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Welcome To The World Of Mixed Reality

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Over the last decade we have seen massive technological changes that have facilitated the crossover between the physical and digital. Mobile technology has allowed the digital world to become untethered from the terminal and the tangle of cables. We are now wireless and capable of allowing the digital to seep into the world around us - from navigation apps, music everywhere we go and the endless potential of the internet to fuel our desire to learn, connect and escape where ever we are.

The next wave of technologies however offers something different – the ability to truly mix the digital and the physical into a ‘new’ reality. One where we can interact with the digital through the physical, in turn affect the physical through the digital. Where we can change not just what we see, but how we see it and experience the world around us. The future offers us a way to construct new places and spaces, new connections and experiences, new ways to express ourselves and leave our mark on the world.

Welcome to the world of Mixed Reality.

This session will provide some of the groundwork on the topic, laying out some of the foundational concepts and technologies, and providing some examples of how we can rethink the world around us using these new technologies.

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Welcome To The World Of Mixed Reality

  1. 1. Welcome to the world of Mixed Reality W E ! M A G I N E : M I X E D R E A L I T Y TIM KLAPDOR | @TIMKLAPDOR
  2. 2. Virtual vs Physical Photo by Viktor Forgacs
  3. 3. SWhatActuallyExistsWhatweImagineV
  4. 4. Storytelling
  5. 5. Image by Aram Vardazaryan
  6. 6. Photo by Chris Lawton
  7. 7. Photo by Jake Hills
  8. 8. Contextualise Expand Excite Photo by Philipp Lublasser
  9. 9. Science Fiction
  10. 10. The Dream Escape from New York Article We Are The Mutants
  11. 11. The Reality Escape from New York Article We Are The Mutants
  12. 12. Analogue + Digital Scene from Terminator 2
  13. 13. Scene from Star Fox Low Fidelity
  14. 14. GTA V by Wake Up Freeman
  15. 15. Sunset Drive by Viksterr
  16. 16. GTA V by barkar-b
  17. 17. GTA V by barkar-b
  18. 18. GTA V by barkar-b What is imagined? What is real?
  19. 19. Photo by Ronak Jain The XYZ
  20. 20. Photo by Ajeet Mestry On Screen
  21. 21. Photo by Steve Roe Behind Glass
  22. 22. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM Past the screen
  23. 23. Photo by AJ Colores 360� Video
  24. 24. We are a long way from the Matrix
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Augmented Reality
  27. 27. Photo by Alexandre Godreau gyroscope proximity GPS microphone cameras accelerometer magnetometerambient light
  28. 28. Photo by h heyerlein Display the Virtual Overlay Information Extend the Physical
  29. 29. Display the Virtual
  30. 30. Overlay Information
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Extend the Physical
  33. 33. Mixed Reality
  34. 34.
  35. 35. In Education? Photo by Nathan Dumlao
  36. 36. Immersive Technologies Photo by Perry Grone
  37. 37. Contextualise Expand Excite Photo by Philipp Lublasser
  38. 38. Photo by Rapha�l Biscaldi
  39. 39. Thank You!