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The woman in black

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The woman in black

  1. 1. I think the primary target audience for this film is 12-25 year olds considering that the certificate for this horror is a ‘12’. Usually horrors are rated at least a ‘15’, I think this means younger people will be excited to actually watch a horror they are allowed to watch. I believe it would be rated a higher certificate if the target audience was older as adults may think if it is labelled a ‘12’ it may not be as enjoyable for them. I think the secondary target audience would be persons over 25. I think there are a lot of Harry Potter/ Daniel Radcliffe fans now in their late 20’s that would be very interested in watching the woman in black simply because of the actors previous films. I also think people over 25 are from the era when horror films became popular, so they may be interested in this film for that reason.
  2. 2. The woman in black was marketed to appeal to a very wide range of audience. It was advertised in many different places such as in magazines and newspapers, on radio, on television, on massive billboards, on bus shelters plus many more. It was advertised in many different places that would be seen by a range of people to draw them into the film. Instead of, like most films, just advertising in areas that would focus on the main target area they covered a range so they could create a bigger secondary target audience. They had advertising in newspapers like ‘The Sun’ and also ‘The Guardian’ which could show the vast range of target audience. I feel they may have done this as the genre of film could appeal to a wide range of audience. For this film they paid huge amounts of money on the advertising campaign which could be seen as a risk but it definitely paid off as we now know this was one of the biggest successful films. Furthermore, the main actor, Daniel Radcliffe himself made videos promoting the film which was successful as he is a famous actor from being in popular films previously. As he has many fans they are likely to listen to him and watch the movie. He also appeared on many TV shows such as Jonathon Ross and done many interviews to ensure the film had plenty of attention from the public. Also, he did interviews in magazines to spread the film across the nation.
  3. 3. The marketing materials for the film were appropriate as we now know the film was a massive success and that will largely be down to the effective advertisement of it. Sometimes it can be a risk to spend vast amounts of money on advertisement but on this occasion the risk was worth taking. The reason I feel the marketing materials were appropriate is because this film had the potential to appeal to such a large audience that advertising it everywhere could only enhance the money made on the film. By the time of the release of the film it was talked about everywhere and was on everybody’s minds as advertisement was so effective. Arguably the most effective method of enticing people towards the film was Daniel Radcliffe constantly appearing on TV, radio and magazines promoting the film. Many people know him from his past in Harry Potter, so I believe all Harry Potter fans would instantly take note of the new film he is about to star in. Furthermore, I think the fact that the film is rated a ‘12’ made a lot of younger people who hadn’t watched a horror film before intrigued to watch The Woman In Black.
  4. 4. The Woman In Black had a massive release, on the opening weekend in The USA the film made $20,874,072 on 2,855 screenings. It has also been a huge success in the UK, ‘The woman in black’ topped the UK all time charts for highest grossing theatrical horror film ever (or at least since records began). Here is a chart showing the highest grossing horror films: •2012 The Woman In Black (so far) £14,598,813 •2001 The Others £11,880,848 •1993 Bram Stoker’s Dracula £11,548,429 •1995 Interview With the Vampire £10,674,956 •2000 Sleepy Hollow £10,047,381 •2004 Shaun Of The Dead £6,692,683 •2002 28 Days Later £6,296,734 •2007 28 Weeks Later £5,350,158
  5. 5. ‘The woman in black’ was estimated to have had a budget of $17,000,000 which can be seen as quite a modest sum especially when taking into account the success of the film. It had an instrumental impact on the on the industry as it broke many records in the UK and The US. Daniel Radcliffe's film took more at box office than any other British horror film since records began. It spent three consecutive weeks at number one in the UK box office, making a total of £14.6 million ($23.2m) in ticket sales. This had a massive impact on the industry as film fans were spending a lot of money to see this film instead of others which were released at a similar time to ‘The woman in black’. Furthermore, as it set a number of new records in the film industry, new films coming out with have a new target to try and compete with.
  6. 6. I believe there are many reasons why this film was so successful , one of them being the main actor, Daniel Radcliffe. This was his main film after the Harry Potter episodes so fans of Harry Potter and Radcliffe would’ve been keen to watch this film. Radcliffe also done a lot of media work to promote the film and get the public excited about the release of ‘The woman in black’. Furthermore, the advertising tactic they used seem to be very successful. They spent a lot of money on getting the film across to the public through a wide variety of media types. They advertised to appeal to a wide range of audience, advertising in magazines, radio, television, billboards etc. By the time the film was released most of the public would’ve heard or known about the film due to the effective and massive advertising campaign. So overall, I believe Daniel Radcliffe and his reputation along with the successful advertising were the reasons why ‘The woman in black’ was so successful.