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Food blogging at UBC

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Slides from the technical portion of the Food Blogging course at UBC with Don Genova

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Food blogging at UBC

  1. 1. Food blogging with Easy, fast, & adaptable
  2. 2. The plan• Set up a account & blog• Write• Post• Choose the right theme• Choose the right tweaks
  3. 3.• Hosted service• Uses the WordPress blogging engine• Free• Paid upgrades
  4. 4. Getting started• Go to• Click "Get started here."• And create an account
  5. 5. Picking a name• Different username is up to you.• Name of your blog can be changed later• But...• Read carefully before you click okay
  6. 6. The Dashboard• Center of things• Hub for whats going on with your site• Quick tour...
  7. 7. Creating content• Posts• Pages
  8. 8. Posts• Title• Categories• Tags• Text• Images
  9. 9. Categories & Tags• Categories are larger groups & descriptive• Categories can be organized in a hierarchy (parents and children)• Tags are keywords
  10. 10. Pages• Titles• Templates
  11. 11. Adding media• Its a drag and drop world• But before you upload...• Edit!
  12. 12. Putting it into practice• You need content for the next parts• What did you have for lunch?• Where is your favorite place to eat?• Dinner?• Add pictures• Tags & categories
  13. 13. Choosing a theme• Pick what you like• Pick what will show off what you do and say• Not set in stone, easy to change
  14. 14. Custom header• Show off something yummy!• Picking the right photo• Quick edits...
  15. 15. Custom backgrounds• Tread carefully• Easy to get wrong• Hard to get right
  16. 16. Widgets• What to pick• Why• How
  17. 17. Menus• More than organizing• Directing where people go
  18. 18. The writing part & SEO• Titles that are descriptive• Writing that is descriptive• Links that use descriptive words • “click here” isn’t descriptive, use sparingly• Tags = keywords• Categories = keywords with an eye to organization
  19. 19. And now...• Questions...• Slides on SlideShare: