellpeople have read to people have scrolled down to is great for content McAthy based pages. You can see where people have got to the comments section etc. @therustybearTracking scrolling single page Single page websites are becoming more popular. Most of Drew Forsterwebsites using virtual these involve a long vertical or horizontal page, which is scrolled using the scrollbar/mousewheel. See some drew.forsterpageviews on HTML elements examples here: website-designs/ One of the issues is the ability to track which content was consumed by users. Adding standard GA code to your site will only allow you to track the top-level page. Some problems you will face: - How much of the element needs to be on screen to count as a pageview? - Does scrolling past one element to reach another cause a pageview? - How can we build the code to be reusable on other sites or updated easily when the content changes?
  14. 14. More Custom Tracking IdeasTesting tagging Ive been using greasemonkey to add or edit javascript tags on my Michaelchanges with browser, to test changes on client sites before I send them Hayesgreasemonkey through for implementation. michaelhayes Plus Im curious - has anyone else done this to test analytics @360- tags? Ive not found any mention online of people using the technique for this purpose.
  15. 15. Extreme custom tracking!Use GA as a central place to Mattstore non-website data to allow Clarkecomparison with website data Use event tracking to capture data on operational Matt issues (damages, returns, errors) and report on the Clarke revenue youre losing as a result. Analyse complaints and customer service issues by Matt attaching events to forms used to categorise/record Clarke problems on your e-commerce platform back-end. If youre event tracking related sets of data use the Matt label field to hold a primary key and reconnect the Clarke data using the API. Matt Clarke
  16. 16. Use GA data outside of GA (APItips)Use the Data Feed Query MattExplorer to perform a Pareto Clarkeanalysis of product sales byABC class and look foranomalies.Use GA data in MySQL I use the GA tracking code and MySQL to more Desmond accurately and efficiently attribute all of my companies multi-channel leads. Previously we were using an automated email form that read the GA tracking code to tell us what channel the lead had come from. From there we had someone manually inputting data into Act(our CRM platform). Now we have a CSV that we pull daily and upload to Act that automatically aggregates the leads into referred by columns based on the GA tracking code.Use Google Spreadsheets API Google Analytics Report Automation (magic) script. Tim L-Bintegration Instructions here:
  17. 17. Content ExperimentsAvoid the bug in Google The standard GCE control script is buggy. If you have Doug HallContent Experiments with more than one experiment running on a site that hassubdomains subdomains (think www and non www, or www and test) then your second (and third etc) experiments will all exhibit inconsistent variation behaviour - GAHH! Heres how to fix and avoid...Experiments on sitewide content Heres how to A/B test a header, footer or other site Doug Hall- testing headers and footers wide content in GCE - MVT in an A/B Framework