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Amazing mediterranian coast of turkey

Amazing Mediterranian Coast of Turkey with a song by Murat Köseoglu

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Amazing mediterranian coast of turkey

  1. 1. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL Don’t let the grass grow under your feet Don’t give up, stay cool Feel young, look young, act young Just live life to the full When you lose your hope feeling lonely and blue Another you in you will come to your rescue Love makes knots and love makes plots, love tears them apartYou’ve been knotted, you’ve been plotted, you’ve been torn apart When you feel your life is an unfinished song All you need is the chords and some people to sing along What’s the use of thinking of the past, just seize the dayLove comes in strange packages, grab it when it’s your way Keep on fighting like a lightening You’ll win somehow
  2. 2. Photographies George Nixson Lyric and Music Live Life to the Full Murat Köseoğlu Prepared by Turkan Arikan My special thanks to George Nixson and Murat Köseoğlufor the permission to use the photos and the music. January 2012