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12 little secret to drive big traffic to you site

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12 little secret to drive big traffic to you site

  1. 1. Little secrets to drive toyourblog&website HUGE TRAFFIC 12 design by
  2. 2. FREE is one of the hottest keywords on the cyberspace. You can get some new followers from giveaways and while they are effective, the visitors might not necessarily be your target audience or your community builders. If your small business blog is just getting started, a giveaway will give you a traffic spike or rise in followers, which can be welcome, but this is not a long-term strategy for increasing traffic. Make sure the giveaway aligns with your message! 12 is a good starting point GIVEAWAYS 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  3. 3. This can help increase traffic, especially at a time when the algorithm on Facebook is shifting, and you can consider your subscribers your base of traffic. Also pay attention to your open rate to see levels of engagement of subscribers. maintain a steady traffic EMAIL SUBCRIBED 11 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  4. 4. You want a blog and website that is pleasing to visit, so nix things like the music upon arrival and make it a welcoming place. The more welcoming and comfortable people feel on your website, the longer they will stay. Don’t make the design distracting because it will take away from your content, so limit excessive images, ad placement, overly bold fonts and color schemes. Too much of these and your bounce rate will go up. Find inspiration from sites that YOU enjoy going to and incorporate some of those elements. 10 Design & user FRIENDLINESS 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  5. 5. If you blog once a week, blog the same days of the week. Your visitors like to know what to expect and you’d be surprised at how important this schedule can become to your followers. Also, if you post more often, it will help raise your placement in search results and your traffic will increase. 9 CONSISTENCY to keep people coming back 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  6. 6. By implementing good SEO practices, we’re making sure that our posts are poised to come up higher in search results. Make sure to include keywords in your posts and tags that are relevant to your topics. Headlines should focus on SEO-friendliness for the first half but you want your visitors to be lured in, so make the second half of your headline more playful or fun. Name your photos because people search for images, as well. Search engines take a look at image names for keywords, in addition to your posts or website. Be sure that your content is of high quality. 8 content and images SEO 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  7. 7. This adds to the welcoming overall feel of your website or blog. Don’t take photos at night with a flash if you’re trying to showcase your products, take the time to set up your products in the most ideal light and setting. Also be sure your photos are hi-res so that details can easily be seen. 7 to lures viewers PHOTOGRAPHY 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  8. 8. Collaboration is a win-win for everyone because you can share ideas and put your own twist on things, rather than competing. Share links to blogs or websites that you’ve collaborate with and you might tap into a whole new audience that you didn’t know you had. 6 is a win-win ingredient COLLABORATION 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  9. 9. “I am a blogger and I am powerful.” Say it proudly! Your message can influence readers and visitors, and sometimes not even in the way that you think it would. Embrace this power that you have and reach out to people you admire and see as influencers. By creating a relationship with influential people who can link back to your blog or content, you establish credibility yourself. 5 Try to connect to INFLUENCERS 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  10. 10. Blogging and social media go hand in hand. When you create new posts or make updates, share you message across the appropriate channels to let people know what you’ve been up to. Set a social media schedule and stick to it so that you can be consistently active, even if it’s not every single day of the week. Make sure your message is timely (seasonality is important here) so that you are keeping content fresh. Facebook is a great place to try and build a community, Twitter can give you business credibility. Google+ Um, it’s Google. Why wouldn’t you do it?! Instagram can be fun to share visuals. 4 widespeads your content SOCIAL MEDIA 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  11. 11. It will drive traffic to your site and it’s what establishes your online reputation, so ask yourself if YOU would want to read this post. If not, you need to revisit the content. Remember to use a catchy headline, avoid information overload, but don’t skimp and find the sweet spot for your followers. Write the way you talk because you want to sound conversational and be authentic so that each post becomes your own. If you Google your topic, you might find 100 other people who have created content on that very same idea, which can be discouraging. By simple starting on a post and only Googling when clarification is needed, you’ll be much better off. Remember that you can’t please everyone, no matter how much you might want to, so write to the target audience that you want. 3 is still the King CONTENT 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  12. 12. There is a long list of reasons to use infographic which may includes: info more appealing, shows valuable ideas, attention-grabbing, easier to understand, lessens boredom, awakens one’s interest, more persuasive, memorable, easily relay info…For whatever reasons, infographic will increase your page traffic at least 12%. In order to gain all the benefits of infographic, you’d better spend sometimes to learn how to make graphic from raw information, create as many graphics as possible for your post. It is not as difficult as you may think. Or you can rent an agency for professional infographics. Whatever approachs you may choose, your blog and web traffic will increase dramatically. 2 an undeniable INFOGRAPHIC marketing weapon of mass destruction 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  13. 13. With each day passing, videos are more and more compelling. In 2014, video could account for 50% of all internet traffic. Why? videos are 4x more engaging than static content. The infomation retain in 60s of video = 1.8 millions words What more? It's 50x easier to get a video to rank on 1st page of Google. If your page have a video, 91% of viewer never go beyond of this page. You can easily make a video clip with your mobile phone. Or you can create a motion graphic for more attraction. Rent an agency is not a bad idea if you have a good budget. Upload the video to youtube or Vimeo, embed it to your post and wait for the wonderful thing happen. Remember, do it frequently. 1 the new face of content marketing VIDEO online 12 little secrets to drive huge traffic to you site
  14. 14. Steve Nguyen Adamo Studio founder @tuanadamo Hope you enjoy the slide. Follow me @tuanadamo to get more intereting presentations.