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Under the influence: Dark patterns & the power of persuasive design

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Design is always a balance of user needs and business needs. As good designers, we strive to put the user first and make things that are usable and useful. A big part of what we want to do is help people to achieve what they need to do, avoiding pain or seeking reward.

In this talk, Gareth and Ben explore the idea of ’persuasive design’, where elements of cognitive psychology are employed to influence a change of user behaviour, for good and evil.

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Under the influence: Dark patterns & the power of persuasive design

  1. 1. Cover page under the influence dark patterns and the power of persuasive design
  2. 2. A long time ago, in a design studio far, far away…
  3. 3. Ben and Gareth
  4. 4. dark patterns
  5. 5. • Bait and Switch • Disguised Ads • Faraway Bill • Forced Continuity • Forced Disclosure • Friend Spam • Hidden costs • Misdirection • Privacy Comparison Prevention • Privacy Zuckering • Roach Motel • Road Block • Sneak Into Basket • Trick Question
  6. 6. Trick question
  7. 7. Bait and Switch
  8. 8. Friend Spam
  9. 9. Example
  10. 10. Designers Taste Companies Interests Users Needs & Wishes Functionality, Efficiency & Desirability Profit & Reputation
  11. 11. persuasion dark patterns
  12. 12. B.J. Fogg
  13. 13. Triggers Fail here Triggers Succeed here Action Line Motivation AbilityHard to do Easy to do LowMotivationHighMotivation B mat Fogg Behaviour Model - Behaviour = Motivation Ability Trigger at the same moment -
  14. 14. • Time • Money • Effort • Cognitive load • Social acceptance • Routine Elements of ability
  15. 15. Motivation
  16. 16. desire for completion and order
  17. 17. eg
  18. 18. delight and emotional connection
  19. 19. variable rewards
  20. 20. @thirststudios@tollady @groberts1212 Some more reading for you: