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How to Win Friends and Influence the Influencers - TopRank Marketing

  1. How to Win & Influence the Influencers @LeeOdden CEO Illustration: Shutterstock
  2. @leeodden #outreachmarketing About Lee Odden & TopRank Marketing Digital Marketing Agency
  3. @leeodden #outreachmarketing The Brand Bull ≠ Influencer Marketing 'Cracked Matador' (Source: Chris Dunn (
  4. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Why Influencer Marketing? 59% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the next year. Tomoson 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads. Nielsen $6.85 for every $1 spent – Average media value earned by brands who implemented influencer marketing. Burst Media aka RhythmOne 75% of professionals consider their influencer engagement effective for lead generation. Augure Illustration: Shutterstock
  5. @leeodden #outreachmarketing About Those Statistics… Trust, But Verify!
  6. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Winning Combo: Influencers & Content Campaign by CMI & TopRank Marketing Event Promotion & Lead Gen: Co-created content with 40 influencers from major brands: Series of themed eBooks, infographics, blog posts & social content. Results: Over 200k eBook views. 4k+ downloads, 1k+ leads for the sponsor & hundreds of event referrals. Winner: DGR Killer Content Award Finalist: MarketingProfs Bright Bulb
  7. @leeodden #outreachmarketing If You Want Your Content to be Great, Ask Influencers to Participate! @leeodden Illustration: Shutterstock
  8. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Theme Repurpose Repurpose Curate Tips/Quote s Interviews Infographic Social Shares Social GraphicseBook(s) Audio/Vid eo Collect Create INFLUENCERSIdentify Qualify Monitor, Measure, Optimize RecruitRecruit
  9. @leeodden #outreachmarketing 5 Influencer Engagement Fails
  10. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Asking influencers to participate with no previous contact. “You don’t know me, but…” Tweeting invites publicly – 10, 20 or 50 at a time. Inviting an influencer to collaborate and in the same email to invest in your company. Fail 1: Too Much, Too Soon Illustration: Shutterstock
  11. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Using influencer content without asking, then asking for help to promote. Coordinating influencer content and image for public content, then reusing for gated content followed by an ask for help to promote. Fail 2: Shoot First, Ask Later Illustration: Shutterstock
  12. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Offering access to a tool for review, then requiring an guided demo where the influencer is “sold to”. Inviting an influencer to moderate a panel then change duties to be the emcee of an entire track. Telling the influencer the article will publish in an industry publication, then only post it to a local blog. Fail 3: Bait & Switch Illustration: Shutterstock
  13. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Inviting the influencer to participate in something not related to their area of expertise. (apples/oranges) Asking a writer who doesn’t do videos to do a video. Or a Vlogger to write a 1,500 word article. Fail 4: Irrelevance Illustration: Shutterstock
  14. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Taking an influencer’s content contribution and gratuitously adding brand keywords and links. Fail 5: Just Say No to Slimy SEO Illustration: Shutterstock “There are four essential reasons why the keyword approach works so well: 1. Keyword provide financial benefits 2. Keyword are lower cost 3. Keyword can be reused with minor adjustments When incorporating these benefits into the planning of a keyword solution, be sure…”
  15. @leeodden #outreachmarketing There Must Be A Better Way!
  16. @leeodden #outreachmarketing 5 Ways to Win at Influencer Engagement Image
  17. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Research influencers: • Influencer Discovery Tools • Social Media Monitoring • Read their content (spreed) What do they care about? What are they not getting? What can you offer that’s unique? Make a recruitment plan! Win 1: Do Your Homework Illustration: Shutterstock
  18. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Phases of Engagement: 1. Good Afternoon 2. Hello 3. Hi 4. Hey there 5. Dude! 6. Dude! Win 2: Romance! Illustration: Shutterstock Brandividuals say “yes” faster than Niche influencers
  19. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Communicate Relevant Goals: Greater Good – For all & industry For influencer – Exposure, KPIs For brand – Exposure, KPIs Communicate Impact: Attract – Traffic/Visits, Sources Engage – Views, Shares Convert – Subs, Downloads, Leads, Sales Win 3: Share Goals AND Results Illustration: Shutterstock
  20. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Contributions: • Start simple & follow up for more • Provide examples, limits, due dates Sharing & Promotion: • Provide a timeline • Offer assets for sharing, blogging, & PR • Show progress (everyone likes a winner) Win 4: Make it Easy Illustration: Shutterstock
  21. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Maintain & Grow the Relationship: 1. Say thank you! 2. Provide feedback 3. Stay connected on social & engage 4. Include in future collaborations 5. Refer them business 6. Cite in future media, owned content Win 5: Care & Feeding = Growth Illustration: Shutterstock
  22. @leeodden #outreachmarketing 4 Years Influencer Collaboration: • Over 1 million views • Grew marketing influencer cohort to 140+ • Connected with 50 Brand Dir/VP Marketing potential clients • Just under $1m in new revenue • Virtually zero cost Case Study: CMI & TopRank Marketing
  23. @leeodden #outreachmarketing 1. Find & Be Relevant 2. Make it Easy 3. Create Mutual Goals and Share Results Takeaways Illustration: Shutterstock
  24. @leeodden #outreachmarketing Lee Odden - @leeodden Thank You!

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  1. Too many brands are entering the world of influencer marketing like a bull in a china shop, flailing and failing in lost opportunities. This presentation will highlight the top 5 influencer fails to avoid and 5 ways to win at influencer engagement.