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Andrea monica

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Este trabajo ha sido realizado por un alumno del IES FRancés de Aranda de Teruel dentro del proyecto LEONARDO DA... JUEGO, desarrollado junto con el IES Salvador VIctoria de Monral del Campo en el curso 2012/2013

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Andrea monica

  1. 1. Made by: Mónica León & Andrea Ballestín
  2. 2.  Leonardo daVinci had a lot of jobs. He was born inVinci and died inAmboise at 67 yearsold. He lived during Renaissance period. After spending his childhood inVinci, Leonardo studied with the painter AndreaVerrocchio. His first works were created in Milan. He worked in Rome, Bologna andVenice.Vinci (Italy) Amboise (France)
  3. 3.  Leonardo’s two most famous works were the Mona Lisa andThe Last Supper. Only a few ofhis works are known because of his constant experimentation with new techniques. Leonardo developed a lot of ideas.Very few of his projects reached their constructionbecause technology wasn’t advanced. Leonardo made much progress in anatomy, civil​​engineering, optics and hydrodynamics.The last supper The Mona Lisa
  4. 4.  His best inventions throughout history :-Vitruvian Man-The self-propelled vehicle
  5. 5.  He began his studies in anatomy while he was learning with AndreaVerrocchio.Soon he performed numerous studies on muscles, tendons and other anatomicalfeatures. Working conditions were particularly bad in that century.They gave himpermission to dissect human bodies in Florence and later in Rome, he alsocollaborated with the doctor Marcantonio DellaTorre. He did many drawings of human anatomy. His drawings contain inaccuracies. Hemade one of the first drawings of a fetus in an uterus. He also drew numerousmodels with significant visible signs of disease, we don’t know why. He alsostudied the anatomy of many animals.
  6. 6.  Leonardo never published the contents of their manuscripts, that remained unpublisheduntil the 19th century. For over 300 years they remained hidden in a leather book. Leonardo left his books anddrawings to his young assistant Francesco Melzi. Francesco, didn’t publish them because his teacher told him to keep them and continueinvestigating on his own, the young man heeded him, and kept them until his death. Later,these manuscripts were left as an inheritance to one of the sons of Melzi, that didn’t knowtheir value and left them hidden. He did not know the value but he knew that they wereimportant to his father so he conserved them. If Francesco had shown them, they would have transformed European knowledge ofhuman anatomy, experts say. As Leonardo told him to continue his work he painted some pictures like:
  7. 7.  Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian that called people who ate meat "Eaters ofcorpses". There were rumors that said he was homosexual, he was persecuted forthis reason and was near to face the Inquisition. In Florence, when Leonardo was Verrocchio’s apprentice, some people revealedagainst him accusing of pederasty. His guards helped him not to go to the tribunals.Leonardo died unmarried and without children.