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Facebook for Art

A quick look inside the Limerick School of Art & Design as creative students plan to complement their art into social media.

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Facebook for Art

  1. 1. Facebook for Art We are learning in theLimerick School of Art & Design.
  2. 2. Facebookfor an Art Exhibition Taking a blended approach with @topgold from
  3. 3. Conclusions Up FrontO You must have engagement on an active timeline.O You must share decent images.O You must respect brevity.O You should balance your marketing of creative portfolios that people want to see and share.
  4. 4. The Basic Insights Our Facebook stats suck.
  5. 5. AnalyticsO InsightsO BufferO Bit.lyO HootsuiteO Web Analytics
  6. 6. Brand FocusO The focus is no longer on how brands communicate, but rather on how they relate.O Brands relate best through brand experiences.O Brand experiences are most meaningful when consumers are surrounded by their social connections.
  7. 7. Brand ProfileO Our brand’s profile logo is 180 x 180 pixels on our page.O Our logo scales to 32 x 32 pixels in News Feeds.
  8. 8. Brand Cover PhotoO On-Page Cover Photo is 851 x 315 pixels.O Cover photos feature fan or photo of the month, a new promotion or even a call-out for a custom Facebook Application.O Cover Photos may not include price or purchase information, contact information or calls to action.
  9. 9. Role of ImagesO Brands that create posts that are accompanied by visual media enjoy greater inclusion and engagement through users’ News Feeds.O Visual content is core to a quality user experience in the Timeline layout.
  10. 10. Friend-PrioritisedO Pages acts as a personalized social lens through which users can view a given brand.O A call-out with the number of a user’s friends who like the Page as well as some of their recent activity pertaining to the brand features at the top of the Timeline.O Friends care about friends, making this a compelling reason for brands to respond to each and every post on their Pages.
  11. 11. Starring StoriesO Page Administrators can prioritise their own content within the Timeline by starring the best (most engaging) ones and allowing it to expand with double width on the timeline.O Administrators can hide less engaging or less important stories.O Administrators can choose not to feature items in the Timeline.
  12. 12. PinningYou can pin a post for seven days.
  13. 13. Community ManagementO You can control how conversations appear on your Pages.O Administrators can prevent fans’ posts to the Timeline from showing up publicly until they have been approved.O Administrators can also hide a box that allows users to see recent post by people other than their immediate friends.
  14. 14. MessagingO 1-ON-1 Messaging.O Timeline introduced the “Message” button that appears next to the “Like” Button at the top of the Page (at a brand’s discretion -- it can be hidden).
  15. 15. OffersO Facebook post type called “Offers” lets you feature a promotion on your page.O Users can claim an offer and have the coupon sent directly to the user’s email or mobile device.O This is seamless, powered by Facebook users’ profile data and connects to analytics and tracking. Potent.
  16. 16. Offers Can Spread
  17. 17. Posting StandardsO Visually engaging posts generate 2X the engagement of basic text posts.O On average, Page Insights show people visit and engage with P&P Pages most often between 8pm and midnight.O Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, than longer posts.O Facebook estimates that the average Page reaches 16% of its fans in the average week.
  18. 18. Sponsored StoriesO Treated as ad units.O Effective Sponsored Stories express the core of the message in the first 90 characters of the post as that is the size of the ad unit.
  19. 19. Getting ResultsO Facebook reports that Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories on the right-hand side are typically 40% more engaging and 80% more likely to be remembered than all previous offerings.O Facebook says “well-run campaigns leverage social drive ROIs of 3x or greater.”
  20. 20. Brand Over CommunityO The Timeline is a prime example of engineered communications.O Timelines tell branded stories.O Admins hide blemishes from Timelines.O Community Managers squelch rabbles.O One-to-one, consumer-to-brand messaging also keeps consumers’ and brands’ dirty laundry (i.e. customer service issues) out of sight and, perhaps, out of mind.
  21. 21. News Feeds WorkO For brands, the most important part of Facebook is the News Feed.O The majority of engagement and awareness is generated by brands’ posts being seen among their friends’ posts in the News Feed.
  22. 22. Rich VisualsO Rich visuals make the best content and the best timelines.O Facebook Mobile is a quick stalking experience.O The more photos, videos and links relevant to individual posts, the more a brand stands out in the timeline and builds affinity through its timeline.
  23. 23. StorytellingO Wonderful stories can unfold on timelines.O Mounting an exhibition is a story with milestones.O Milestone post types add landmarks.O Admins can create fanciful back stories.
  24. 24. Starting Our P&P Story
  25. 25. What We NeedO Written stories.O Design materials.O Five word descriptors of key players.O Featured press clippings.O Presentations.O Video clips.O Audio samples.O Related links.
  26. 26. Recommended Reading
  27. 27. Recommended Listening O This Week in Google O Marketing Over Coffee Podcast
  28. 28. With Thanks toO JackMorton.comO Eamon DaltonO Mike KielyO John Hannafin
  29. 29. Promoters never sleep. Bernie Goldbach edits Tweets @topgold
  30. 30. Thoughts?