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Adria Sun Living S70SC | Technical Specification | TMC Leisure

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A 3 berth model with amble entertaining area for 5, the Sun Living by Adria S70SC has been designed around the comfort of hotels rooms. A large, double island bed sits at the rear with fitted bedside cabinets for added comfort while storage cupboards sit overhead throughout the entire interior space. A cube formed garage area to the rear provides the perfect space for larger items such as sports equipment or bikes while being accessible from both the interior and exterior of the home. Inside, a dinette area brings everyone together of an evening with LED ambient lighting helping to illuminate without overpowering.

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Adria Sun Living S70SC | Technical Specification | TMC Leisure

  1. 1. Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
  2. 2. CHASSIS Emissions rating Euro 6 Fiat 6 2,3 130 Hp 35 L X Fiat 6 2,3 130 Hp 43 H O Fiat 6 2,3 150 Hp 35 L O Fiat 6 2,3 150 Hp 44 H O Fiat 6 2,3 180 Hp 35 L O Fiat 6 2,3 180 Hp 44 H O Homologation extended weight from 35 L on 38 L O Homologation weight reduced from 40 H, 43H and 44 H on 35 H O DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Body length (mm) 7002 Total width (mm) 2320 Total height (mm) 2870 Internal height (mm) 2100 Mass in running order (MRO, kg) 2783 Maximum authorized weight (kg) 3500 Maximum towing weight (kg) 2000 Maximum loading weight (kg) 717 Wheel base (mm) 4035 Nr. of homologated seats incl. driver's seat 5 CHASSIS EQUIPMENT Chassis type special Corner legs O Spare wheel FIAT O Spare wheel holder O Tyre pressure monitoring system FIAT O Wheel trims- bigger O LDWS & HBR &TRS(line departure warning system+signal and high beam recognition) O Rain & light sensor O ABS + EBD X Robotized gear box FIAT O Fix&Go Kit (instead of spare wheel) Fiat X WHITE 249 X Colored front bumpers white O Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
  3. 3. Front grille with gloss black paint + black bezel headlamp O Front fog lights O Rear fog lights X Double electric door mirror with demist function O Covers for seats pedestal O LED daytime running lights FIAT O DRL- halogen day time running lights X Reinforced "camping car" tires X Front drive X Fuel tank 90 Fuel tank 120L O Manual transmission X Traction + system with HDC O ESP O Cruise control with speed limiter FIAT O Towing hook with el. conn. O Steel wheels 16''(light 35 L version only) O Alloy wheels 16'' for "H'' version FIAT O Alloy wheels 16'' for "L'' version FIAT O Mud protection for front wheels FIAT O Mud protection for rear wheels O CABIN EQUIPMENT Manual air condition FIAT O Automatic air condition O Intergrated DAB car radio high-level CD, MP3 steering wheel controls and navigation FIAT O Radio controls on steering wheel without car radio FIAT O Leather steering wheel and gear box knob O Lock "DEAD LOCKING" O FIAT comf pack CP0 (radio preinst. with laudspeakers,antena int. in mirrors,cover for seats pedest) O FIAT comfort package CP1 (include 7KM, CJ1, NHR, 4GF) O FIAT comfort package CP2 (include 140, 041, CJ1, NHR, 4GF) O FIAT comfort package 7KM (include '025, 041, 081) O Electrical cabine windows (left, right) X Cabin seats adjustable in height and deepness X Cabin seats upholstered in Adria textile/leather O Cabin seats covering in Adria textile O Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
  4. 4. Swiveling cabin seats X Swiveling console Fiat O Dasboard Techno trim level aluminium finishing FIAT O Trip computer X Driver airbag X Co-driver airbag O Driver and codriver sun-visors X Central cup holder O Darker cabine windows X Windscreen and side cabin door obscuration with curtain X Windscreen and side cabin door obscuration with plise O BODY Side wall of polyester white Bodywork of polyester white Side wall skirtings in aluminium X Luggage door on right side (light dimensions, cm) 106x64 Luggage door on left side (light dimensions, cm) 106x64 Entrance door(one point locking without window X Flyscreen for entrance door without window O Adria windows darker X Roof light 400 x 400 mm in living space X Roof light 400 x 400 mm in passage between KB and TC X Roof light 400 x 400 mm in bedroom X Roof light 280 x 280 in toilet X Roof light 400 x 400 mm in shower cabin X Panoramic window above driver cabin with obscuration O Gas bottle compartment, integrated 1x 11 kg X Gas bottle compartment, integrated 2x 11 kg O Awning - anthracite O Entrance step with insolation X Reverse driving sensor O Third break light X INTERIOR EQUIPMENT Number of berths 3 +1 op. Sleeping area, rear berths (l x w, cm) 195x150 Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
  5. 5. Front dinette (cm) 210x95-60 Fold-down bed in front (cm) 190x105 op. Sliding rear bed, manual X ISOFIX installation for child safety seats O Double floor in seating area X Bed with slatted frame and special foam X Table extension X Table in dinete (shiny beige) O Furniture decor CHERRY SELECT Textile standard MT02G6 SATURNUS Textile optional MT02G5 MERCURIUS Textile optional MT02G7 NEPTUNUS Dinette cushions - special foam 120 mm X Decorative cushions 4 pcs. O Bed coverlet O Blanket O Spatial night curtains O (only Std LB) Carpets in the living compartment O KITCHEN EQUIPMENT Cooker 3 flame, electric ignition with cover X Inox sink X Sink cover/chopping board O Refrigerator 142 L Oven and grill combination Duplex, electric ignition O BATHROOM EQUIPMENT WC chemical, turnable, passive ventilated X Shower tray X Separate shower cabin with solid door X Toiletry to go O Separate shower faucet X WATER INSTALLATIONS Fresh water tank with external inlet and regulation (l) 20/110 Waste water tank (l) 85 Waste water tank isolated with adjustable heating 85L O Waste water omission tube O Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
  6. 6. Submersible water pump X ELECTRICITY Auxiliary batery 100Ah, AGM; k=10 O Auxiliary bateries 2x 100Ah, AGM; k=10 O Power sockets 230 V X 12V socket X Main security swich for 230V X Main electric switch 12V X Ceiling LED lights X Spot LED lights X Ambient LED lights X Light in luggage compartment X Awning LED light X Electro block X Place for the additional battery X Control panel X Fire extinguisher O HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING Gas heater Truma Combi 4 with boiler X Gas heater Truma Combi 6 with boiler O Gas-electric heater Truma Combi 4E with boiler O Gas-electric heater Truma Combi 6E with boiler O Luggage box - heated X Electrical floor heating with transformer O Preinstallation for air condition X Roof-mounted air conditioning system Truma Aventa Comfort O GAS Gas regulator Truma MonoControl CS 30 mbar GV X AUDIO/VIDEO Preinstallation for TV (230V, 2x 12V, antenna socket) X Reverse driving camera O Technical data / Season 2019 S 7 0 S C / 04.03.2019 13:56
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