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3 unsung and unadulterated caribbean island

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3 unsung and unadulterated caribbean island
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3 unsung and unadulterated caribbean island

  1. 1. Picture courtesy - Picture courtesy -
  2. 2. Picture courtesy - To have a memorable holiday in the Caribbean with lots of fun and frolic, adrenaline rush and Serene experiences- being a millionaire is certainly not a condition. Although, agreed that most of the Caribbean islands have become the playgrounds of the rich and famous, but fortunately there are still several islands who have retained their natural beauty and have narrowly escaped development. You don’t have to make any compromises in these islands (listed below) spending a vacation, moreover you will be stunned to realize how budget-friendly they are. San Blas Islands, Panama Picture courtesy -
  3. 3. Picture courtesy - Picture courtesy -
  4. 4. Picture courtesy - Dispersed off the remote southeastern bank of Panama, the refreshingly unmarred San Blas Islands are a definitive castaway dream. The awe-inspiring archipelago is an integral part of Panama, yet indigenous Kuna Indians have had self-governing control following the 1920s and everyday life here is effortlessly simple. Meander around the palm-bordered islands and lounge on their white-sand shorelines. There's great snorkeling available here, particularly at a shallow wreck off Dog Island. Bocas del Toro, Panama
  5. 5. Picture courtesy Picture courtesy - Picture courtesy - Wrapped up in wilderness and bordered by coral reefs, this island chain is more commercialized than San Blas, yet it has done just enough to hold onto its native flair. In fact, even the principle island Colon has a casual Caribbean vibe, and you're certain to see no less than one sloth hanging out on Bastimentos, which is encompassed by Panama's most seasoned Marine Park. Snorkeling tours organized by locals are worth giving it a try. The island’s close vicinity to the Mainland Rivers is the main reason that Scuba is avoided as far as possible. Corn Islands, Nicaragua
  6. 6. Picture courtesy - Picture courtesy -
  7. 7. Picture courtesy Picture courtesy - Placed 70km away from the land, the two Corn Islands – Big Corn and Little Corn – feel a million miles away from Nicaragua's sloppy Caribbean coastline. Previously a British colony, it has got a more Caribbean vibe than Latin, and nobody is ever in a hurry. North of here lie the forbidden Miskito Cays and toward the east you'll hit San Andres Island, which is the territory of Columbia.
  8. 8. There's extraordinary diving and snorkeling, and you won't come back from a fishing excursion with nothing in hand. There's not much else to do but rather swing in a hammock and chasm on crisp fish, which is loved by all guests. Address Bank House, 9 Victoria Road, Fulwood Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom PR2 8ND, 01273257200 Facebook - Twitter - Google Plus - Pinterest - Youtube -