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eZ Publish Opensource open standards conference talk

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Given at the for eZ Systems

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eZ Publish Opensource open standards conference talk

  1. 1. eZ Publish PlatformTony Wood, @tonywood, eZ Systems@eZSystems / @eZSystemsUK#ezpublish
  2. 2. What we will cover today• Background and our experienceWho areeZ Systems & Kaliop• eZ Publish case studiesFrenchGovernment/Public• Towards Smart Cities with eZ PublishTrentino Province• European Space AgencyESA• Consolidate around an API drivencontent repositoryTake away
  3. 3. eZ Success Story eZ Systems AS founded 1999 inNorway More than 12 years commitmentto Commercial Open Source 105 employees Continued growth: Supportingover 15,000 customers in 120countries Established ecosystem: Morethan 350 Partners and a strongcommunity of 42,000 + members Over 5 million downloads and250,000 installationsNorth AmericaUnited StatesEMEAFrance, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, UK,Finland/BalticsAsiaPacChina, Japan, SingaporeCOPYRIGHT © 2012 EZ SYSTEMS 11/2012eZ Systems – Corporate Overview
  4. 4. Digital Services improve people s lifeEmpowering enterprises with thefreedom to create sustainablecontent driven digital business11/2012COPYRIGHT © 2012 EZ SYSTEMS
  5. 5. Compelling Experience needs continuous optimizationMulti-channel experience is the most impactful challenge for your experience platformSLIDE 5EZ SYSTEMS CORPORATE OVERVIEW - COPYRIGHT EZ SYSTEMS® 2012CREATEDELIVEROPTIMIZELearn, Adapt, ConvertAuthor, Capture, CollaboratePersonalize, Recommend, EngageA/BautomateContent Creators, Marketers, Information WorkersCustomers, Employees, Consumers...ContentBusinessLogicAPIsUIs
  6. 6. Create Deliver OptimizeCompelling Experience needs continuous optimizationPublishCollaborateCapture /CreateManageRecommen-dationsStagingInterope-rabilityCustomi-zationInteractionmgmtSelf-LearningSmart WebAnalyticsMultivariateTestingAvailable SolutionsBusiness ValueCOPYRIGHT © 2012 EZ SYSTEMS 11/2012
  7. 7. Trentino Province towardsSmart Cities with eZ Publish2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 7
  8. 8. Innovation & researchTrentino is a global player in innovation.
  9. 9. BusinessTrentino is a land of extraordinary naturalbeauty with strong “roots” in the territory.
  10. 10. HeritageThe environment for the Trentino community is,in fact, a shared value to be protected
  11. 11. GovernmentThe Autonomous Province of Trento can claima truly unique historic and cultural identity
  12. 12. eZ Publish PlatformThe Challenge2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 12
  13. 13. Employeessupport municipalities andcommunities employees. Managing daily multi-channel communication
  14. 14. Citizensto involve citizens in the progressiveimprovement of the local public administration
  15. 15. Politiciansto enable politicians to communicate clearly thenew services offered by the public administration
  16. 16. Growth Rate
  17. 17. Problems faced• Move to a multi-channelenabled content storeUnstructuredinformationsystems• Training and coaching foreditorial teams.Editors thinkingabout sites notcontent store• Migrate to a central contentstore from web sites.Content spreadover HTMLsites
  18. 18. eZ Publish PlatformThe solution2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 18
  19. 19. Solutions for the people• Enable reporting oferrors, incompletenesss or inaccuraciesInformation• Forums – citizen feedbackCommunity• Local organizations directlycommunicating their initiativesOpportunities• Listening post for citizens observations,suggestion & reportsListen
  20. 20. Numbers in the project• 10 valley communities• 20 municipalities• 200 local institutions• 300 politicians• 2,000 public employees• 150,000 citizens• 200 content classes• 4,000 messages by the citizensin 6 months• 400,000 content objects• 100,000 public documents• 2,500 points of Interest of 60different types, 5,000 eventsPeopleOrganisationsContent
  21. 21. Editorial workflow
  22. 22. a tool for the central editorial staff
  23. 23. Municipality websites Main regional websiteCommunity websitesDashboard
  24. 24. Server Architecture
  25. 25. eZ Publish power the eCitizenWhy?2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 27
  26. 26. OpenDataTrento MunicipalityData set:EventsMetadataCategoryLicense....DataSubjectBody text....Editorial staffExport: link to data (eZ Rest API)- formats: XML, CSV, JSON, RDF, ...- standard ( compression (zip)- CKAN search APIData set:Public DocumentsMetadataCategoryLicenseAuthorCharacter set....DataSubjectBodyPublished dateAnno protocolloProcessPolitical organ....CKANExport: metadata and link to dataCKANRovereto MunicipalityOther Municipalities
  27. 27. Why complete the project• Economies of scaleCost optimisation• Open source, opendata, crowdsourcingPublic sectortransparency• More on-line services, reducing the gapwith citizensEffectiveness inservice delivery• Best practices, enhancing content alreadypublished by other public administrationsReuse ofapplications anddata
  28. 28. European Space AgencyESA2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 30
  29. 29. The timeline• Lots of different CMS platforms(Fatwire, Open Market etc)2008• eZ Publish chosen as mediaplatform for multimedia.esa.int2009• eZ Publish chosen as principle CMStechnology for online presence2011• goes online with eZPublish2012
  30. 30. ESA Global Portal (
  31. 31. eZ Publish PlatformThe Challenge2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 33
  32. 32. Video1,300+ video assets for consumer & professional
  33. 33. Images10,000+ searchable images
  34. 34. NewsOne central news channel
  35. 35. eZ Publish PlatformThe solution2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 37
  36. 36. SolutionsUnification of many sitesVideosImagesNewsReviewsTV BroadcastSocial MediaShopping
  37. 37. Numbers in the project• 20 European Countries• Global Audience• 1,300+ videos• 10,500+ images• 11 search categories• 100+ sub categories• Many, many News & ArticlesPeopleContent
  38. 38. eZ Publish power the eCitizenWhy?2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 40
  39. 39. Why complete the project• Peaceful cooperation among European States in spaceresearch and technology and their space applicationsFulfill Purpose• DAM and Portal content together for ease ofmanagementSingle ContentPlatform• The right content in the right languageCommunication• Integrate with other platforms and other channelsincluding mobile & tabletMulti-channel
  40. 40. Quick case studies2/25/11PRESENTER: TONY WOOD SLIDE 42
  41. 41. www.LaDocumentationFrancaise.frEvery French state document for sale in theirStately bookstore
  42. 42. @eZSystems @Kaliop