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Who is the digital you?

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Who is the digital you?

  1. 1. Who is the digital you?tonyfish www linkedin skype twitter facebook
  2. 2. a fine balancing act
  3. 3. You as a professional You as a one of 7 bn people You as a persona
  4. 4. Stuff money cannot buy presents forfaith the wife trivia disruption Stuff that has to be big consulting strategydiamonds Stuff that costs presents for lots of money the daughters
  5. 5. Stand Up
  6. 6. whilst I dont know exactly what your thinking, I know what generic behaviour looks like, what you have done and therefore what you will do! I probably know more about you….what you are thinking, what you will do, how you will react … than you are willing to accept!
  7. 7. Internet and beliefs
  8. 8. The Internet needs you! intelligence what the analysis web doeswhat we do
  9. 9. More „OFF‟ : Less „ON‟on this screen content who where in this earpiece time direction intentconsume createion x
  10. 10. Symbiotic RelationshipWeb business depend on consumer data creation of digital data trade web content services data analysis store Data and value consumption of content business consumer Source
  11. 11. Signal WaveSpike TrendPulse
  12. 12. Two sided digital business In Direct feedback norms socialfriends Actual Actual User Actual User “The UserData Data Business” The User Data Direct feedback
  13. 13. So let‟s talk about “data”
  14. 14. Data and content in your control Content you Data you publish about leave about yourself yourself collected Cross this line when you agree to publish or postanything to the web. Data and content shifts from Content otherswithin your control to out of publish about your control you
  15. 15. Questions• How is All Data and My Data related?• Do you believe that everyone has the same opinion as you?
  16. 16. The Righteous model The Visionary model The Idealistic model The Evolution model The Private model The replication model6 models for ALL DATA and My DATA
  17. 17. Questions• How are My Data and Identity related?• Do you believe that everyone has the same opinion as you?
  18. 18. The Related model The Inseparable model The Subset model The Multiple Me model The Greater Than modelThe 5 models of My Data and Identity
  19. 19. Questions• How is My Data and My Rights related?• Do you believe that everyone has the same opinion as you?
  20. 20. The Extension model The Control model The Right model The Real modelThe 4 models of My Data and Rights
  21. 21. There is No simple answer….
  22. 22. A Two Sided Digital Business Model whereTony Fish Oct 2009 your Privacy will be someone elses business !
  23. 23. Education Data you leaveDefinitions of digital footprintHoly Kaw Design
  24. 24. What is a digital footprint? How I react to analysis of my data Data embedded What I say What the analysisin my content and about says about interactions myselfData embedded What the analysis in my social What others says about me innetworks content say about my social contextand interactions me with me How my social group in influenced by the analysis of my data
  25. 25. Can you control it all ? Purchase behaviour settlement Screenexperience Payment experience
  26. 26. Who creates identity?
  27. 27. • government• education• parents• family and friends• influencers, filters and those I follow• news• bias and experience• beliefs that I like• my behaviour, habits, routes and routines So who creates identity? - no one
  28. 28. Having an identity doesn‟t create value
  29. 29. height habits activity DNA finger print usage brands patterns hair colour voice behavioural me physical me eye colour routes routines iris scan preferences images attention eventscost bank and credit from me value tweets photos home professional links blogs comments addresses achievements photos video friends claims and history me blogs Social me likes official video tags medical records links documents friends comments academic likes achievements from others Source: My Digital Footprint
  30. 30. Google doesnt want your identity –it wants the data that gives you identity
  31. 31. reputation reach influence trigger (spike) stable reflectiontrust (signal) (pulse) authority refinement (wave) credibility relevancy preference
  32. 32. Quick one for you as a person… “Are friends important?”
  33. 33. rainbow of trustuntrusting untrusting accept one-way my-wayand stupid and wise authoritydangerous cautious structured simple open• give up data • selective • likes portal • banking • un-tetheredwithout thought • privacy protected • mass market • know limits • fashion• passive • many persona • must work • will explore • no help• click on anything • thoughtful • simple • follow • discovery• no firewall • advised • marketing works • will expand • push boundaries• loss of ID • social lead• follow and lead• early and late• social leads
  34. 34. Your Data In your control Share your data to gainaccess to the Don‟t share volume data to unlock effect private Out of control Allow use of your data to Share data to access access the personalisation multiplier effect
  35. 35. The ColourfulLevel ofinvasion Lines of Privacy creepy private personal public Value of Data
  36. 36. Shades of data abuseacceptable unacceptable TRAITS TRAITS Closed Open Secret Transparent Unknown Known Trusted bliss annoying creepy disturbing unethical Un-trusted Value destroying Value add Fraud/ theft Engaging
  37. 37. Recreation of identity CREEPYyour content knows about you unwanted messagesother‟s content recreatesabout you Identity wanted messages your data personalised VALUE Collection Analysis Insights Outcomes
  38. 38. @kevinmarks
  39. 39. It is all about how it is presented
  40. 40. “TRUTH”
  41. 41. TRUTH Hope, Dreams & Disruption “wishful thinking”FICTION FACT Broadcast Broadsheet Reports Research Tabloids What Internet/ Web CEO‟s want INTERPRETATION
  42. 42. “Privacy”
  43. 43. recklessness courage cowardice Excess Virtue Deficient
  44. 44. Public Private Publicinternet public, closed, non- broadcast TV, newspapers,contextual, raw and timeless open, contextual, edited and time bounded
  45. 45. “towards freedom”unethical unethicalimmoral immoralillegal illegalcreepy creepy “towards control”
  46. 46. bonded but not related Justification of benefits/ Deliver ERC High Value Increasing open TRUST RISK IDENTITY Increasing closed PRIVACY SECURITYHigh Control Justification of barriers/ Sell FUD
  47. 47. Is there a business model?
  48. 48. Pay for enhancement to service (subscription or one off)1 Trade data for enhancement directly with service provider2 Trade data for enhancement via a third party (indirect) such as an3 aggregation party Pay for services directly (subscription or one off)4 Trade data for service directly with service provider5 Trade data for services via a third party (indirect) such as an6 aggregation party Pay to protect your identity7 Enable 3rd party to use and exploit your data to generate Enable 3rd party to use and exploit their data8 benefits in kind and / or cash for a percentage of revenue to generate benefits in kind and / or cash for a percentage of revenue
  49. 49. Data is a commodity & ownership is unimportant. Value will be retained by those who own the feedback loop, who can get deep & dirty in thetransformation of data to create value & can marry complexity with uncertainty In the new kingdom, loyalty is dead, privacy is a setting, trust is the challenger, the princes‟ arebrands, the princesses are simplicity, attention is queen and data is king.
  50. 50. Relevancy to
  51. 51. Our granddad’s had 1 profession and job for life Our parents probably had three jobs We are likely to have over 10 jobsOur kids will need several jobs at the same time Our grandkids will have several professions
  52. 52. managed profilesscreenagers do what they want Someone is quicker “We” are not the same anymore Research goes both ways….
  53. 53. style brand standards What is being said about … company youmanagement market
  54. 54. blogNot where but what sentiment
  55. 55. where to post a job? ROI on placement best time to post a job?Data can give you… Best Practice reputation matched authority connections valued identity „a person‟ influence
  56. 56. Take Away
  57. 57. No-one knows everything
  58. 58. Data is two way
  59. 59. Influence or influencer
  60. 60. Trust Privacy Brand
  61. 61. Feedback loops
  62. 62. Disruption was free
  63. 63. Analysis is complex and expensive
  64. 64. Implementation needs partners
  65. 65. Thank