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Exploring The Future of TV 2012

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The future of pay tv
The future of pay tv
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Exploring The Future of TV 2012

  1. 1. Introduction The Future of TV @tomchapman
  2. 2. Introduction There is no death of TV
  3. 3. Introduction People are still watching a tremendous amount of linear television. All down to great content. Source BARB 2011 Weekly hours of TV viewing, all in the UK aged 4+
  4. 4. Introduction But, there are some challenging trends we need to be prepared for… Clear shift in behaviour from the youngest audience. Competition from games and social media has taken away the time share of linear TV Weekly hours of TV viewing, all in the UK Source BARB 2011
  5. 5. Introduction Television is the next industry ripe for disrupt 92% of UK homes with televisions are digital The TV is a device that is still not fully interactive
  6. 6. Introduction Connected TVs and smart media on the rise By 2015, some 500 million TV sets worldwide will be web- enabled, either as a default option or supported by a set-top box Source: InStat 2011
  7. 7. Introduction Huge market penetration of smart devices 50.3% of UK population own a smartphone Source: Kantar Worldpanel 2012 12% of UK population own a tablet
  8. 8. Introduction Simultaneous use of Internet and TV is increasing Device owners in the U.K. logged heavy usage for tablets (80%) and smartphones (78%) while watching TV Source: Nielsen 2012
  9. 9. Introduction Natural user interfaces are changing the way we interact with screens Our smartphones & tablets are already filled with sensors - GPS, accelerometers, compasses, light meters, voice activation and more
  10. 10. Introduction Online video audience is growing Online video reached 34 million UK internet users in January 2012, representing 80% of the total UK internet audience Source: ComScore 2012
  11. 11. Introduction Cloud storage and distribution allows for TV anywhere With nearly limitless storage, consumers and broadcasters can access content from any Internet connected device Introduction
  12. 12. Introduction Service innovators muscling in on the action Source: Microsoft 2012 TV and Movies has now overtaken online gaming on Xbox 360
  13. 13. Introduction Digital natives intent on hacking, creating and finding new ways to open up TV
  14. 14. Introduction TV disruptors taking advantage of data Explosion in the volume of data surging round our digital ecosystem from developments in technology. Analysis of TV broadcast data is incredibly valuable to both broadcasters and advertisers Introduction
  15. 15. IntroductionIntroductionIntroduction Disruption = Opportunity As the internet crashes over the TV industry, it will deliver more power to the consumer in terms of what you watch, when you watch it, where you watch it and how you pay for it TV as we know it today will evolve into a Super Medium boasting a host of new viewing qualities
  16. 16. Introduction TV Today / TV Tomorrow Today Technology Enablers Tomorrow Opportunity Trend Broadcast Internet Narrowcast – web adds new layer e.g. social - connection with friends and family More opportunity for distributors and service innovators. Not reliant on satellite or cable distribution as web is the distribution channel for TV Connected TV Stationary TV set Mobile, tablets, broadband, Wi-Fi, 4G, OLED Dynamic TV anywhere Video on demand, advertising, creativity and strategy for multiple devices. Future OLED walls - more immersive Mobile TV Immersive TV Network/Studio controlled Content Internet, smart devices, HTML5, cheaper video production, apps, cloud storage Content produced by anyone (brands/individuals) Many content owners able to tap into global audience Video on Demand Disruptive Business Pay TV Internet, smart devices, HTML5, cheaper video production, apps, cloud storage Subscription TV Brands develop apps for users to subscribe to. Cuts out networks as distribution is direct to user. Video on Demand Disruptive Business Programmed TV Internet, smart devices, intelligent algorithms, semantic web Personalised TV Service innovators developing platforms to produce TV playlists, interest graphs, social recommendations, celebrity TV playlists Content Discovery Disruptive Business Limited On Demand Content Internet, smart devices, intelligent algorithms, semantic web, HTML5, cheaper video production, apps, cloud storage Unlimited content - open archive – linked to personal TV profile Think Spotify, Netflix, iTunes for OTT TV content all based on your interest and social graphs Video on Demand Content Discovery Disruptive Business Broadcast quality Internet, smart devices, HTML5, cheaper video production, apps, cloud storage Variable quality Users will view content of differing production value. Opens TV up to national and local businesses Video on Demand Content Discovery Disruptive Business Demographic targeted advertising Internet, smart devices, intelligent algorithms, semantic web, data, thought, voice and gesture control Interest targeted advertising If user has a profile account linked to TV we can collect data based on interest graph and personal profile. Ads can be targeted by individual / household rather than region Big Data Disruptive Business Limited Interface Smart devices, thought, voice and gesture control Expanded interface Service innovators to develop apps that incorporate natural interface. Marketing campaigns incorporating natural language Immersive TV Disruptive Business Standard Broadcast Format Smart devices, thought, voice and gesture control Participative TV Immersive experiences for television programmes and fitness. Viewers networked become part of programme. Marketing campaigns cross device. Immersive adverts Immersive TV Transmedia Disruptive Business 30 Second Ad Internet, smart devices, intelligent algorithms, semantic web, thought, voice and gesture control, augmented reality, holographic Varied length - Multi-platform, immersive ad campaigns Ads incorporate participative game play, video stories themselves Immersive TV Disruptive Business Entertainment / News Internet, smart devices, intelligent algorithms, semantic web, thought, voice and gesture control, augmented reality, holographic Gaming, Shopping, Immersed in action, new television formats AR shopping. Products beamed as holograms to experience. Embarrassing bodies can be done with users at home with doctor in real-time Immersive TV Service TV Disruptive Business T-Commerce Service TV Immersive TV Disruptive Business Today Technology Enablers Tomorrow Opportunity Trend Standard Broadcast Format Smart devices, thought, voice and gesture control Participative TV Immersive experiences for television programmes and fitness. Viewers networked become part of programme. Marketing campaigns cross device. Immersive adverts Immersive TV Transmedia Disruptive Business
  17. 17. Introduction This presentation focuses on five topics considering the future of TV • Content Discovery • Next Generation Video • Screened Interactions • Science Fiction TV • Disruptive Business
  18. 18. Introduction Content Discovery
  19. 19. Content Discovery Surfacing content on TV is outdated Switching between online, TV, and stored content is frustrating Because content lives in various places, we need a better solution to access it
  20. 20. Content Discovery Content discovery on TV is beginning to replicate how we search and discover content on the web Service innovators and digital natives such as Google/Microsoft/Apple/Facebook are now getting involved in the TV arena They are looking at ways to apply the web behaviour of discovering and sharing content to TV viewing Facebook frictionless sharing • Amazon recommendations • Twitter trending topics • Google search
  21. 21. Content Discovery Content discovery today Discover trending programmes via Tweet TV or companion apps such as Zeebox TiVo recommendations Connected TV app hubs Connected TV navigated search function VoD Highlights & Don‟t Miss & Most Popular
  22. 22. Content Discovery Content discovery tomorrow Innovative interfaces - developers and hackers have already developed recommendation interfaces for connected TV‟s Source: Capablue - Astra Recommends
  23. 23. Content Discovery Content discovery tomorrow Spotify or iTunes for TV Influencers can build playlists (packages) of programmes to watch that week which viewers can follow Playlists will be created by viewers of VoD and shared amongst friends. Interest graph for TV - You can pin programmes you have watched and share.
  24. 24. Content Discovery Face detection in the future will serve up recommended content based on who is sitting in front of the screen Content discovery tomorrow
  25. 25. Content Discovery Discover bite-sized content with more ease. Viewers have access to content of varying length e.g 3 mins,15 mins Opportunities for brands to become publishers of VoD wrapped up in apps for Connected TV‟s Content discovery tomorrow
  26. 26. Content Discovery Intelligent content - algorithms will recommend content based on past programmes viewed. It will learn your habits so if you watch Eastenders every weekday at 8pm then it will recommend content around this window TV will be linked to your calendar and will schedule events and programmes to remind you of viewing Content discovery tomorrow
  27. 27. Introduction Next Generation Video
  28. 28. Next Generation Video UK Video Viewership 80% of the total UK Internet audience (34M users) watched 8.4 billion videos which accounted for 58.8 Billion minutes in Jan 2012 [source comScore] That‟s an average of 247 videos per viewer 29 hours of content per month per viewer With the current average linear TV consumption standing at around 20 -30 hours per week, online video consumption is ADDING 25% to that total.
  29. 29. Next Generation Video In the last 14 months the UK online viewership has reached saturation with 0% growth (November 2010 = 34.7M UV; June 2011 = 33.7 UV; Jan 2012 = 34M UV) [source comScore] However time spent engaging with videos (i.e. watching them!) has continued to increase by 42% [source comScore] Although video consumption is up, YouTube‟s market share measured at November 2010 and January 2012 remains around 46% [source comScore] UK Video Viewership
  30. 30. Next Generation Video Tablets and Connected TVs are starting to see material uptake (the BBC iPlayer tracking +596% and >1000% year on year respectively) as the primary screen for watching connected video. The UK BBC iPlayer tracked 23 Million request via Mobile devices (phone + tablets) in Dec 2011 – 12% of all requests made that monthly [source BBC Press] Mobile (including tablet) video consumption is expected to grow (globally) past 690 Billion minutes by 2015 [source PR Web] UK Video Viewership
  31. 31. Next Generation Video When Machinima launched the Mortal Kombat series, we saw millions and millions of viewers coming weekly to the series – from around the world, and beat the ratings of many very well established shows. This trend means we can expose new series, or re-ignite existing ones, in front of a massive, targeted and global audience, instantly. New video content networks keep popping up
  32. 32. Next Generation Video Brands as TV content producers and publishers NewYork Times app which serves up video content on news stories. Red Bull as a brand that creates hours and hours of programming for both TV and websites and is one of the biggest brands on Facebook, with some 10 million followers Majority of brands are not looking to monetise their TV apps to begin with, rather use them for halo effect Huffington Post to launch live streaming network M&S TV
  33. 33. Next Generation Video More opportunity for OTT (Over The Top) TV Xbox, TiVo and Connected TV‟s all offer app hubs for viewers to access video content
  34. 34. Next Generation Video Technology for video distribution is evolving at a rapid rate Cloud based video distribution allows every device to access content Video content can be served to every browser via one format
  35. 35. Next Generation Video Shared video viewing experience Co-viewing experience allows you to watch a video in sync with your friends MTV Under The Thumb app connects with Facebook chat, so the „shared experience‟ is shared across multiple locations in an on-demand video environment
  36. 36. Introduction Screened Interactions
  37. 37. Screen Interaction The battle of the glowing rectangles Source: Fjord 2011
  38. 38. Screen Interaction 6 Strategies for screened interactions Source: Precious Forever
  39. 39. Screen Interaction Coherence
  40. 40. Screen Interaction Synchronous On TiVo you can pause a recorded show. If you are then mobile you can pick up where you left the show. This requires content to be stored in the cloud. Think Amazon Kindle
  41. 41. Screen Interaction Device Shifting Smartphone to TV Smartphone to TV Web to TV
  42. 42. Screen Interaction Complimentary Application is more for games. Could be done for TV poker game, if you have an iPhone you can create a TV app that dishes out cards to your iPhone and you communicate back to the screen
  43. 43. Screen Interaction Simultaneity The most popular and common multi screen strategy for social TV is the companion app
  44. 44. Introduction Science Fiction TV
  45. 45. Science Fiction TV TV controlled by gestures and voice
  46. 46. Science Fiction TV Video Calls via TV Talk to friends and family from the comfort of your own living room on HDTV
  47. 47. Science Fiction TV TV controlled by thought Imagine a future where channels can be changed and volume controlled with mere thought
  48. 48. Science Fiction TV Emotional response to content Combining and visualising users emotions, reactions and eye tracking when testing any digital content or product
  49. 49. Introduction Disruptive Business
  50. 50. Disruptive Business Global launches for TV series Fox‟s „Touch‟ launched across 100 countries on the same day with a global sponsorship, marketing and advertising partner This may be the business of the future. “We are definitely getting more and more questions” from clients, she said. Automotive marketers, who typically launch vehicles around the world over a course of a few months, could also be potential customers “It‟s the only way to think about the future in the marketing and distribution of content,” - Liz Dolan, chief marketing officer for Fox International Channels
  51. 51. Disruptive Business Integration of broadcast, online and applications Cable and satellite TV provide hundreds of channels already. Add online content/apps and the choices increase exponentially No boxes, no cables, just one remote and access TV anywhere As a result TV now provides everything users want in a TV
  52. 52. Disruptive Business Increase in OTT TV and channels as apps Streaming content delivered direct to the user via apps
  53. 53. Disruptive Business New TV formats New formats for shows and variations of interactive games made possible by gesture and voice control. These formats should be adopted by advertisers Interactive television Complimentary Web series TV and video driven by the community The best in class TV shows will combine their DNA with „people add value‟ principle of Web
  54. 54. Disruptive Business TV data and analytics Accurate analysis requires sound methodology, leading technology and the right amount of human filtering and editing to reveal the value of a television show‟s audience in social media.
  55. 55. Disruptive Business Highly targeted advertising Enormous waste coverage in traditional TV advertising. By contrast, Connected TV allows for much more precise forms of commercial communication, tailored to the user‟s interest profile. Increased precision will not only delight advertisers, but also viewers Facial recognition
  56. 56. Disruptive Business Device aware advertising Monetise video content across any connected device 50% of traffic to videos will be generated by non-PC devices in 2013 Source: TBC
  57. 57. Disruptive Business Real-time content Share contextually relevant content in real-time Real-time TV spotsAdditional or exclusive content served up via audio watermarks
  58. 58. Disruptive Business Television Commerce – Embedded shopping