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Quizlet tutorialtemplate

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Quizlet tutorialtemplate

  1. 1. TUTORIALName of the tool: Quizlet Brief description of the tool:Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study andgame modes. It was created by high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland in 2005 and nowcontains over 400 million study sets. All of the material is user-generated.CREATEYou start by creating your own study sets with terms and definitions.Next, you can add images, copy and paste from another source, or use Quizlets built-in auto-define feature to speed up the creating process.STUDYTrack your progress with 6 powerful study and game modes!Flashcards—Review your material, shuffle/randomize, or listen with audio.Speller—Type what you hear in this audio-powered study mode.Learn—Track your correct/incorrect answers and retest the ones youve missed.Test—Randomly generate tests based on your flashcard set.Scatter—Race against the clock to drag and match terms/definitions.Space Race—Type in the answer as terms/definitions scroll across the screen.AUDIOAudio is available in 18 languages from English and Spanish to Arabic and Turkish!Perfect for language study, practicing pronunciation, and learning vocabulary.
  2. 2. MOBILEStudy your material anywhere with mobileapps for iPhone, Android, Windows, andmore.You can get more ideas of using Quizlet if you get to the link: Requirements/prerequisites:All you need to use Quizlet is a computer connected to the internet. For additional features youwill need an email address and a free account. Go to Quizlet to set-up an account today.Remember students should be 13 years or older to create an account. Students do notneed an account to practice sets teachers have made. Students only need an account tojoin a group and/or make their own sets.● You can create the flashcards online but with PDF printing options you can even bringQuizlet offline.● Students can study on their own at home or on Mobile apps.● Click to the links for tutorials on video and have a look at the Quizlet demo: demo:● ICT Proficiency for teachers: easy/basic● Access to other sites/tools: Flickr, Youtube, other websites etc...3. Getting started:A QUICK GUIDE TO QUIZLETStep 1. Go to
  3. 3. Step 2. Register for an account. You may also login from your facebook page. This is an addedplus, since many of your students probably have facebook accounts.Step 3. Click on blue “Make flashcards” tab.• Add a Title• Tag your stack by adding a subject.Example: FCPSESS, fifth grade• Visible to = Everyone
  4. 4. • Editors = Just Me• You can add a description if you wish• Click off of set discussionStep 4. Follow the instructions for filling in the title, subject, and description ofyour set.Step 5. Scroll down to the “Enter your flash cards” section, to create your set.
  5. 5. Add Terms and Definitions, remember to choose your languageAdd Images if you wish. ( With a free account you can only add images from Flickr)Click on “create set” to finish.
  6. 6. Step 6. Share your cards with your students. You may share through your twitter or facebookpage; or,Step 7. Create your own group that only your class may join. Just click on “my groups,” then,“create a new group.” Share the passwords with your students, and you can start sharing andcreating your sets.3. How can Quizlet be helpful to you and your students?● Share study materials online with your classes.● Create photocopy-ready flashcards or tests for class.● Host a group where students can create study materials for each other.Quizlet is great at school, for individual or group study.You can create your own flashcards for using in your classroom. By clicking onto: you will find the relevant sets of flashcardsrelated to the preparation of your own content.4. How to use Quizlet in classroom?5. More tutorials
  7. 7. ● Quizlet Basic Information - (PDF - A basic informational quick guide about Quizlet andhow to create a set)● Quizlet Created - Resources for Teachers - (Videos, Slides, and PDFs from Quizletwebsite)● Create Flashcards on Quizlet (Instructions from Quizlet website)● Exporting a Set on Quizlet - (Video screencast directions)● Exporting a Set on Quizlet - (PDF)● Combining Sets on Quizlet - (Video screencast directions)● Create a Group for your Students - Additional Tips for Creating EducationalGroups (Instructions from Quizlet website)● Information on Students Quizlet Results (Instrucctions from Quizlet website)● Embedding Quizlet Flashcards into Your Teacher Webpage - (PDF)-----------------------------------------------------------------