QI update and next steps Karl Ulrich Petry

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Discussion Moderated by Pekka Nieminen, President-elect of EFC

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What areas warrant evaluation? Marc Arbyn

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Colposcopic guidelines - a critique

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Providing feedback and making an action plan Maggie Cruickshank

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Who can be a trainer and what does the role entail? Ameli Tropé

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What should be the ideal training nowadays? Maggie Cruickshank

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Xavier Carcopino - Introduction and welcome to the course

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Xavier Carcopino - Use of training models for treatment of CIN

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Maggie Cruickshank - How to help the trainee in difficulty

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Maggie Cruickshank - Providing feedback and make an action plan

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Maggie Cruickshank - Optional work place assessment of training

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Nick Myerson - Who can be a trainer and what the role is

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Xavier Carcopino - EFC Certification of colposcopy courses

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