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Building Websites with WordPress UBC Summer 2012

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Saving paper! My slides from my Building Websites with WordPress class I teach through UBC Continuing Studies.

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Building Websites with WordPress UBC Summer 2012

  1. 1. Building a Website with WordPress Creating & Managing a Website Yourself
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• How to develop a plan for your site• DIY or Hosted WordPress• How to organize your content• What to write about• Choose a theme/design that works for your site• Basics of WordPress ( &• Configure a WordPress site to be a "regular website"
  3. 3. Blogs vs Websites vs Hybrids•The goal is distributing your content and information as easily and broadly as possible•Is there a real difference now?•Shouldn’t you pick the solution easiest for you?
  4. 4.• Everything is taken care of for you – Software updates – Preventing attacks from hackers – Keeping everything running – Lots of features are built in (and I mean lots)• There are limitations – Set number of themes (about 150 right now) – You cannot install plugins for additional features – You cannot edit the themes – You can edit the theme’s style (colors, fonts) if you pay for the upgrade
  5. 5.• You download the software• You have to have a web hosting account and domain• You install it yourself• You are responsible for updating it• You can install any theme or plugin you want• Your webhost will keep the server running, but not keep your site running if it threatens the security or stability of other sites• Most hosts offer a “one click” install of WordPress that downloads and installs WordPress for you – Generally, you still have to keep WordPress updated yourself
  6. 6. Building a Website with•and the fun begins...
  7. 7. Building a Website with•Create account on –Activate it and name your blog•Configure –Name –Description –Time zone
  8. 8. Let’s take a tour...
  9. 9. Before there is content...there is a sitestructure•What is your story?•What do you need to tell?•What is the hook?•What do you need to tell your story
  10. 10. Deciding how to organize your content•It’s not set in stone•Think about major topics first•Try to keep grouping broad and fluid
  11. 11. Should You Have a “Blog”?•What does it mean to have a blog mean today?•Do you have the time and energy to keep it updated?•In the end, does it really matter?
  12. 12. Exercise: Create your site plan
  13. 13. Working with Content• Posts vs Pages –Posts are connected to each other and are controlled by time –Pages are meant to stand alone and be “timeless”• Tags vs Categories –Categories are big buckets –Tags are more specific keywords• Adding images• Adding video
  14. 14. I have nothing to say!•How do you get your content?•What do people ask?•What do you want people to know?•Don’t stress, this isn’t literature•Nothing you write is set in stone
  15. 15. Exercise: Creating content
  16. 16. Choosing the right theme•Style•Color•Features
  17. 17. Changing the Navigation Menu•WordPress Menus are simple and flexible•More than one menu at a time•“Menus” repurposed as a widget•Simple drag and drop process
  18. 18. Custom Headers•What makes a good header?•Editing the image
  19. 19. Custom backgrounds•Choosing the right image•Choosing no image at all
  20. 20. Theme widgets•What they are for•Using widgets and widget areas
  21. 21. Creating a static homepage•Is it the right choice for you?
  22. 22. Exercise — Create your website•Homepage –Static or blog post based•About page•Contact page•Product or Service•News or Blog
  23. 23. Search Engines &•Use descriptive titles•Use descriptive categories•Use tags•Write “normally”•Use descriptive link text
  24. 24. Upgrades• Add a domain• VideoPress• Custom CSS• More space• No-ads• Unlimited Private Users• Site redirect• SMS tools• Guided Transfer
  25. 25. Exporting Your Content from• You own your content, not• Simple option to export – All authors or a single author• The file format is as universally compatible with other blogging systems as it can be• New option on is Offsite Redirect. – You don’t have to own a domain first – $12/year – Lets you move your site and not lose traffic or search engine rank
  26. 26. vs• is a hosted solution –Not to be confused with a webhost• is where you download the WordPress software to install yourself• is a freemium service –Level of free service with upgrades you pay for
  27. 27. Installing WordPress Yourself to Build a Website
  28. 28. Why should I self-host•You want a completely custom theme•You need a feature or plugin that doesn’t offer•You want to upload and host videos, audio files, or large images•But still...
  29. 29. Choosing a Good Webhost• They all suck• They are all great• Popular hosts are offering “unlimited everything” for the same price• Recommended hosts: – •Promo code UBCCLASS will get you a special deal from me and DreamHost –
  30. 30. General Steps• Note: Almost all webhosts offer a “one click install” of WordPress so you could skip this• Download the latest version from• Unzip the archive• Upload to your webhost via FTP• Create your MySQL database• Edit the wp-config.php file• Install WordPress
  31. 31. Configuration (Basics)• General –Blog name –Time zone• Writing –Posting protocols• Reading –Set home page & blog page• Permalinks –Month & name or Day & name
  32. 32. Importing Posts from•Tip: Create a new user instead of importing post to an existing user
  33. 33. Choosing & Installing Themes•Choosing – or within your administration area of your site•Installing –Automatically & Manually
  34. 34. Choosing & Installing Plugins• Choosing – or within your administration area of your site• Installing – Automatically, Manually• Recommended plugins – WP Super Cache – Google Sitemaps XML – Search Everything – WP-DBManager – WPTouch
  35. 35. Contact Info••Website:•Twitter:•LinkedIn: