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A Complete BI Solution in About an Hour!

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In this presentation Aaron will cover how to collect data from multiple SQL Servers using SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS). Then he will use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to report detail on that data. After that he will use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to create a KPI. Finally he’ll present that KPI on a dashboard via a web page. The goal of this presentation is to show how seamless the Microsoft Business Intelligence products are. If you’ve only used a few of these products, you’ll appreciate seeing them together all at once. Code will be provided.

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A Complete BI Solution in About an Hour!

  1. 1. A Complete BI Solution in about an Hour Aaron Stanley King @trendoid
  2. 2. What is Business Intelligence?“Business Intelligence is a set ofmethodologies, processes, architectures, andtechnologies that transform raw data into meaningfuland useful information used to enable more effectivestrategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making.“-Boris Evelson, Topic Overview: Business Intelligence
  3. 3. What do we need for a complete Business Intelligence solution?Data storageElectronic Data Interchange (EDI)Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)Development support for predictive analyticsReportingDevelopment support for integrationAd-hoc querying support
  4. 4. AgendaCollect data using SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS)Analyze the data using SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS)Report on the analysis using SQL Server ReportingServices (SSRS)Display that information in a custom website as adashboard
  5. 5. Before we code, installation ;-( One installation for all services Development and management tools included One server install Low minimum hardware requirements Minimum: 1.4 GHz processor Minimum: 1 GB RAM Minimum: 5 GB Hard drive space free *** subject to change and your exact environment
  6. 6. Multidimensional or Tabular Mode You can’t install both on one instance You will need to install two instances of SSAS That means run the setup twice servernamemulti and servernametabular Multidimensional MDX Large dataset Complex calculations, relationships and named sets Uses Facts and Dimensions Tabular DAX Power View Large number of external data sources Uses Tables
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Dimensions vs. FactsDimension Tables Provide context Primary keys Smaller than fact tablesFact Tables Used for measurements Numerics or integers Foreign keys Larger than dimension tables
  9. 9. Data Warehouse Design
  10. 10. Data Warehouse Design
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Questions and AnswersAaron Stanley King @trendoid on Twitter