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Filter bubble

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A brief presentation on Eli Pariser's filter bubble idea

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Filter bubble

  1. 1. Getting My News The Filter Bubble Tom Link – Fall 2012
  2. 2. Why Talk about the Filter Bubble?Eli Pariser’s reasons My reasons “toward our most Pavlovian Nice specific piece about the selves” p. 114 internet and society, not broad Underlying historical question – great challenge at end is filter bubble new, or just in a new form? the way he approaches it – Sharon’s has used and is using challenge without just attacking book in Engl 103
  3. 3. What is the Filter Bubble?December 2009 • Google’s corporate blog – “personalized search for everyone”Watch Pariser’s video(10 min) • • FYI: I’ve started wiki for talks • manages part of the front page of the New York Times and the Wall StreetJournal • “the upper right corner, as any editor will tell you, is where the eye goes to first” (M Parks – print: upper left?)
  4. 4. The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia New York Times HOME PAGE TODAYS PAPER VIDEO MOST POPULAR U.S. Edition Subscribe: Digital / Home Delivery Log In Register Now Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Last Update: 1:38 AM ET Follow Us | Subscribe to Home Delivery | Personalize Your Weather WORLD OPINION » U.S. Editorial: New York’s Brooks: Romney‟s Views POLITICS Medicaid Reforms Nocera: How to Fix Schools NEW YORK BUSINESS Romney Calls Proving which initiatives work Cohen: „Churnalism‟ could turn the state into a DEALBOOK 47% of Voters model for others on how to cut Fish: Free Speech Campaign Stops: Look How TECHNOLOGY Dependent in Medicaid without harming the Far We‟ve Come Apart SPORTS SCIENCE Leaked Video beneficiaries. Sunstein: Balanced News By MICHAEL D. SHEAR and HEALTH Strogatz: Counting Friends MICHAEL BARBARO ARTS 50 minutes ago STYLE Mitt Romney said in the video MARKETS » At 1:37 AM ET OPINION that nearly half of voters “pay JAPAN Data Nikkei HangSeng delayed at no income tax” and support Autos 9,141.42 20,636.96 least 15 President Obama because they –17.97 –21.15 minutes Blogs are dependent on the –0.20% –0.10% Books government. CHINA Cartoons Shanghai Post a Comment | Read 2,064.61 Classifieds Jim Wilson/The New York Times Transcript: Romney Responds –13.89 Crosswords to Videos Release 11:46 PM ET Mitt Romney spoke Monday at a news conference in Costa Mesa, –0.67% Dining & Wine Calif. He called his remarks in the video inelegant but stood by them. Education On Challenging Day, GET QUOTES My Portfolios » Event Guide Romney Seeks to ECONOMIX BLOG Stock, ETFs, Funds Focus on Policy Behind the ‘People Who Pay No Income Tax’ Fashion & Style By ANNIE LOWREY By JIM RUTENBERG and ASHLEY Home & Garden PARKER 11:19 PM ET Mitt Romney‟s words about federal income tax reflect the tax Jobs Until Monday, Mitt Romney‟s burden‟s design — including G.O.P. provisions. SCIENCE » A Child’s Cancer Story Magazine campaign had been focused Inspires Taylor Swift In Car Country, Obama Trumpets China Case Dictionary Translates Movies Ancient Egypt Life Taylor Swift‟s song “Ronan” almost entirely on criticizing By MARK LANDLER Music The first was based on a mother‟s blog President Obama. President Obama accused China of unfairly subsidizing its auto Obituaries dictionary of on her son‟s cancer treatment. exports, centering his campaign on the issue. Public Editor Demotic Real Estate Post a Comment Egyptian, the Sunday Review language T Magazine common Iranian Official Says For Young Jews, a Service Says, ‘Please, Do Text’ Television people spoke in ancient Egypt, Blasts Targeted By LIZETTE ALVAREZ 9:54 PM ET Theater Nuclear Sites Organizers of an offbeat Jewish service in has just been completed. Travel By DAVID E. SANGER and RICK Miami Beach used the language of the tech Weddings / GLADSTONE 9:13 PM ET generation to try to keep young adults Celebrations Iran‟s most senior atomic connected to their roots.
  5. 5. Wall Street Journal – lower right
  6. 6. Google’s Filter BubbleWhat are Google’s 19 ways? (ones I found)•(via B Mar) Google doesn’t acknowledge these or even drop hints) link at gizmodo – http://gizmodo/com/5477889/inside-googles-secret-search- algorithm•Our location (can change manually?)•What we search for•Which answer we click•Time to click•Which computer used•Which browser used•G-mail•Google collects 57 signals, p. 1-3
  7. 7. How Robust is the Effect?Other Examples from Text My attempt – did it work? Methods: extra credit, end of summer quarter, everyone did same BP oil spill - 2 similar educated white 2 searches on same day (Aug 2?) left leaning women in NE– Jo’s response Marriage Washington Potential Threat –SF – not analyzed yet
  8. 8. Marriage Washington Total # related to News about gayTotal # of Links gay marriage # Clearly Pro-Gay # Clearly Marr 1 marriage - not on page issue in WA state marriage Man 1 Woman clear 13 4 2 1 1 12 4 2 1 1 11 6 4 0 2 11 4 2 1 1 10 4 3 1 0 10 4 3 1 0 10 3 2 1 0 8 4 2 1 1 8 4 2 0 2 8 3 1 1 1 8 3 2 1 0 7 2 1 1 0 6 2 1 1 0 5 1 1 0 0 5 1 1 0 0
