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Optimized Blogging That Inspires Action

  1. Optimized Blogging That Inspires Action @LeeOdden
  2. @leeodden Content Marketing #1 Image: Shutterstock
  3. @leeodden Growth of Content Marketing Google Trends U.S. Business Category Queries Past 5 Years (2008 – 2013) “Content Marketing” “Social Media Marketing” “Search Engine Marketing”
  4. @leeodden Where Does Blogging Fit? Content Marketing Social Media SEO Business Blog Public Relations Customer Service Talent Acquisition Offline to Online Customer Lifecycle Awareness Consideration Purchase Retention Advocacy Interest
  5. @leeodden Blogs = Trust & Influence Source: Technorati Digital Influence Report 2013
  6. @leeodden Our Agency Blog Example: Started Blogging 2004 News, Tips, Liveblogging, SEO Integrated Social Networking Shifted to Customer Topics Layered Content Plan Operationalize Promotion Ongoing Performance Optimization
  7. @leeodden How Do We Want to Be Known? Blog Speaking Thought Leader Smart Place To Work Consulting Useful Resource
  8. @leeodden What Problems Can We Solve? What When Where Who How Why Tools Strategy Best Practices Tactics Tips Examples Case Studies Content Search Social Digital PR B2B B2C Verticals
  9. @leeodden B2B Blogging: Be Useful & Multiply Social Media for SMBs Useful content about social media topics to support small business interests. • Best practices, tools • Thought leader interviews • Supports social content promotions (eBook)
  10. @leeodden B2B Blogging: Be Useful & Multiply Measurement: Reach & Consumption • Organic search traffic • Social traffic • Direct traffic • Page views • Topic popularity • Social shares, comments • Inbound Links
  11. @leeodden B2C Blogging: Facts Tell, Stories Sell Luxury Living Blog (Cars, Homes, Yachts, Planes) Blog Topics - What Customers Care About: Stories about celebrities, brands, news AND luxury rentals Useful, Informative and Entertaining: “Cool”
  12. @leeodden B2C Blogging: Facts Tell, Stories Sell Measurement: Reach, Engagement, Inquiries • Organic search visibility • Social & direct traffic • Content engagement, shares • Inquiries • Conversions
  13. @leeodden What Can Your Blog Achieve? • Brand Awareness • Elevate Publicity • Support Customers • Recruiting • Attract New Business, Referrals • Self Expression • Exercise in Writing • Useful Resource • Connect with Bloggers • Contribute to the Community Personal Goals: Business Goals:
  14. @leeodden So What’s Stopping You? Image Source: Shutterstock
  15. @leeodden Why Business Blogs Fail  No clear objectives  Unrealistic expectations and resource allocation  Not sourcing content - long term  No feedback mechanisms  Do it yourself syndrome  No Blog & Social Content Plan!
  16. @leeodden
  17. @leeodden Optimize & Socialize in 4 Steps Awareness, Interest, Consider, Buy Why they buy = topics & search keywords Who, What, Why, When, Where, How Social & SEO Networking, Link Building 1 2 3 4 Understand Your Audience According to Their Objectives Use a Content Calendar to Organize & Optimize Map Customer Needs to Topics & Search Keywords Grow Social Networks, Promote Content & Optimize Performance
  18. @leeodden Plan & Optimize for Customers Get to Know Your Community Discover Consume Act
  19. @leeodden Optimization ModelPersonal Digital Presence – Phase 2 Attract Engage Convert Optimize 360 Model
  20. @leeodden
  21. @leeodden • Collect data • Analyze and create segments • Create a profile for target audiences • Map buying cycle events • Identify keyword clusters and content types for personas • Implement with content creation, optimization & promotion Audience Segmentation
  22. @leeodden • Demo: Male, 30-35, Owns SMB, 80-95k • Behaviors: Read, share, moderate interaction • Preferences: Tips, Opinion, Image Rich content • Publish/Share: Comments, Status Updates, Bookmarks • Top Keywords: office cleaning, cleaning services • Social Sites: Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Blogs • Participation: Join, Collect “Stan” Small Business Owner Build Profiles “Best Customer”
  23. @leeodden Keywords Content Plan Creation Curation Profiles Guide Blog Topics, SEO But Not ALL the time for ALL content
  24. @leeodden Blog Hub & Spoke Blog Hub
  25. @leeodden Map Content to Customer Journey Prospect Pain Points • Multiple Locations to Clean • Single Solution Vendor • After Hours • Quick, Efficient Service • Scale Up or Down Easily Sales Cycle Keywords Social Topics Content Type Awareness Facility cleaning scalable facility cleaning services Blog post, articles in relevant magazines Interest robot cleaners, scalable facility cleaning What types of automated cleaners are there? Webinar, Demonstration video, White Paper Consideration robot cleaner reviews What are the best robotic cleaners? Product specifications. Comparison to competitors Purchase robot, Zrobot how to buy, Zrobot prices Procurement process, Leasing/Purchase Buying guide, RFQ form Retention Zrobot management tips How to get more uses from your Zrobots Blog posts, guest posts, video Advocacy Zrobot fans, Zrobot accessories Zrobots user group Q and A, tips LinkedIn group Forum, Zrobot Newsletter Stan: Small Business Owner
  26. @leeodden Optimized Blog Plan Free Download XLS at:
  27. @leeodden 8 Blog Content Ideas 1. Oreo Cookie News Posts 2. Short Lists - 5 (Keyword) Tips on (Action) (Goal) 3. Large Collections - Complete Guide to (Keyword) 4. Interview Influentials – Broad & Niche 5. Curate Comments – Your blog, your comments off blog 6. Crowdsource – Survey, polls, contests that result in content 7. Ask SMEs Questions – Won’t blog, but will talk 8. Frontline Staff – Service & Sales, BCC Answers to content team
  28. @leeodden Winning Blog Action Formula Your Passion + Customer Needs = Stories That Attract, Engage & Convert
  29. @leeodden Blog Action Checklist  Pick your goals & work backwards to identify measurement & approach  Inventory resources: People, Plan, Time  Learn readers questions & goals – help them  Plan stories that infotain & inspire action  Invest in community, get paid in infinite ideas  Monitor progress, optimize performance
  30. @leeodden “Optimize is the playbook you’ll need to run an effective program.” Scott Monty, Ford “Optimize shows you how to put content, search & social to work for your business.” Ann Handley, MarketingProfs “Optimize shows you how to put content, search & social to work for your business.” Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute “If I were lazy, I could cheat and use Lee Odden’s book as my road map for this coming year’s business.” Chris Brogan, Human Business Works Get
  31. @leeodden Thank You Lee Odden 877 872 6628 @TopRank

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