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Steal This Slide: eCommerce Video Conversion Rates & Statistics

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Getting your team on board with an easy way to benchmark your success with product-related video content is difficult. These two slides should help you and your team understand what to measure and how to benchmark your success.

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Steal This Slide: eCommerce Video Conversion Rates & Statistics

  1. 1. Product Video Results<br />Higher Conversions<br />Stay Longer<br />64% -85%<br />More likely to purchase after watching a product video<br />Internet Retailer 4/2010 / Comscore 8/2010<br />2min Longer<br />Average stay when engaged with video<br />Comscore 8/2010<br />Offline Impact<br />Search Enhancement<br />53x Higher<br />Likelihood of a front-page Google result <br />Forrester, 1/2010<br />6% increase<br />In in-store sales<br />Reckitt Benckiser, Nielsen, May 2010<br />This slide stolen with permission from<br />
  2. 2. Product Video Results<br />Customer Support<br />Direct Marketing<br />25-27%<br />Fewer product returns<br /> Internet Retailer 12/2009 PFI Western 12/2009<br />96% <br />Increase in email click-through rates<br />Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey<br />Luxury Sales<br />Video Merchandising<br />Double<br />The impact of eCommerce video<br />Invodo Research, February 2010<br />20% increase<br />Of all males cite online video as a significant impact for jewelry & watch purchases<br />Ad-Ology Media Ifluence on Consumer Choice, 9/2008<br />This slide stolen with permission from<br />