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Can you wireframe 'Delightful'?

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Our talk slides from UX Australia 2014.

In 2014, it’s no longer enough for our designed products and experiences to only be usable. Today’s modern audiences are exposed to an ever-increasing number of delightful, pleasurable and memorable experiences on a daily basis. Expectations are at an all-time high.

In a world where the perceived value associated with delightful experiences can help set a product apart from the competition, how can we as the designers of experiences stay on top of our game? What is this intangible ‘delight’ thing anyway, and is it even possible to create it?

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Can you wireframe 'Delightful'?

  1. 1. CAN YOU WIREFRAME DELIGHTFUL? Delight is that word we use to describe those pleasurable moments in digital and offline products, that make an experience just that little bit more fun. BEN TOLLADY @tollady BEN ROWE @benhyphenrowe
  2. 2. DES TRAYNOR Our inspiration for this talk came from this article : Some things can’t be wireframed
  3. 3. An example of delight that the author mentions is Squarespace, which makes great use of beautiful imagery and typography …
  4. 4. …but if we were to wireframe this page? It doesn’t convey the same feeling of delight at all.
  5. 5. Another example the article mentions is the Keezy app. ! Keezy may never have been as delightful if it had been “wireframed”.
  6. 6. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS HELP SHOW YOU THE WORKFLOWS, USABILITY PRINCIPLES ENSURE IT’S CLEAR AND INTUITIVE, BUT HOW DO YOU GET TO DELIGHTFUL? YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN THERE. The article concludes by saying that designing for delight is difficult, risky and messy, and that there is no real trick to it. ! Which left us asking more questions.
  7. 7. So we wanted to take this opportunity to investigate further… ! Is there actually a formula to adding delight to the things that we’re creating? DESIGNING DELIGHT
  8. 8. WHY SHOULD But first things first - Why WE CARE? should we even care about Delight? ! Isn’t it just a meaningless buzzword anyway?
  9. 9. ACQUISITION • Great First Impression • Memorable / Sharable ! RETENTION • Happy Users = Loyal Users Well, maybe. ! But Delight is what makes your users fall in love with your product. There are clearly benefits to offering a delightful experience.
  10. 10. Of course - delight isn’t the be all and end all. ! As Aarron Walter has said, our products need to Functional, Reliable, and Usable first. AARRON WALTER - DESIGNING FOR EMOTION
  11. 11. MINIMUM VIABLE DELIGHTFUL PRODUCT That said, Delight isn’t something that you can just tack on. We need to be creating minimum delightful products, that bake in Delight from day one.
  12. 12. Let’s have a look at some examples of delight. ! A beautifully designed interface, like AirBnB, is a common and obvious way. BEAUTIFUL UI
  13. 13. Microcopy helps break down any barriers that might exist between human and computer, reminding users that there are real people behind a product. MICROCOPY
  14. 14. ANIMATION Captivating animations like those used to create parallax scrolling effects is another common way to add delight. ! Campaign Monitor’s mobile app website does a great job of this.
  15. 15. We mentioned Keezy before - it’s a wonderful example of how tactile transitions and interactions can make something delightful. TRANSITIONS & INTERACTIONS
  16. 16. SOUND Done well, sound can also be used to delight. Like that lovely twinkling bell sound when you tick off a to-do item in Wunderlist.
  17. 17. SURFACE DELIGHT These examples are what we call ‘Surface’ delight. They are often very obvious and visceral.
  18. 18. Surface delight can be very effective. But the problem with these types of delight is that they fade over time. DELIGHT FADES
  19. 19. DEEP DELIGHT So we were interested in exploring if there was a deeper level of delight, beyond this ‘Surface’ level. So we explored a little further…
  20. 20. INVISIBILITY “IT JUST WORKS” A delightful user experience is often about Invisibility. Getting out of the user’s way. Or something that “Just Works”.
  21. 21. FLOW Deeper delight is also about getting users into a state of ‘flow’; that feeling of being completely absorbed in what you are doing, where nothing else seems to matter. MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALY - FLOW
  22. 22. iA Writer is a super simple writing app, and a great example of a product that gets you into a flow state.
  23. 23. PAIN POINT DELIGHT GILES COLBORNE - CX PARTNERS Pain points in an experience that are resolved effortlessly can actually become moments of delight. ! This is something that Giles Colborne has spoken about.
  24. 24. VISCERAL Don Norman talks about a “reflective layer” of a design - Which isn’t about the product at all, but more what the product evokes in the user. ENGAGEMENT AND DELIGHT ! BEHAVIOURAL HOW THE THING PERFORMS ! REFLECTIVE WHAT THE THING EVOKES IN THE USER DON NORMAN
  25. 25. PLEASURE SURFACE DELIGHT ! FLOW REMOVE THE UNNECESSARY ! MEANING INTEGRITY & AUTHENTICITY Dana Chisnell describes a third level of delight - “Meaning”. ! This is where a deeper level of delight is felt through an organisation having values that align with the user’s. DANA CHISNELL
  26. 26. SAMUEL HULICK - USERONBOARD.COM We realised that Deep Delight delight isn’t about your product at all, it’s actually about your user.
  27. 27. VS But let’s not confuse true delight with gamification. ! Delight isn’t about ‘badges’. It’s about helping users improve their skills, their health, and their lives … IT’S NOT GAMIFICATION
  28. 28. KATHY SIERRA - THE KICK ASS CURVE …It’s about helping users “Kick Ass”, as Kathy Sierra put it. ! So we need to help our users get from “suck” to “awesome” as quickly as possible.
  29. 29. GETTING TO DEEPER DELIGHT • How do we get out of a users’ way? And into Flow? • How de we over-deliver at the pain-points • How does our product align with their values? • How dow we help them “Kick Ass”? So deeper delight is about understanding our users. ! It’s about knowing who they are, what’s important to them, and what progress looks like in their life, not just on their screen.
  30. 30. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT Delight isn’t just a simple, single, one-dimensional thing. It’s much more complex an operates across multiple levels.
  31. 31. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT is visceral is often invisible
  32. 32. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT is novel has a higher purpose
  33. 33. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT is fleeting is ongoing
  34. 34. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT is the first date is the relationship
  35. 35. SURFACE DELIGHT DEEP DELIGHT is product focussed is user focussed
  36. 36. DELIGHT IS AS MUCH ART AND ‘FEEL’ AS IT IS LEARNED SCIENCE Delight is part science (where our UX skills come in) and part art. The art is about knowing when to apply just the right amount of delight, and at what level.
  37. 37. A great example of an organisation has really nailed it is Simple bank. ! They manage to delight customers on multiple levels.
  38. 38. SURFACE On the surface, their UI is gorgeous and their microcopy is lovely and fun.
  39. 39. DEEP But at a deeper level, they understand what people really want from a bank.
  40. 40. They create Meaning, and a deeper level of delight, by disrupting the ‘fees and charges’ model of most other banks.
  41. 41. THANKS BEN TOLLADY @tollady BEN ROWE @benhyphenrowe