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FOD in Omaha, May 2015

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  1. 1. FOD – 2015 - OMAHA Slide show by Bill Dozier Photos courtesy of Bell Photography, LLC
  2. 2. 27th Annual Reunion
  3. 3. Rev ‘Foots’ made the party after several years
  4. 4. “Friday Meet and Greet – Time to Eat” Richard it was NOT your turn yet!!
  5. 5. “Navy Chiefs never met food they didn’t like”
  6. 6. “Now let ME tell you why red meat kills” !
  7. 7. “Honey, we ain’t worried ‘bout dat”
  8. 8. “Joe, man you better grab some grub quick”
  9. 9. “Melanie, you don’t have to protect your food”
  10. 10. “Ya’ll can eat but I be PLAYIN’ these cards” !
  11. 11. “Let me pray to the Big Chief in the Sky before I eat”
  12. 12. “Yes, we DO know we is FINE”
  13. 13. “We sure AM glad we don’t have to host anymore”
  14. 14. “Yes, this is my third plate, so what”
  15. 15. “Now Barb, who took that damn bite out of my sandwich” ?
  16. 16. “ Shhh, it was ME “
  17. 17. “ Darn it, I think he got mine too “
  18. 18. “No really Rev, it was just from eating one BIG sandwich”
  19. 19. “Did ya’ll hear THAT lie” ?
  20. 20. “That Avery is off the chain, Earley” - “I’ll drink to that”
  21. 21. “It’s spelled AIR F-O-R-C-E, not FARCE”
  22. 22. “Now tell me again Rev, you all met WHERE” ?
  23. 23. “Scott’s just be COOL” !
  24. 24. “Me and MAURICE finally got a child” !
  25. 25. “Hey Rick, now which side is it for the Pledge again” ?
  26. 26. “We are QUEENS, so BOW DOWN”
  27. 27. “Richard, just give it ALL to me dammit”
  28. 28. “Where the hell is my change” ?
  29. 29. “This is what Navy Chiefs with no Boat look like”
  30. 30. “See Marines, you too CAN have fun without DRINKING” !
  31. 31. “Evelyn, you better deal way better than THAT” !
  32. 32. “See that Jack, Willie? You just lost”! II know they cheating and I’m watching !
  33. 33. “Looks like they already done took all my coins”
  34. 34. “Big Fish on the line here, stand back” !
  35. 35. “You KNOW these are two bad bitches”
  36. 36. “Read ‘em and weep, but pass my money” !
  37. 37. “The 2015 Host and Hostess”
  38. 38. “We are F-A-M-I-L-Y, AND we KNOW we look GOOD” !
  39. 39. “Yes, and we can DANCE too”
  40. 40. “After a Bucket of THIS, we can do anything”
  41. 41. “I think I got enough, heck, let’s get ANOTHER Bucket” !
  42. 42. “OK, I’m DOWN for that, or is it UP” ?
  43. 43. “Evelyn don’t know it, but I got a can of Whip Ass here”
  44. 44. “Clara, wait till she sees THIS powerhouse”
  45. 45. “Well hell, ya’ll can HAVE this crap then”
  46. 46. “REALLY, I CAN turn the color completely off ladies”
  47. 47. “WHAT, you thought I was joking” ?
  48. 48. “That was a nice trick, but did you drink my drink when I wasn’t looking”?
  49. 49. “Getting Ready for the Playoffs – CLE vs GSW”
  50. 50. “Cleveland is taking this one, Warrior Fans”
  51. 51. “The game has started” Dammit, did ya’ll see that shit, they fouled LeBron on the bench!
  52. 52. “This is locked, I can take it easy”
  53. 53. “Maybe if we STARE hard enough Cleveland will win”
  54. 54. “The FOD Cheerleaders, led by Diane, whoop it up”
  55. 55. “Can you READ ? I’m FLAVOR, she’s GOODNESS” !
  56. 56. “Or maybe we are both GOOD” !
  57. 57. “Now there they go again”
  58. 58. “Greetings FOD 2015”
  59. 59. “I’m your Host Freddie Hall, JUNIOR”
  60. 60. “Anita, wake me up when the food is ready”
  61. 61. “Freddie sounds good, but the food is calling me NOW”
  62. 62. “Hey ‘Bay’, when we gonna EAT”
  63. 63. “Be patient Andrew, it’ll be on in a minute”
  64. 64. “Let me hurry and bless this food so we can eat”
  65. 65. “No, ‘Drew, I don’t have a ‘sammich’ in my bag, just wait a few”
  66. 66. “A nice buffet meal enjoyed by all”
  67. 67. “Moving through the line” I have NO idea what this is, but I’ll try it I know ONE thing, Maria had better hurry the heck up !
  68. 68. Food is looking good Please Lord, leave enough for ME !
  69. 69. Maxine, Look at them, eating already, and we still waiting in this line …
  70. 70. “Based on the Vasser’s, I’d say it’s probably pretty good”
  71. 71. “The food’s OK, but I thought I heard a ‘Mo’ out there” Larry, are you sure you don’t want MO of my salad?
  72. 72. FOD didn’t know it, but we are the Black First Family of Omaha! “This is all family” !
  73. 73. “Pay attention, this is Fine Dining Etiquette 101” Watch how nicely Sarah uses those utensils!!
  74. 74. “And now, our President, Maurice Young”
  75. 75. “We will now take a moment to remember”
  76. 76. “ A moment of silence as we light a candle for each”
  77. 77. “Honoring our members who have passed on”
  78. 78. “Sid lights the candles”
  79. 79. “OK, at the count of three, FALL IN to my left”
  80. 80. “Presenting FOD 2015”
  81. 81. “Announcing our Host City for 2016 – Memphis, TN”
  82. 82. “Hey I like THAT, Beale Street and BBQ here I come”
  83. 83. “The Banner is Passed to Lois Davis-Thomas”
  84. 84. “Sunday Church Services”
  85. 85. “I hope that is the Bible on that iPad”
  86. 86. “I guess even Navy Chiefs can go to Heaven”
  87. 87. DISCLAIMER: I did not take ANY of these pictures and NONE of the captions represent anything the subjects ACTUALLY said, nor anything I necessarily think they MIGHT have said. My captions are purely for fun and entertainment and intended to generate some healthy laughs. They were not intended to offend anyone or violate any societal norms of political correctness. That being said, if I offended you, get a life !!