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First Tuesday: Tech trends & startups to watch in 13

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06/11/12 First Tuesday presentation gave on tech trends to watch out for in '13. I chose to talk on current immediate delivery trend and what coming next in supply chain.

  • Slide 29- You can hear Louis CK here:
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First Tuesday: Tech trends & startups to watch in 13

  1. 1. Tech trends & startups to watch in 2013 The Supply Chain:Impatience as a virtue? Tom Allason @tomall
  2. 2. 11.08.94
  3. 3. E-Commerce has come a long way
  4. 4. Hub & Spoke A A B B 10+ miles Hub and spoke is so prevalent because it is the only cost effective way of delivering 10+ miles
  5. 5. Point to Point A B <10 miles Point-to-point can be cost effective over short distances, sometimes even cheaper than hub-and-spoke
  6. 6. Hub & Spoke 97% Courier, Express & Parcel Market
  7. 7. Point to Point +2,987 more! 3% Courier, Express & Parcel Market
  8. 8. Point to Point
  9. 9. Bringing delivery up to speed...Shutl is a branded option offered by retailer within checkout alongside existing fulfilment methods
  10. 10. Bringing delivery up to speed...Shutl takes data from retailer into API, return price & promise for world’s fastest most convenient delivery service
  11. 11. Bringing delivery up to speed...Available 24/7 & can be offered for same price standard delivery
  12. 12. Bringing delivery up to speed...Happier shoppers = more profitable shoppers
  13. 13. Coverage % UK Towns ECOM £ Aberdeen Basildon Basingstoke Bath Belfast Birmingham Blackpool Bolton Brighton Bournemouth Bristol Cambridge Canterbury Cardiff Chelmsford Cheltenham Chester Colchester Crawley Derby Dudley Dundee Edinburgh Exeter Gateshead Glasgow Gloucester Gillingham Guildford Harrogate Hull Ilford Ipswich Lakeside Leeds Leicester Lincoln Liverpool Livingstone London Maidstone Milton Keynes Manchester Newcastle Norwich 75% Northampton Nottingham Oxford Peterborough Portsmouth Plymouth Preston Reading Rotherham Sheffield Shrewsbury Slough Southampton Southend Stirling Sunderland Swansea Swindon Warrington Wigan Wolverhampton York
  14. 14. Trending...
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  20. 20. Trending...
  21. 21. What does that mean for 2013+???Delivery is just 1 step in the supply chain...
  22. 22. What do these have in common?
  23. 23. What do these have in common? Manufactured remotely on- demand from a digital file in ’12!
  24. 24. • Founded in ’12 <£50k seed • NOT 3d printed but leverage existing CNC wood routers • Hardware cost: £2m -> £20k in 20 years!• Everything in this room was ‘printed’ by Fabsie
  25. 25. Years to 50% pen in USA 114 52 29 19 6
  26. 26. Listen to Louis CK talk about in flight wifi“How does the world owe you something you didn’t even know existed 5 minutes ago”
  27. 27. THANK YOU! Tom Allason