  9. 9. Filtered? % Differencebetween Pro-GayMarr, Pro-1 Man, 1 % Favor Gay % Favor Man Woman Marriage Woman Marriage 0% 13% 13% 0% 14% 14% 0% 17% 17% 8% 15% 8% 8% 17% 8% 9% 18% 9% 10% 20% 10% 13% 25% 13% 13% 25% 13% 20% 30% 10% 20% 30% 10% 20% 20% 0% 20% 20% 0% 25% 25% 0% 36% 36% 0%
  10. 10. General information: A Washington marriage license is valid in ... washington marriage Jonathan H… 0 Show search tools Washington United for Marriage Example One – Most Balanced About 300,000,000 results (0.20 seconds) SafeSearch off Working together, we passed a landmark marriage equality bill in Washington State. Our opponents are determined to roll back our progress. They are preparing ... Ad related to washington marriage Marriage License - this ad? - Clark County Washington Why Auditor › ... › Departments & Programs › Jobs › Contact Us Washington Marriages | Recording/Marriage License Department Public Service Center 1300 Franklin Street, Search Washington marriage records for your ancestors. 2nd Floor Vancouver, WA 98666-5000. Phone: (360) 397-2208 or (360) ... Marriage Certificates Marriage Records by State Divorce Records Marriage Records by Date News for washington marriage T-Mobile Donates $25000 To Washington Marriage Equality Campaign ThinkProgress - 4 hours ago Access Washington - Get a marriage license T-Mobile Donates $25000 To Washington Marriage Equality Campaign | Marriage licenses are applied for at the county level, usually at the county auditors based in Belleveu, Washington, has endorsed marriage ... T-Mobile, office. If your county does not have a website listed below, you can contact ... Unicorn Booty T-Mobile Gives Money To Washington Marriage Equality EffortsWA King County Marriage Licensing Instinct Magazine (blog) - 3 hours agoation Feb 14, 2012 – Marriage licensing is a function of the King County Recorders Office. Marriage In Washington State T-Mobile Endorses Gay General information: A Washington marriage license is valid inTop Magazine - 3 hours ago On ...h tools Washington United for Marriage Protect Marriage Washington: Marriage = One Man + One Woman ... Working together, we passed a landmark marriage equality Marriage= One Man + One Woman Initiative 1192 has been filed for the purpose of bill in Washington State. reclaiming this ... Our opponents are determined to roll back our progress. They are preparing definition of marriage. We encourage you and your friends to ... Marriage License - Auditor - Clark County Washington Washington Marriage License Information -- How to Get Married in ... › ... › Departments & Programs › Jobs › Contact Us Recording/Marriage License Department Public Service Center 1300 Franklin Street, by Sheri Stritof - in 154 Google+ circles - More by Sheri Stritof 2nd Floor Vancouver, WA 98666-5000. Phone: (360) 397-2208 or (360) ... Getting married in Washington state means getting a marriage license first. Heres help in knowing what you need to have with you when you apply for your News for washington marriage ... T-Mobile Donates $25000 To Washington Marriage Equality Campaign ThinkProgress - 4 hours ago T-Mobile Donates $25000 To Washington Marriage Equality Campaign | T-Mobile, based in Belleveu, Washington, has endorsed marriage ... Unicorn Booty
  11. 11. Example 2 – Least BalancedSee document camera
  12. 12. Example 3 – mostinteresting news
  13. 13. Our ExamplesDental Hygiene The View• Carolyn Roberton – “The View” included dental hygiene as a profession you don’t need a degree for. DH Assn tried to get that retracted, not much luckAppropriate Etiquette for Email• LuAnnCeliac• Tom’s student – “Can you write that site down? My google might not show the same thing.”
  14. 14. Next?Historically different?•Mike Parks’s view –news has been filtered throughout, form changed•More filtered, or just different?Do we have role in new ethics?•How many vegetables with our sweets?•New implied normal - LuAnn •if teacher says “go home and google “Appropriate Etiquette for Email” – student who got different results may feel out of the loop
  15. 15. Interesting Tidbitsp116 Zuckerberg said we have one identity – context?
  16. 16. Interesting TidbitsMike Parks – a very brief history of yellow journalismYellow = (1) Common Denominator (celebrity, gossip,leads/bleeds)Economy good = more yellow journalism• searching for those $$, falls to lowest common denominator• e.g. 1880s, 1920s, 1950s, 1990sYellow = (2) lie to influence the public• Spanish American War (1898)• Howard Hughes “you get the pictures, I’ll furnish the war”
  17. 17. How to Get Diverse Views? Ted Wood •Read National Review, read the Nation •Get from well known sources with clear views Have people who have views different than you find your search Will it work to… •Get new computer •Use library / school computer that’s not your bubble?