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The Art of Selling Space - Marketing Strategy for Hosting Providers

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Hosting is intangible and commodity based. Look at it from your prospects' perspective: there are a lot of choices and everyone seems to look and sound the same. The answer is to stop dumping feature lists, product data and marketing jargon on your prospects.

Knowing what the Buyer experience is, will allow us to market to our prospects better. Sell the emotional benefits of your product. Trust, security, competition, belonging, control, freedom, leadership, assurance, and even fear. B2B buyers innately have a fear of making the wrong decision. How you do that is through visuals, the tone of your copy, and through affirming the buyers decision that you are the right vendor for them.

Employ the ETC Marketing Model to inject emotion into your marketing and connect with your buyer. "E" is for Emotional Benefits, "T" is for Triggers with Association, and "C" is for Content of Value. Learn the strategy and 5 ETC things you can do today to improve return on your marketing.

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The Art of Selling Space - Marketing Strategy for Hosting Providers

  1. 1. The Art of Selling Space Redux By Makiko Ara Director of Digital Media
  2. 2. Twitter Event #sellingspace @totalpm
  3. 3. Growing the Cloud and Hosting Industry How do we make the cloud easier to access and manage? How do we connect to our buyer better? How do we convince our buyer that the Cloud is secure and stable.
  4. 4. The Marketing Pains of the Cloud and Hosting Industry A Very Crowded Market • Providers tend to look and sound the same Growth by Referrals • Regular marketing hasn’t been necessary Lack of Resources • Budget and Team
  5. 5. Common Marketing Traps... • Too much emphasis on functionality • A race to-the-bottom • Lack of creativity B2B buyers are human. You are still selling to a Consumer on the other side of the screen. Decisions are not 100% objective.
  6. 6. … How Do Customers Buy Hosting • Reactive not proactive • There’s Amazon, GoDaddy, Rackspace and everybody else...right? • Difficult to quantify and measure the differences Everybody is secure, right? I’ve been burned before. Who can I trust? `
  7. 7. So the worst thing you can do... Focus too much on functionality!
  8. 8. B2B Buyers Make Decisions Based on Emotions The traditional marketing strategy for technology branding has looked like this: Time, Money, Energy, Resources Spent #1 Functional: > 90% #2 Economical: < 10% #3 Emotional: < 1% B2B decision making is largely irrational, so consider the consumer’s needs before your offerings. Mohanbir Sawhney, Professor of Technology at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management
  9. 9. See No Difference in Functionality QUESTION: Do you see a real difference between suppliers and value the difference enough to pay for it? 14% NO 86%
  10. 10. What if you… • Focus on Emotional Benefits • Be unique and tout your specializations (be best of breed) and relate to the buyer • Employ creativity and use your limited marketing dollars wisely • Create the anticipation of professional and personal rewards
  11. 11. The Mind of the New (B2B) Buyer A new breed of B2B buyer • Consumes content like water • Extremely self-sufficient for research • Extremely impatient and impulsive • Values trust and referrals
  12. 12. But... The new breed of B2B buyer is still emotional creature that despite great attempts to cover it up in the form of ROI analyses, hosting provider comparison matrices, technical evaluations and the like… is often driven by FEAR. (the unknown, wrong decision, failure)
  13. 13. And other emotions that connect... Trust, Security, Competition, Belonging, Control, Freedom, Leadership, and even Guilt.
  14. 14. The 3 Benefits That You Must Convey A B2B technology brand should convey 3 benefits to its B2B Buyer as part of their positioning message. FUNCTIONAL BENEFIT ECONOMIC BENEFIT EMOTIONAL BENEFIT
  15. 15. But Playing On Emotion is Not New Remember these ads: “10 out of 12 Healthcare Companies Use Oracle”
  16. 16. Why Add Emotion to Your Marketing The emotional brain processes sensory information in one fifth of the time our cognitive brain takes to assimilate the same input. People feel first, think second
  17. 17. Trust is more valuable than data.
  19. 19. #1: Promote Emotional Benefits Sell on emotion. What does your product help the customer accomplish. How will they feel?
  20. 20. Why Add Emotion to Your Marketing Case study following 1400 advertising campaigns measuring the economic success of campaigns sorted by emotional content. EMOTIONAL COMBINED RATIONAL 31% 26% 16%
  21. 21. #2: Triggers with Association Using memorable triggers in your marketing to remind buyers of what makes you remarkable.
  22. 22. Triggers Help Buyers Remember You
  23. 23. Exciting and Remarkable Content
  24. 24. High perceived value content EQUALS High perceived value of products, services & company #3: Create Content of Value
  25. 25. Lawn Mowing Child Care Medical Clinic CostofService Complexity of Service Janitorial Courier Insurance Accountant Consultant Hosting Customer’s Expectations for Quality of Marketing Content
  27. 27. Insurance - A Parallel Industry Hosting and Insurance Industry ● Protecting our business and livelihood ● Highly competitive industry ● Commodity providers, premium providers and specialists ● Disaster recovery has the same implications ● Competitive research usually done on the web What Can We Learn? ● Marketing to emotion ● The Insurance Agent is the trusted advisor ● Off the shelf plans with customization ● Established brands firebomb. Newer players enter with a specialized angle.
  28. 28. Conclusion: Your Take Home Action Plan 5 ETC Things You Can Do Today
  29. 29. Visuals and photos that reflect the emotions and experiences of your prospective customers.
  30. 30. Piggyback on your customers’ brands and associated value, in a meaningful way. What they stand for, you will stand for.
  31. 31. Example photos
  32. 32. Specialize. Admit you’re not good at everything and focus on what you are good at. Sharpen your message. Make it meaningful.
  33. 33. Example photos
  34. 34. If you are selling support and specialized solutions, incorporate photos of team members as part of your brand. This is an easy but often over-looked way to connect at a human level with your customers.
  35. 35. Create a Jargon dictionary of commonly used words in your sector and remove them from your material. Use real words that resonate with the buyer.
  36. 36. A CB
  37. 37. 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1
  38. 38. 1. Use visuals to depict the emotions of your buyer 2. Piggyback on your clients’ associated value 3. Focus on your specialization 4. Use photos of your staff to connect to your buyer 5. Remove jargon and use real words 5 ETC Things to do Today
  39. 39. Bonus Take-Away Create customer-focused products as a starting point for discussion for selling.
  40. 40. Why Productize Your “Custom” Product • Kill the “We can do anything” message. • Hone in on your strengths and play those up. • Specialize. Specialize. Specialize. The product provides insight into how you service your clients. Address the pain points. Be the trusted advisor.
  41. 41. The Product as a Starting Point
  42. 42. Emotions Drive Buying Decisions
  43. 43. Trust is More Valuable Than Data Emotional Benefits • Motivate action through emotion Triggers with Association • Be memorable with triggers Content of Value • High perceived value content = High perceived value of company
  44. 44. Total Product Marketing Makiko Ara, Director of Digital Media Call 1.855.646.8662 1.855.6.GOTOMARKET